Union Square Land Disposition Agreement submitted to SRA

On February 16, 2017, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

The Master Land Disposition Agreement (MLDA) between the Somerville Redevelopment Authority (SRA) and Union Square Master Developer US2 was submitted to the SRA for review at their meeting on February 16 and is scheduled for consideration at a special meeting to be announced. A copy of the MLDA is available online at www.somervillema.gov/US2MLDA.



2 Responses to “Union Square Land Disposition Agreement submitted to SRA”

  1. CAP says:

    So this is the official Eminent Domain roadmap. Read the fine print, every private property owner around Union Square is going to be forced to sell their land to the US2 developer. If for whatever reason they don’t want to, then the developer goes to the City, files a request form, and the Somerville Redevelopment Authority takes the guys land by Eminent Domain. Bing badda bing!

    This is organized crime. Only with more paperwork than the Mob used.

  2. JJN says:

    Someone needs to check their facts! The city isn’t giving anyone free reign in Union Square. 50% of the land that is covered by the City’s Urban renewal plan is already owned by the city. The other land is well identified and is land used mostly for parking, automotive repair. No one has a license to take whatever land they like. Stop trying to insight fear by spreading misinformation.

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