Our View of the Times – April 5

On April 5, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

A sure fact of life in our city is that our cars just aren’t allowed to stay put. Whether due to snow emergencies in the winter or street cleaning and maintenance in the balmier seasons, we are so often called upon to do the city’s bidding when it comes to getting our vehicles – and our wallets – out of harm’s way.

It’s a relatively small price to pay, however, when one considers the alternatives. We wouldn’t want our residential and commercial areas to be littered with road refuse. Let’s not even think what that might do to help boost rodent populations in our already challenged neighborhoods. It’s just a matter of keeping up with the schedule and being there to move the vehicles when we need to. The city will do their part.

So, just as a reminder for those whose memories may be a bit fuzzy on the official procedures, or for those who may be new to the area, here is how it goes, according to the city:

“On designated street sweeping days, vehicles must be moved to one side of the street, as noted on signs posted on each street. The penalty for not complying with street sweeping parking regulations is a $50 fine. Community members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the street sweeping schedule in areas where they park.”

Not so hard, really, and an easy way to contribute to the beauty and health of our beloved city.


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  1. LindaS says:

    Perhaps if the city chose to stop using every available public space to build condos and apartments and instead created more parking spaces, it would be a way to help get some of those cars off the streets when they need to be moved, while still making money.

    It also doesn’t help that parking permits are now up to $40 a year for those under 65 and must be purchased if someone wants to park in front of their own home if they don’t have a driveway.

    I have a driveway and thankfully don’t need to park on the street, but I feel for anyone who has to constantly worry about what day they need to park on what side to avoid a ticket on top of their annual permit fee, which seems to go up by $10 every year. (I remember several years back when it was only $10, and went up by that much seemingly every other year.)

    Being told by the city that permit parking keeps outsiders from parking in our spaces and using public transportation is just an excuse. I’m sure some folks who live here simply drive to a street closer to the T anyway and grab the bus or train, so it doesn’t solve anything other than bringing in more revenue, and residents still lose parking spaces.

    Telling people they need to move their cars is fine if you can tell them where they can park instead, and guarantee that they will actually have an available space.

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