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On June 28, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

We hear that the candidate for Ward 3 alderman Ben Ewen-Campen is having a poll taken over the past few days into last week. We heard this from a couple of those who received calls. We guess the poll is a low cost local poll with a Cambridge number that comes up on the phone. The person making the call might want to pronounce our mayor’s name correctly, not to mention she can’t even pronounce the name of the candidate she’s taking the poll for. Rule number one when doing a poll, make sure the names are pronounced correctly, including the person paying for it. Just saying! And before we forget, yes, Mr. Anonymous (you know who you are). We received your email and last week’s item on the Ward 3 race, and what we wrote was from a real Ward 3 resident. We don’t make stories up. We might embellish just a little sometimes but hey, that is what a “rumor column” is about. We didn’t have to with that item. We copied and printed it as the person wrote it. He actually signed his name, but we kept it out since we knew who he was. We won’t print what you wrote because we don’t know who you are.


Last Friday, after careful consideration and many people in Ward 1 asking Elio LoRusso to run for alderman, he pulled out papers late that morning. Now, we heard that it was a mere few hours later that the incumbent, Matt McLaughlin, visited Elio at his office and threats and screams were made. Guess what? It didn’t stop there. Apparently, later on Saturday night we heard that Alderman McLaughlin was out banging on doors demanding to talk to people who are not going to be with him now that he has an opponent. This seems to be a pattern with Matt McLaughlin. He lashes out at people if they disagree with him or say something about him. He even lashed out against one of us last year, which was reported in the paper. We’re very concerned for anyone who disagrees with him. He must have anger issues or needs a vacation or maybe a change of job? Since this is reportedly his one and only job maybe he shouldn’t be in the political limelight. You know what they say, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Especially nowadays with all the stuff that’s going on. People should be able to disagree without fear of threats from someone who might have anger issues. Just saying!


Check out and plug in a name to find out who and how local politicians stand in fundraising. We’re looking it over and seeing who contributes to whom. Remember, it’s not illegal to accept money from special interests, including developers, lawyers or unions of any kind.


We congratulate the Somerville City Club and the leadership of Steve Harvey and Don Johnson, along with the Board of Directors, on a successful 50-year anniversary. We hear that club will be making some moves over the next few years, which will ensure that they will remain a part of the city for a long time. In the meantime, if you are looking for a function room look no further than the Somerville City Club. A nice hall, with lots of parking and it’s easy to get to.


Happy anniversary to Ricky and Jamie Hart, celebrating in their new home in Florida. 18 years of marriage, it’s hard to believe 18 years passes quickly. We wish them both many happy more.


Interesting race in Ward 1 with the incumbent facing a serious challenge for alderman and four candidates running in the School Committee race, so watch for a lot of activity in the ward this year. In Ward 2, the incumbent Maryann Heuston is also facing a serious challenge in the race and late last week someone took out papers for School Committee running against the incumbent there. In Ward 3 there will be a heated race between Alderman McWatters and challenger Ben-Campen, who is well funded by out of state money. Ward 4 also appears to be heating up with both candidates Omar Boukili and Jesse Clingan going head to head with different support. FYI, we heard that Omar left his job or is on his last week on the job in Revere at the Mayor’s Office to campaign full time. In Ward 5 there is no opposition this year for incumbent Mark Niedergang or for the School Committee’s Laura Pitone, both going unopposed. In Ward 6, first time up for re-election Alderman Lance Davis has no opposition and School Committee member (who won in a special election) Paula O’Sullivan is not being opposed. Meanwhile, up in Ward 7 Alderman Katjana Ballantyne is also unopposed, as well as Caroline Normand on the School Committee. In the mayoral race, Mayor Joe Curtatone is being opposed by two opponents. Kenneth Van Buskirk III has been certified to run, and late Monday afternoon Payton Corbett is certified, making it a primary here in the city in the mayor’s race first time in almost 14 years. In the School Committee race in Ward 1, where three are certified as of the deadline for this paper and in Ward 2. It might be a primary as well for School Committee member Dan Futrell. He has yet to submit his signatures, but Ann Camara and Susan Nionakis pulled their papers. So far, none have certified but today, Wednesday, is the deadline. In the Alderman At-Large race it looks like the four incumbents were certified: Bill White, Dennis Sullivan, Jack Connolly and Mary Jo Rossetti, as well as three others so far, Kevin Tarpley, Stephanie Hirsh, and Will Mbah. Sean Fitzgerald pulled papers but hasn’t been certified by paper’s deadline.


On Tuesday at the Labor Candidate Night with all those running for office, they announced that since Elio LoRusso got in the race for alderman just this week that they would recognize both him and Alderman Matt McLaughlin and not endorse in Ward 1. Immediately after hearing that, Alderman McLaughlin stormed out of the hall, apparently upset. We’re not sure. We covered the debate and it was also carried on Facebook live. The debate took place in Wards 2, 3 and 4 plus Alderman At-Large. In the other wards the incumbents had no opposition this year. The battles will take place in the first 4 Wards of the city.


Happy birthday this week here in the Ville: Happy birthday to our Mayor Joe Curtatone, the longest serving mayor in our city’s history. He will go down as one of – if not the – best mayors in the city’s history. Also, happy birthday to Maria LoRusso Cutler, who grew up in East Somerville. We hope she has a great birthday. Happy birthday this week as well to Maria LoRusso the mother of Elio and Maria, celebrating this week a great family who are a big part of East Somerville. Happy birthday to Rod Laurenz this week. Rod is a busy man who runs his own financial business here in the city, as well being President of the Somerville Chamber of Commerce, not to mention member of many of the local services clubs here. Rod is very involved with the city, always having something positive to say. Happy birthday as well to local guy and a great cook who has worked in some of Boston’s best restaurants, James B. Roche. Happy Birthday to Cheryl Taylor, a good friend who is CEO of ERA Key Realty Services with about 13 offices from Worcester to Billerica. A great lady. Happy birthday to Dean Glines, who grew up here in the city. A nice guy. We hope he has a great day.


This week we congratulate and salute the Cambridge Fire Department. A great bunch of guys doing a great job. Of course, we here in Somerville also think that the Somerville Fire Department is doing a great job.


Remember, the 175th birthday of our city is this year. Celebratory events are scheduled throughout the coming year. Go to for more information about events you might be interested in.


This week on Real Estate Answers Show (cable channel 3) with Donald Norton of the Norton Group, his guest will be Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston, who will be discussing the zoning proposal and Union Square. Watch for the show Friday night on Channel 3 and first of the week on the website, where the show will be posted, along with others.


2017 Middle School Summer Writers’ Den offers writers age 9 to 14 a time and place to meet other writers, to write and discuss writing and publishing, and to participate in mini-workshops to nurture inspiration. Follow your interests and be introduced to new ones. Monday evening programs, open to all, free. July 10, 17, (July  24, TBA.) August 7, 14 and 21, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., at the Central Library 79 Highland Ave. Contact Alan Ball, Visit for updates.


6 Responses to “Newstalk – June 28”

  1. ritepride says:

    When ST Congratulates & Salutes a person/organization. It would be nice to know WHAT you are congratulating/saluting them for?

  2. Greg says:

    Matt is out of control and needs to be brought back to reality. Will anyone be persuing ethics violations against him, Mark and Lance for attempting to remove the planning board’s pay? This is clear retaliation and an ethics violation.

  3. Datgruntled says:

    “Now, we heard that it was a mere few hours later that the incumbent, Matt McLaughlin, visited Elio at his office and threats and screams were made. Guess what? It didn’t stop there. ”


    Little Matty is such a petty person.

    Honestly expecting to see him on a dashcam video in a road rage incident.

  4. E. Somerville Resident says:

    Evidently Mr. McLaughlin can not control himself.

  5. NMRN says:

    Fatt Matt is in way over his head. He has lived in four different residences since becoming Alderman, can’t keep a full time job, and has anger management issues. He stormed out of a planning board meeting when they didn’t vote his way and then tried to cut their jobs. He threatened The candidate who pulled papers against him and then started having his hatchet men lie about him on social media; and he has been badmouthing long time Ward one people that are now with his opponents t. He recently stormed out of the city union endorsement meeting when they wouldn’t endorse him so beware union members he will be after you next. Don’t count on his support. What’s next?

  6. Genie Geronimo says:

    Not my ward & don’t know much about Matt, but it’ll be interesting to see if LoRusso can get any traction, with ward 1 changing the way it has. I remember his rants here against things like Obamacare, liberals, sanctuary cities, etc. Fewer & fewer people with that conservative democrat mindset now in east Somerville. If this site hadn’t dumped all its old comments a while back Matt would have a goldmine of material.

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