Candy is dandy, but pay for it, please

On July 13, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

On Tuesday, July 4, police officers were dispatched to the Dollar Tree store on McGrath Hwy.  on reports of a robbery.

While en route, police dispatch advised the officers that the suspects got into a vehicle and took off out of the parking lot onto Medford St. They were also informed that it was not a robbery but a shoplifting.

While traveling on Medford St. towards the Dollar Tree store, the officers spotted the vehicle traveling towards them, whereupon they activated their blue lights, made a U-turn, and stopped the vehicle in a Lambert St. parking lot.

Following up at the Dollar Tree store, an employee reportedly told police that he observed three individuals walk out of the store with reusable baskets filled with boxes of candy and glow sticks. The employee played back video footage of them walking out of the store with the unpaid items.

According to reports, the total amount was $139.24 worth of merchandise.

The investigating officer contacted another officer who was on scene with the vehicle and asked him if he could see if there were any reusable baskets in the vehicle. He reportedly said that he could see the three baskets and they were filled with candy.

The investigating officer returned to the parking lot where the vehicle was stopped and was able to identify the individuals that were in the video. He asked them for identification and they were unable to provide any identifying documentation.

Police then placed the suspects, a male juvenile and a female, Savannah Nichols, of New York, NY, under arrest for shoplifting by asportation and conspiracy.


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