Bad plastic didn’t pass smell test

On June 22, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers responded to the Citizens Bank at 40 Union Square last Thursday on a report of a woman trying to use a stolen credit card.

Upon arrival, the officers approached the suspect, later identified as Jeddasia Warner, of New Bedford, standing at the bank teller window. She was pointed out to police by an employee of the bank.

The officers learned from the bank clerk that Warner had come to the teller’s window and presented a Capital One credit card with the request of a cash advance transaction for the amount of $1,200.

The teller reportedly told police that she thought the credit card looked strange, not like a typical Capital One credit card.

While processing the transaction, another female came to the teller window next to her with a Capital One card and requested a cash advance of $2000. The teller said she believed that Warner looked nervous while the transaction was processing.

She stated that in her past experience, groups have come into the bank together and attempted to process cash withdrawals with fake credit cards.

The teller then contacted Capital One via the telephone. According to Capital One’s fraud department, the name printed on the card – Jeddasia Warner – did not match the cardholder’s name associated to the card number. The second female attempting to complete a cash withdrawal left the bank without completing the transaction. Warner had completed the transaction and signed the receipt, however, she did not receive any actual cash.

Based on their training and experience, the officers knew that there is a specific type of credit card fraud where a suspect will forge a credit card using a valid account number embossed with the suspect’s name. The information encoded on the magnetic strip of the credit card will also contain the valid credit card number. The suspect will then make a cash withdrawal using the credit card and their own identification, as it would match the information fraudulently printed name on the card.

According to reports, the officers believed Warner was presenting this type of fraudulent card and she was immediately placed under arrest and charged with attempt to commit a crime and utter a forged credit card.


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