Boots not just made for walking

On April 20, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Last week, police officers were dispatched to a Homer Sq. location on reports of an unwanted person. Dispatchers informed the officers en route that the person in question, Kelly Susi, also had an outstanding warrant for abuse prevention order violation.

Upon arrival, officers approached Susi and asked for her name. Susi then reportedly became hostile and would not give her the name. She finally told the officers her name, after which she was advised that she had an outstanding warrant.

As an officer took her by the wrist to put her under arrest, Susi reportedly pulled away and began to flail her arms. According to reports, she attempted to get away from one of the officers who was able to grab her by both arms. Susi reportedly continued to use her body in attempt to get out of the officer’s grasp.

The reporting party ran out of the residence and tried to assist the officers in subduing Susi.  She reportedly became even more hostile and began screaming at the reporting party and spat at him. The officers were eventually able to get Susi into handcuffs as backups arrived on scene.  When officers tried to get her to sit down, Susi kicked the reporting party with her right foot, police said.

After Susi was under control, officers spoke with the victim, the reporting party, who reportedly stated that Susi came to the house and wanted to get in but she was not welcome. When she was not let in she allegedly ripped the screen that was on a window on the back porch of the house completely in half.

The victim also reportedly stated that when he helped to subdue Susi she kicked him in the groin with her boots on.

Susi was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and defacing property, and on the aforementioned warrant charge.


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