Somerville Police participate in ShotSpotter exercise

On August 18, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

shotspotter_webOn August 12, 2014, during the nighttime hours, Somerville Police Lieutenant Carmine Vivilo and Officer Dan Rego, two of the police department’s firearm safety and firearm instructors were onsite and participated in a live-fire gunshot event at two undisclosed locations in the city to calibrate and test a new program called ShotSpotter. This equipment was funded through the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region, Department of Homeland Security collaboration.

The controlled tests consisted of a sequence of 12 gunshot sounds at each location. The bullets were fired into a bullet trap and no bullets were fired into the air to ensure public safety.

“Safety in our neighborhoods is a priority. Although there have been relatively few gunshot incidents in Somerville, the ShotSpotter program will assist officers response time to any such incident and increase weapons-related arrests,” said Somerville Interim Police Chief Charlie Femino.


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  1. Wally says:

    Not necessarily questioning the need for the equipment/training, but it’s a poor choice of timing given Ferguson, MO. How is this different than regular firearm practice at a shooting range? Why do these have to be live rounds shot off in the city? Feels like a bit like a shootin party, honestly.

  2. jay b says:

    I’m sure it would work perfectly at an open field or shooting range, but with the characteristics of a city or town with tall buildings ( echos ) and other surrounding noises are the best test.

  3. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Wow, talk about bad timing! Can people be dumber???

  4. ??? says:

    I’m feeling really stupid, as I just don’t understand this. Maybe someone can enlighten me? Wouldn’t this panic someone hearing 12 shots late at night? Especially given what’s in the news right now. I just have no words for this, and I really hope someone can explain it to me.

  5. jake says:

    You would think if it was important enough to take a photo and send it to the times then it would have been important enough to notify the public in advance that it would be taken place in the city. This will mean additional staff in next years budget going into City Hall Communications to keep us un-informed.

  6. PixiePocahontas says:

    I’m sure this is practice training for potential rioting as we enter the time of heightened tensions where people are losing their homes, jobs, and lives as they once were. I was watching a video yesterday of what’s happened to New Orleans. As many predicted, it never returned to the same place. There are new developments called “mixed housing” were applicants must be approved before they are allowed to live in one of the units. Some claim it’s discrimination. Many have taken to the streets to protest. What do you expect would happen? Media will only focus on one-sided stories, demonizing the citizen who is standing up against what is morally unjust. Yes, maybe it is preparedness of potential riots. Unless you are paying attention to what is happening globally, with regard to the greater inequalities and divisions among people due to increased wealth and real estate hoarders, you can’t understand where this is headed. Occupy Wall Street was the beginning.

  7. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Here is the explanation: Vivilo & Dan Rego = Idiots. Get them outta here.

  8. Matt C says:

    It would be nice if the piece actually talked about the ShotSpotter system they were calibrating. ShotSpotter is a hardware / software system that listens to noise in across the city and can identify gunshots and can triangulate where the shots originated using the data captured at different locations. This type of activity needs to happen in the city to see if it is working right…

    After I learned what the program was the calibration exercise makes sense, like other posters I would have hoped 311 would have notified residents about the exercise.

    As for the oncoming apocalypse, race and class riots I am sure pixi will keep us well informed…

  9. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Matt, OK, that makes more sense. Yes, the article could have made that clear. As per widespread rioting, Pixie might be right, actually. Pressure builds up until at one point it all suddenly explodes.

  10. Wally says:

    Good context Matt. The story makes more sense now. I agree that 311 or someone should have notified people that this was going to happen. I would have hit the floor if I heard 12 gunshots outside.

  11. PP says:

    PP–are you ever able to stay on point? unbelievable the way you mash up a story and fly off in all directions. Turn off the computer and go for a long, long walk

  12. lovely says:

    yes, that’s all lovely, but how do you do that and not let anyone know? that’s beyond inconsiderate. frightening and dangerous. of course it’s even more disturbing that apparently it wasn’t noticed.

  13. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Pixie, riots? LOL. You’re the best.

    Boston has this already and we’ve seen how well it works there. This is just another taxpayer funded boondoggle and toys. How many shots get fired in Somerville in a given year anyway on average? Answer: maybe .00001.

  14. PixiePocahontas says:


    Put down the bottle of whiskey and wake the hell up. We are entering tougher times where millions more are losing everthing which gave them economic stability in their lives.

    Not everyone can sit back collecting rent from multiple properties as you claim and spend their weekends at the beach sipping alcoholic beverages, carrying on with your indifference to human suffering.

    The country has to pay off their debt whether in collateral or by any other form of collection. When the trillion dollar bailouts were forced upon millions of working Americans, they should have let fraud banks collapse. The bigger issue is foreign investors are still looking for payback and that’s when we have much bigger problems.

  15. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Something is going on. I’m starting to like Pixie! Her relentless logical points have been growing on me. Especially against the Tea Bagger background noise around here. I’m not being sarcastic. Who would have imagined?

  16. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Pixie, I do agree with you on “…they should have let fraud banks collapse…” – I’ve always said that, but remember the liberals forced the banks to lend to people who weren’t qualified. So… the blame goes back to Dodd and Frank too and the liberals (again).

    We’ve tried progressive policies and it’s been utter failure. Under Obama our debt is apporachng 20 trillion. We’ll never pay that back. This is what happens when unqualified people get in office by the votes of low information voters.

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