— Photo by Donald Norton

By Rebecca Danvers

The Somerville Youth Hockey Pee Wee A team is this years Valley League Champions in the Pee Wee A Northeast American Division.

The team began the season struggling with a 1-10 record.  After a team meeting the team decided to redouble their efforts, coaches added additional practices and the team came together, lead by team leaders Ilsa Weinert, Peter Launsberry, Lucca Alcaraz, and Andy Bonney the team began a 16 game winning streak.

The SYHA Pee Wee team ended their season with 20 wins 10 losses.  The Championship game ended with a 2-0 win over Dorchester.

The team’s lead goal scorers included Peter Lounsberry, Zac Fellinger, Robert Wilkinson, James Fillmore, Lucca Alcaraz Valens, Andy Bonney, Dominic Johnson and Cooper Schutz.

Goalie Ilsa Weinert grew from a quite young lady to a ferocious beast in the net. The team’s defense (38 defensive goals) was made up of Zac Buchheit, Jessica Coleman, Logan Gauthier, Walter Wexler, Dominic Johnson, and Andy Bonney had seven shut outs including the final win over Dorchester.

Forwards led by Coach Jaclyn Kryzak had an impressive year with 90 goals. The forwards were Lucca Alcaraz Valens, Zac Fellinger, James Fillmore, Peter Launsberry, Maya Moore, Cooper Schutz, and Robert “Tuna” Wilkinson.

Every player on the team scored at least one goal and grew as teammates and hockey players. Thank went out to team parent Chuck Lounsberry for his constant reminders and his gentle good humor.

The team also had the benefit of having Cheri Ruane of Harvard fame to help coach the goalie. Coach Jaclyn Kryzak of BC fame was a positive role model for every young woman in SYHA. The team also thanks SHS player Chris Bonney for his help in working with these young players. Ron Bonney, the defensive coach, said, “Thank you to the parents for letting us take your children on this journey, each and every player made us proud.”

To top off the achievement, The Somerville Board of Aldermen awarded the team a special citation at its regular meeting last week. The citation reads:

“Be it hereby known to all that the Somerville Board of Aldermen and Mayor offer their sincerest commendations to the Somerville Youth Hockey Pee Wee A Team

PLAYERS: Andy Bonney, Zac Buchheit, Jessica Coleman, Zac Fellinger, James Fillmore, Logan Gauthier, Dominic Johnson, Peter Launsberry, Maya Moore, Cooper Schutz, Lucca Alcaraz Valens, Ilsa Weinert, Walter Wexler, Robert “Tuna” Wilkinson

COACHES: Head Coach Jaclyn Kryzak, Defensive Coach Ron Bonney, Goalie Coach Cheri Ruane, Skating Coach Chris Bonney, Team Parent Chuck Lounsberry

Who won the 2017 Valley League Championship (Pee Wee A Northeast American Division). The Aldermen and the Mayor congratulate these athletes, and extend their best wishes for success in all endeavors. Offered this 25th day of May, 2017.”


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