Lyrical Somerville – July 18

On July 19, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Dan Provost has been published throughout the small press for years. He is the author of eight books.

Steven Daedalus had Everything on me


Dan Provost

But what is truth

Is truth unchanging law?

We both have truths

Are mine the same as yours?

Pontius Pilate


Steven Daedalus

Your pain has more integrity than mine

A truth of inner…a piece of meat

Within a tale of discovery—narration of broken

Senses…writing a tale of systematic highs and lows…


I do not know your game…cannot even

Understand its parts…are you woven

In the finite? Destined to question everything

That strolls the sidewalk with sluttish charm

Or acted with dignity?

You sought…looked for a reality within

Youth of confused sublime…

My darkness is cruel, bitter days

Of masked despair…

Trying to find—failing to look under

Hidden agendas of life…


I envy your empty stoicism…

A pander of adolescence abundance

Not afraid to fall from grace

Keeping something, something

That I cannot grasp…

You expressed it so well but so arbitrary that

It kills me to realize I can think the same thoughts

But are unable to act upon them.


— Dan Provost


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