Lyrical Somerville – July 12

On July 12, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Let’s face it, sometimes don’t you want to get down and downright dirty? Poet Lo Galluccio takes on that persona.


Poet Lo Galluccio

Sometimes I want to be the wicked queen and lock Snow White’s pure red heart in a gold and black box, so she can’t love the blue birds or kiss the prince and be saved. Sometimes I want a heart so black it can never be moved or touched. I want to scorch the earth and embrace darkness and lunacy. I want to be as far away from everybody as the moon is from the earth. I want snow and thunder and tornadoes. I would freeze myself in my mother’s black 50s dress and walk with my sunglasses through fields of poppies. I want to be a Chinese dragoness with a red satin Shanghai dress and roses with thick dark thorns around my neck. I want the skull necklace and blue face of Kali. I want to ruin weddings and cackle at funerals. Sometimes the pain of being human and having failed is so much vertigo and nausea and suffering that I want to strike back with a laser beam and just dematerialize anything that bores me, maintains me, banal or concrete or even useful. I want to be a vampire or Scarlett O’Hara or Al Pacino, famous and ravishing, past death and futility, able to blast my way through the traffic jam of life. I want to fly. I want to destroy the goodness in me, the quaint way we smile and pretend it’s okay when it’s boring and insane and ridiculous to be mortal. Sometimes I just want to wail and cry and kill with my blues. Yes I want vengeance at being born on this sorry small incredible planet earth and the wicked queen will do.

— Lo Galluccio



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