He was in charge all the way to jail

On February 23, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police officers were dispatched to a Flint St. location early Saturday morning on reports of a fight in progress.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a female reclining backwards in the driver’s seat of a car. As the officers approached the vehicle, she sat up straight and put the vehicle in drive. She was ordered to place the vehicle in park and then asked if she heard of or was involved in a fight, to which she stated “No.”

After initially refusing to produce her license, she finally did so and she was identified as Kiara Gomes, of Cambridge.

Gomes was asked why she was on Flint St. in Somerville when she lives in Cambridge. She stated that her boyfriend resides on Flint St., but that he was not at home. Gomes then made a phone call to her boyfriend and asked him to come get her.

According to reports, once her boyfriend was on scene, he was extremely loud. He was told many times to quiet down. He was asked for his license but refused to comply. It was explained that he would be driving Gomes home and the officers needed to make sure he had an active license. He reportedly stated, “My name is Schneider, look it up.” He went on to say that he hates the police and that he does not know who we think we are. He also stated, “I am in charge.”

He reportedly continued to yell, and many area residents began to look out their windows.

Vital Schneider was asked to go in his house and calm down two times, but refused to do so. He was then placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct.

Gomes became unruly and was also placed under arrest for disorderly conduct as well as resisting arrest after putting up a struggle with the officers.


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