Letter to the Editor – December 27

On December 27, 2015, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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Dear Sirs & Madams/To whom it may concern;

I am writing this document for both Nursing & Rest Home Residents!  The present amount of $72.80, is not enough to exist on. Many of our residents have no outside support, no one to turn to for assistance. Many of our families cannot give us aide.

We have the same needs as every one of you. We should not be forced into abject poverty simply because we are elders!

Some people exist on $8 a month and others exist on $12. A month! We need personal items-seasonal clothing etc. We can’t afford to purchase necessities and going out to any form of recreation is out of the question, there is simply not enough money to allow such things. With prescriptions, co-pays and the ride to pay for (for those who qualify) there is very little left.

Winter is upon us and freezing temperatures, we need coats, warm sweaters, warm shoes and socks etc.. We can’t afford them on $72.80. I ask this committee to increase our personal needs allowance to $100; we haven’t had Social Security increase in quite some time.

Television and newspapers speak about raises for Senators and other politicians up to thousands of dollars. One politician wrote that no one had the right to force him into poverty, what about us? We need a raise as well and we are in abject poverty!!!

We at the Somerville Home exist under the umbrella of a level 4 nursing home; we are called a “rest Home, Elderly Home, old age home and assisted living establishment”. We live under the same amount as every other nursing home establishment.

Assisted living receives more money than we receive,  $80 to $100 a month.

Please find it in your hearts to increase all Nursing Home and Rest Home personal allowance.

Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Lowry
The Somerville Home
Summer St, Somerville,MA


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