Immigration again

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Part 1: The kids from Central America

shelton_webBy William C. Shelton

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Once again immigration policy is a daily news item, this time prompted by 30,000 Guatemalan, Honduran and Salvadoran children who have arrived here since January. Hoping to save them from the indiscriminate violence that permeates daily life, their parents are paying coyotes to bring them to our border.

Once again the lies of U.S. Congressional leaders are also daily news items. Those who have hijacked the banner of conservatism lie to the electorate, while their liberal counterparts lie to themselves.

“Compassion” is the word one hears most commonly in the liberals’ pronouncements. True compassion would be to persuade Central American Parents not to spend their life savings plus what they can borrow to send their kids on a thousand-mile journey where rape, injury and death are too-frequent stops, only to see those kids returned to them.

The “conservatives” are predictably blaming the President. They tell the electorate that the problem is lax border enforcement, knowing full well that the kids aren’t sneaking across the border. They’re presenting themselves to U.S. border authorities with the expectation that a law proposed by a Republican President and passed by a Republican Congress will keep them here.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who proved in a Republican presidential debate that he can’t count past two, wants in on the act. Ever eager to grandstand, he has dispatched 1,000 National Guard troops to protect Texans from children who are voluntarily turning themselves in.

He joins a long line of Texas governors who publicly flaunt their intelligence deficits. One is reminded of “Ma” Ferguson, elected in 1932 after her husband was impeached, convicted, and removed from office. In a discussion about bilingual education, she is reported to have said, “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it ought to be good enough for the children of Texas.”

Historic roots

Neither liberals nor “conservatives” are willing to publicly acknowledge that the horrific violence fueling Central Americans’ desperation is a historical result of U.S. government actions, largely beyond the control, and often the knowledge, of the American people.

Over the last century, the U.S. government supported coups, dictatorial military governments and death squads to repress Central Americans’ democratic efforts. When these covert actions became public, activists were tarred as “communists.”

After the Soviet Union’s collapse, the U.S. withdrew financial and military aid to the region’s state-sponsored terrorists. In possession of weapons arsenals and extensive experience in murder, kidnapping, coercion and theft, the death-squad thugs continued their criminal careers in the private sector.

El Salvador

In El Salvador the U.S. supported and financed the 1980 creation of a junta to repress workers, students and church leaders struggling for union rights, free speech, agrarian reform, living wages and health care. Death squads began killing about ten people per day. One of them was Archbishop Oscar Romero, murdered while he said mass on March 24th of that year.

As much as anything, that event marked the beginning of El Salvador’s Civil War, during which 6-8,000 fulltime guerillas, supported by hundreds of thousands of militia, fought a right-wing military that was financed and trained by the U.S.

Ultimately the U.S. abandoned its client thugs. El Salvadoran government officials and the Liberation Front negotiated the Chapultepec Peace Accord in 1992, mandating a reduction in the army and dissolution of the government’s four paramilitary groups. The next year the Salvadoran legislature passed an amnesty for criminal activities committed during the war, and those criminals’ future activities became more laissez faire.


In 1954 the democratically elected government of Guatemala needed land on which starving peasants could conduct subsistence farming. It proposed to pay the property value stated by United Fruit Company for lands that United Fruit was keeping out of production to drive up the cost of bananas.

CIA Director Allen Dulles sat on United Fruit’s board of directors. The CIA overthrew the Guatemalan government. There followed decades of political instability, repression and freedom struggles, punctuated by coups.

A Kennedy-administration-backed coup prevented an election in 1963, but in 1966, Guatemala elected a center-left government. U.S. Army Special Forces military advisers trained right-wing paramilitary organizations like the “White Hand” and the “Secret Army,” who formed death squads, assassinating political opponents, activists, and community leaders. The activists began to form guerilla organizations.

After the army and death squads had killed tens of thousands of civilians, President Jimmy Carter publicly withdrew military support. In fact, support continued through clandestine channels. It increased when Ronald Reagan came to power.

During the anti-insurgency campaign’s first ten years, the army’s and death squads’ victims were anyone with leadership potential—teachers, students, labor leaders, professionals, and political activists. After that, the army conducted a genocidal campaign against Mayan peasants, destroying over 450 villages and killing 200,000 people.

Ronald Reagan visited Guatemala in December 1982 and described junta chief Efraín Ríos Mont as “a man of great personal integrity and commitment.” Reagan added, “I know he wants to improve the quality of life for all Guatemalans and to promote social justice.”

The United Nations, Norway and Spain neogtiated the end of the Guatemalan Civil War in 1996. Millions of documents abandoned by the Guatemalan Police have since been discovered. They confirm the findings of the U.N.’s Commission for Historical Clarification: Government forces and CIA-trained paramilitaries conducted over 93% of the War’s human rights violations.


The Honduras story is similar. The U.S. intevened militarily in 1903, 1911, 1912, 1919, 1924, and 1925. In his book, War is a Racket, USMC General Smedley Butler writes, “I helped make Honduras ‘right’ for American fruit companies.”

The Honduran government’s repression during the 1980s did not reach the level of civil war suffered by Guatemala and El Savador. But its army conducted a campaign of repression, featuring CIA-supported extrajuicial murders by government-backed paramilitary units like “Battalion 316.”

The long-term consequences—daily life dominated by thugs with guns, and kids at the U.S. border—are the same for Hondurans as for Gratemalans and Salvadorans.

Costa Rica, Belize and Nicaragua

So why aren’t immigrant waves from other Central Americn countries arriving at our border? An important part of the answer is that the U.S. never intervened militarily in Belize or Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, a successful leftist rebellion in 1948 abolished the military, oversaw the creation of a constitution, and relinquished power the following year. That country has enjoyed peaceful, democratic and honest government ever since.

The answer in Nicaragua is that efforts of Oliver “I’m-a-patriot” North and Ronald “I-don’t-remember” Reagan failed to defeat the Sandanista revolution. You may remember this pair from the Iran-Contra affair in which the Reagan Administration defied law by secretly selling arms to Iran and channeled the proceeds to Nicaraguan terrorists, who were collectively called “Contras.”

The Sandanistas took power in 1979 and subsequently subsequently won free and fair elections in 1984. Despite a campaign that killed 30,000 Nicaraguans, the Contras failed, and the Sandanistas carried out reforms. Nicaragua has remained a democracy ever since.

It is important to understand that the conditions that Central American kids are presently fleeing are the direct outcome of past U.S. govertment actions. Forgetting history ensures that we will repeat it.

But acknowledging our government’s culpability does not mean that we should admit any undocumented Central American who arrives here. No developed nation can simply throw open its borders.

All political factions acknowledge that our immigration policies are broken. In the next column, I’ll suggest solutions that will probably make liberals indignant and conservatives resentful.


53 Responses to “Immigration again”

  1. Uncle Rocco says:

    This is an very interesting article. I learned a lot I didn’t know before. Well done, Bill.

  2. PixiePocahontas says:


    As a young girl, I learned about a family member who lived in Mexico and later that he was present at the grassy knoll. He was mentioned in “Our man in Mexico”.

    Not many wish to know about the details and business in other countries.
    But I’m betting if they were forced to live in one of these occupied countries they would have some empathy and learn how far some will go to fight for freedom. We are headed there now, Bill. Now it’s finally our turn to become occupied.

    How can the parents send them away to US? I guess one would have to be in that position to truly know? Maybe they feel their children have a chance fleeing a war ridden country, maybe they hope one day they can join them, wouldn’t it be far worse to allow them to remain, minimizing their chance for survival?

    My own perspective is rooted in what my parents endured fleeing ravaged WWII Italy-Mussolini- Nazi Germany. War scars people in ways they will be forever changed, those who never experience cannot comprehend.

    By now, we should have evolved in our tolerance for others. In some ways, as a nation we are regressing.

  3. Jack the Destroyer says:

    But but, don’t THEY take our jobs??? :)

  4. Large family? says:

    PP, exactly how many are in your family?

  5. SuzieMc says:

    I never get any of Bill’s articles as they all seem so negative and anti-American. Is he a leftover Russian from the 60s/70s who overstayed his VISA? The man should be locked up at McLeans with a jacket that ties in the back..

    Bill, about what you think the US did in the past — to paraphrase Hillary Clinton “What difference does it makes?”

  6. PixiePocahontas says:


    What US did in the PAST? Your ignorance is comical. May I suggest if it’s not to late, hop on a plane and travel some war ridden, occupied nations. Or just play it safe and watch Democracy Now. Are you a Faux News Zombie or perhaps a dutiful-loyal wife who drinks the koolaid so she can keep hubby happy on Election Day. Would you vote for Governor Rick Perry if you lived in Texas?

    Bill couldn’t be more accurate in his accounts of US manipulation in other countries. We took our lessons from England who conquered areas of the globe for centuries. Don’t expect these stories make front page news. In order for people to get perspective of what goes on in the world, it requires a willingness to accept that our nation is deeply flawed. Even nations can gain from learning to do things better. When countries are ruled by arrogance, continually boasting they are the only superpower, some other nation could prove them wrong. I can name 4, can you possibly guess which? Middle East and Asia–got a clue which? Who has gained the most in 10 years?

  7. SuzieMc says:

    Pixie, Democracy Now? You do realize they are a front for the Socialist/Communist party of America, right? Please tell me you aren’t that dense. I’ve read some of your posts, so have to assume you post from the room adjacent to Bill up at McLeans.

    You hate-America simpletons are really quite annoying. So, if you and Bill hate America and Capitalism so much then leave. No one that I can think of wants you here if you hate what America represents so much. Plenty of 3rd world dumps you can move to and live the “Democracy Now” version of Utopia. Watch out for the Ebola virus.

    and don’t want we have your guy (Obama) in office now? He already went on an apology tour, turned his back on our friends and then blathered about being the loving American to our enemies and how’s that working out for the Mideast and the world? Ask the Christians in Libya/Iraq/Syria and Iran.

  8. PixiePocahontas says:

    I’m certain the tea party and kkk adore you. Got news for you Suzie, this isn’t America anymore, it’s global corporate military banking occupation. Get use to it. I’m assuming you and your husband were lucky enough to have paid off your house 20 years ago and enjoying what’s left of your pension and healthcare.

    When they decide to take it all away, including your healthcare, don’t worry, you’ll be safe in that elderly warehouse they call nursing homes, because you won’t have any money left. That’s why the sacred cows you worship have tax evaded to the Caymans and USB as their free ticket out. Many rich have already renounced US citizenship and living in other countries, while the hopelessly uninformed keep blaming freedom fighters and socialism, communism of the McCarthy era- your dating yourself.

    Maybe you should change your name to Suzie The Stepford Wife.

  9. PixiePocahontas says:


    I don’t know what it is about your articles that make the haters surface from their rabbit holes.

    Some refuse to admit the truth really does exist, even when it’s staring them right in the face.

    It reminds me of the parent who keeps telling everyone their child is well behaved when their terrorizing everyone in the classroom, and they usually sit in the first pew at mass every Sunday at Our Lady Immaculate.

  10. Johnnie Jazz says:

    HA HA HA – a guy goes to the Cape for a few days and Pixie goes full throttle off her meds.

    Suzie, just ignore Pixie – anyone that disagrees with her position (and they’re constantly shifting positions anyway) is a racist, tea-partier, kkk, CEO, Tufts-loving, mayor-loving, condo-flipping elitist. I’ve come to the conclusion that she must be posting from a cardboard box in Davis sq.

    and yes, Bill is a complete leftist wackjob. I’ve said for a while now I never get why he is given a forum to spew his nonsense.

    and Pixie, some of us have planned for retirement. You know we own multiple real estate properties, a 401K that does reasonably well and – most importantly – we know enough NOT to count of the government for anything. You may want to pick out a new cardboard box to live in soon.

  11. PixiePocahontas says:


    You couldn’t be further from the truth, but hey sounds like you may just be one of those slumlords who don’t take care of your properties and bought during the 60’s-70’s, since your over 65 like Suzie.

    It’s too bad you wasted all those brain cells hanging in bars most of your life, maybe if you had any healthy ones left, you could understand that the country is lost to international IOUs and the only way out is to keep hurting the honest working class citizen.

    In 10 years, I will still be here- let me guess, you will be in Floriduh….

  12. Roy says:

    Dear fellow somervillians
    Sorry to see such heated vocabulary particularly in a town that rightly prides itself as a diverse cultural local.

    Whatever the specific details of USA involvement in Latin America , lets not forget USA incontrovertible ‘involvement’ in Vietnam . One has to presume that involvement was either of national benefit or there was compelling case that it was. In either case, it is not compelling to deny the possibility of similar USA ‘involvement’ in South America.


  13. MarketMan says:

    Jack the Destroyer: they do take some jobs, but again… for many of the reasons Bill outlines. He didn’t even mention NAFTA and all the economic damage that caused in Mexico…. which is why so many of those workers came to the US. It’s the simple story of the rich and powerful abusing the poor and the results coming back to bite them. In this case, its at the country level.

  14. JohnnieJazz says:

    Pixie, about 2/3 of 65, my tenants (who pay on time) love me and not Florida, bot coastal Alabama. Who’d a thunk to find a Somervilian down in Alabama (in the winters only now)? I do admit to killing a few brain cells in bars though. Got me there. How’d you kill yours? Angel dust back in the day? That stuff was evil.

    Anyhooo…..The country is lost because we have liberals trying to keep everyone on the plantation and dependent on the government so they can stay in power. By doing so they’ve mortgaged our kid’s future and their kids future. Liberals don’t care — they just want to stay in power and keep skimming off the top. Pretty simple stuff to understand here, Pixie.

  15. Bryan Murphy says:

    Bill doesn’t bring out the haters, Pixie. He brings out the hater. SuzieMc and Johnnie Jazz are the same person. He has been posting hate speech on the Somerville News/Times blog for years. Every year or so, he changes the name that he mainly uses, like Imux, Ray Spitzer, Harry, or Larry. Then he’ll make up another name and chime in with what he’s already posted.

    All the other publications in Somerville have banned him. I’m guessing that the Somerville Times keeps doesn’t moderate his hate speech because they imagine that it stimulates interest. The reverse is true. This blog once hosted thoughtful discussions. That was years ago, and “Johnnie” is a big reason for the change.

    So don’t think that there are many villens who combine so much hate, stupidity, ignorance and cowardice. It’s just the one.

  16. JohnnieJazz says:

    Bryan, you must be posting from the room adjacent to Bill’s and Pixie’s at McLeans. And who are all those people you reference? “…Imux, Ray Spitzer, Harry, or Larry….” Do you see ghosts under your bed too? I’ve been posting here maybe a year.

    Also, define and then reference where I have ever used “hate speech”. I don’t think I’ve read any hate speech by anyone on this site. Lots of stupidity (your post for example), but no hate speech. NEWSFLASH: Hate speech isn’t disagreeing with the world in your little private leftwing Idaho. So, when you when can’t show any “hate speech” – shut up and go back and play with your little progressive/socialist friends. Got it? YOU contribute nothing except trying to bully the Times into allowing only opinions you agree with.

  17. PixiePocahontas says:

    Thanks Brian, puts it all in perspective.

  18. jcass says:

    let just say they broke the law and should be sent back home, just like if I broke the law I would go to jail, what’s the difference

  19. roy says:

    its not humane to be so inflexible in the face of such hardship.


    theres already ~1 million adult immigrant each yr,

    by maturing here, these kids will only benefit the country more relative to adults who coming here less flexible in training and culture.

    let ~100,000/yr kids- those who have relatives or find foster care enter.

    drop the adult quota down by 100k in 10 yrs if you so worried about extra job seekers. kids are wonderful.

  20. jcass says:

    lets help the kids living here find foster care first and then you can pay more taxes to help the people coming in illegally. I wonder how much the tax payers of Somerville are paying

  21. A. Moore says:

    Let’s get our own house in order before we take on more. We have people going to bed without food and homes even here in Somerville which has been increasing. So we have our own problems to solve first. We have people in line to get in here legally who have been waiting. Plus we are sending billions down there to help them.

  22. Michael Rossi says:

    Johnnie, the fact you don’t understand that your posts here, under both of your phony names, ALL contain hate speech says a great deal. It also providse evidence for the charge that you’re stupid.Here’s more evidence:

    You say that the history in this article couldn’t be further from the truth, when anyone can google unbiased history for any of these countries and fin out that it’s historically accurate–stupid. And that’s after saying that history doesn’t matter–stupid. And you use “socialist,” “communist,” and “progressive” interchangeably–stupid.

  23. PixiePocahontas says:


    Johnnie doesn’t believe in being a humanitarian. There are thousands more like him who are members if the me-me-me crowd.

    If billionaires and corporations started paying taxes, we would be having these problems or dealing with so much civil unrest, people are turning on one another. It’s all economics– you take away the basic needs of the people, civil unrest and revolt will soon follow.

    I believe in helping everyone who needs it, we should not have to pick and choose. But it take organizing and taking our concerns to those we elect . If we cannot voice collectively, they will just steamroll over us. If you want change, you have to demand it.

  24. PixiePocahontas says:


    If billionaires and corporations started paying taxes, we WOUDN’T be having these problems.

    Also, they have been allowed to funnel tax free money to off shore accounts, much of this illegal tax evasion. Some caught and fined, forced to pay but it has been difficult to retrieve since it’s all locked up in foreign banks.

    Our mainstream media is censored, we no longer have journalists who are allowed to do honest reporting, going into the trenches to bring home real accounts and live footage of events happening around the nation and globe. Whatever they do gets filtered down. We never get the hole story. Walter Cronkite, Woodward & Bernstein were heros of journalistic integrity. They told accurate accounts and understood what freedom of speech is about. When corporations and billionaires dictate, that culture is lost. Whatever we learn now must be reported by courageous whistleblowers, some risking their lives and well being.

  25. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Michael, what’s the point of this article? Just to blame America for all the ills of the world. It’s not realistic and it’s not true. It’s the left’s view of the world, but it’s not reality. What Bill doesn’t say is all the good the USA did for those countries, by supporting free markets and democracy. But that doesn’t fit Bill’s agenda so it didn’t make the cut.

    Let me view into my crystal ball and explain what Bill’s next article (bowel movement) will be: Since it’s all our fault (many of us weren’t even born when all of Bill’s supposed transgressions commenced) we should PAY now for everyone living in those countries to come here and collect from us. I’m paraphrasing – of course, but that will be the gist of his article. It’s always hard to understand Bill’s articles because he does not have the intestinal fortitude to come right out and say he is for wealth distribution (i.e. take from those that work and give to those who do not want to). Again, Bill’s a swell guy until he runs out of other people’s money to spend.

    And yes, today’s progressive/liberal is what we referred to in year’s past as a socialist/communist. If you want communism so bad I would recommend you move as only in this area of the country (maybe SF area too) would Bill’s article even be published. So if my reference to leftwing nutjobs being communists/socialists is “hate speech” then guilty as charged.

    Pix, when you starting the riots? Can I be on your team? It’s guaranteed to be worth the laughs.

  26. Uncle Rocco says:

    I’m not a thousand years old, but I’ve lived long enough to tell that the fatcats want nothing more than poor whites folks fighting poor colored folks. The more that poor folks are stoked up to go after each other, the less time they got to go after them.

  27. Michael Rossi says:

    “What’s the point of this article?” All right Johnnie, let’s pretend that your problem really is poor reading comprehension. The points of this column are (1) The atrocities that the American government commits outside of the control of the American people create long term consequences that harm the American people. If we don’t learn from history, we repeat it. (2) Even though the flood of child refugees from Central America is the consequence of past U.S. government atrocities, together with a law passed by a Republican President and a Republican Congress, that doesn’t mean that we should throw open the borders to them.

    Because of (2), it’s a good bet that the next column is not going to say what you predict it will say. The giveaways are in the third paragraph, and it the second from last paragraph. This sentence is a real hint: “But acknowledging our government’s culpability does not mean that we should admit any undocumented Central American who arrives here.” That means that we shouldn’t just admit any undocumented Central American who arrives here.

    I happen to believe that the U.S. government should do something to help Central American governments combat the violence that U.S. intervention created. I don’t have strong feelings on the immigration question either way.

    Enough focus on your reading skills. Let’s turn to writing. Please explain how “ today’s progressive/liberal is what we referred to in year’s [sic] past [sic] as a socialist/communist.”

  28. PixiePocahontas says:

    “It’s the lefts view of the world “, have you traveled to Sierre Leone? I worked for someone who has and helped with research. Unless you have an understanding of the extensive oppressive measures some governments will undertake to ensure complete dictator-fascist regimes, you cannot comprehend the magnitude of hardship the people must tolerate.

    “Blaming America for the ills of the world”, start with foreign trade, taking resources which do not belong to us, globalization and triple A rating junk investments from the 30 million mortgage fraud loans, trillions in stolen money the taxpayers are stuck with during corporate welfare bailout and not one scumbag has gone to jail.

    How much does it take to hate someone and their country? What people don’t get is that common people are not to blame for any of it, it’s the wealthy banks/ WS and some within the branches who allow it. Bush gave us unemployment, fraud mortgages, the fall of ENRON, thousands of employee pensions liquidated to golden parachutes for top CEOs and never ending wars in Afghanistan also under Bush I, and Iraq. Republicans, the majority have turned back time to the stone age.

    Not all Democrats are making the right decisions but I would never want a Republican president again. Under their leadership, we have had the worst economies and trillion dollar + wars. Let’s not forget which one began the two decade tax cuts to the rich and corporations.

    Bill’s perspective is painfully accurate. Again, it’s the new age plantation owners who want immigrant slave labor because they increase their bottom line, only thing they care about. A friend once said about the Republicans, if they could take your first born for slave labor they would. No, they got something better- a people who have it so bad in their own countries, they actually feel as though the tyrannical rich slave drivers are a great improvement.

  29. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Mikey, bottom line is the USA has done a lot more good than bad in the world and it’s sad that people like you and Bill have so much self-loathing going on. You must be the real life of the party and I see no ball and chain keeping you here, so I’d recommend that you hit the bricks and move to Russia, China or Cuba. Let’s see how much you like it in those communist paradises. One-way ticket, dude, don’t hedge those bets.

    Also, watch for Billy’s next article where he will defend / advocate for “admitting any illegal coming from Central America.” Bill is a progressive/liberal/socialist so being untruthful comes naturally for him (and it seems – you). But I do want to say that I think it’s touching you coming to Bill’s defense. It’s kinda cute. Who said chivalry was dead?

    Note that if Bill ever wrote an article that was not hard left, but even close to center or right I would commend him. He has never written any and I don’t see it happening in the near future, so until he does I will correct his articles.

    Pix, huh? The only ones running a plantation in this country are the liberals/progressives who want to keep the poor and working class dependent on them so they can maintain power. Also, when is the riot and the class warfare? I’m am pumped to go! And will you be supplying the pitchforks and torches or do we bring our own?

  30. MarketMan says:

    Johnnie: I agree that the US has done more good than bad in the world, but the people are not always aware of all the bad and the effects are often long term. Also, many of the good deeds come with fine print that isn’t so good. So going forward, we as a country need to try our best to prevent *our* government from doing more harm (especially if it might come back to hurt us).

    Want an example of “fine print”? Recently, El Salvador passed a law banning all GMO foods. Well, the US strong armed them and said that they must lift that ban if they want to continue receiving financial aid from the US. If the financial aid was really an honest good deed, the US wouldn’t demand that a country not protect its people.

  31. PixiePocahontas says:

    Instead of tossing bags if rice out of planes, maybe they should provide real stability to nations living in complete tyranny and chaos.

  32. PixiePocahontas says:

    Pitch forks and torches won’t be necessary. They will eventually hang themselves by their own greed and arrogance, just like Caesar’s fall of Rome.

    Last I checked the rich elite like Romney were hiring illegals to do landscaping while pretending to be their friend, really in favor of deportation and detention camps. The rich pay pennies on the dollar for Spanish housekeepers and babysitters, so please stop your whining about the “left”, I do not deny they exist, but the Republicans continue to push this country into wars none of us signed up for like Bush-Cheney’s Iraqi-Afghanistan house of horrors, Reagan’s Iran-Contra Nicaragua, and Nixon’s Vietnam.

    War puts nations budgets in the trillions of deficits, while corporations rake in billions and Republican presidents who wage wars have caused genocide upon millions of innocent civilians. They also kill people by way of Wall Streets greed, sending millions into the death sentence called poverty.

  33. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Market, LOL. That is satire right? LOLOLOL. GMO food!?! Remember that old quote… ” Beggars can’t choosey!”. Turning down GMO Food and getting pissed off! That was great!

    oh… and for Mikey/Bill and all the other America-hating progressives – look who donates more $$$ than any other country.

    According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the countries giving the highest amounts of money (in absolute terms) are as follows:[1]
    1. United States – $30.46 billion
    2. United Kingdom – $13.66 billion
    3. Germany – $13.11 billion
    4. France – $12.00 billion
    5. Japan – $10.49 billion
    6. Canada – $5.68 billion
    7. Netherlands – $5.52 billion
    8. Australia – $5.44 billion
    9. Sweden – $5.24 billion
    10. Norway – $4.75 billion

  34. Michael Rossi says:

    “All the good that America’s done in the world?” More feeble thinking. “America” isn’t a thing. For the most part, Americans are people of goodwill. But t
    Drill down into the nonsense about “supporting free markets and democracy.” As this article points out, the American government conducted a long campaign to overthrow democratically elected governments in Central America and replace heir government has done great harm.
    them with murdering right-wing authoritarians.

    Then there’s overthrowing the democratically elected government in Iran, which led to the Islamist revolution. There’s the coup in Cambodia that led to two million deaths. There’s the coup and presidential assassination in Chile and the Lemumba assasination in the Congo. Etc. Etc.

    And how about those free markets? The Central American Free Trade Agreement has hurt both American and Central American workers while making certain wealthy interests wealthier.

    Polls in countries across the world show that people living there believe that “America” has done much more harm than good. Sadly, they often don’t distinguish between the American government and Americans. That’s because unlike Johnnie, they are ignorant, not hateful and stupid.

  35. Sandals says:

    NOTE: Rome fell due to cultural assimilation. Not a drop of blood was spilled. Thank you, Etruscans, for your amicability.

  36. Jack the Destroyer says:

    What an intellectually stimulating discussion! With illustrious historians like Sandals and renowned economists like Johnnie Jazz! How would have thought that Somerville was hiding such Nobel Prize pool potential! :)

  37. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Sandals, very true. Sadly, we have laws on the books for people to immigrate here LEGALLY that many of these “poor souls hurt by the mean American foreign policy” can’t seem to follow. In my book when you do something illegal you’re a criminal. People who come here illegally know they have broken the laws of our nation, but don’t care and now expect us to feed/clothe/educate them for free. That will be our downfall (we can’t afford it and those that are coming have no clue as to what it means to be an American) and the liberal nitwits (progressives) will enable them as a way to win votes (illegal votes) so they can control our government and destroy what America stands for.

    Mikey, it must be awful to wake up in the morning and hate yourself and your country so much. I feel bad for you as it seems you have so much hatred for your country, and that can’t be healthy. I hope the good lord can grant you some peace of mind, but in the meantime I’ve taken the liberty to find you a one-way ticket to Moscow with their great, benevolent foreign policy. Yes….your progressive/communist paradise awaits you! You can be there this time tomorrow if you act fast and don’t delay. Also, please do us all a favor and convince Bill to go with you. He doesn’t seem to be a big fan of Uncle Sam, God, apple pie, baseball and the wonderful American way of life either. So time for you two to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk (or in this case – flight).

    If you don’t have enough money for the plane ticket maybe the mayor can throw another benefit road race (and close down more streets) and make the theme: DUMB & DUMBER: BACK in the (former) USSR!
    Here’s your link – – I think shorts should suffice as I hear the winters in Moscow are quite balmy.

    Bye! Ciao! Arrivederci! but soon…. Здравствуйте!

  38. Bryan Murphy says:

    “Johnnie” is not going to answer your question, Michael. He can’t. His stupidity isn’t the result of severe retardation. His teachers assessed him as well within the “dull normal” range. But thinking makes him acutely uncomfortable. He’s been a bully since at least high school. And if you push him to think, it brings out his bullying instincts. Push him harder, and it triggers the intermittent explosive disorder that’s plagued him and those around him since adolescence.

    Answering your question would require thinking. Understanding that someone can love America but hate a foreign policy that contradicts the principals on which America was founded requires more intelligence than “Johnnie” can muster. Yet Johnnie’s mind is complex enough to condemn illegal immigration while exploiting illegal tenants who are easily intimidated. The best that you can expect from “Johnnie” is epithets is cutting and pasting.

  39. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Bry, I can’t say that I saw any questions or well thought out posts from Mikey. Let me check …Hmmmm. Nope. A lot of typical leftwing ranting/raving, juvenile insults and ad hominem attacks, but anything specific or worthwhile for me to answer… nah. And you, Mikey and Bill (actually all progressives) do not love America as you hate what America stands for (individual rights, free markets, “shining city upon the hill”, limited government, etc.) The truth may hurt, but there it is.

    Don’t be bummed as there are people like you in every society/nation. Usually you’ll be found rotting in a jail cell, but here in this wonderful country (America) we have freedoms and rights. So you have the right – and I’ll defend your right to my last breath – to be a jackass and voice his hatred for his own country, its policies and fellow citizens. I realize that your little utopian society would be one where “deep thinkers” and the pseudo-intellectual progressives – like Bill, you, Mikey – decide what is best for the majority of us poor, helpless knuckle draggers. NEWSFLASH: Thanks, but no thanks. We don’t need you. They have tried that in other countries and it doesn’t go so well.

    Solution for your self-loathing: Ask Mikey if you can room together in Moscow. Man up and don’t do roundtrip. One-way tickets, boys, one-way and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    Oh and I do not exploit or knowingly rent to illegals nor will ever. If I know someone is renting from me who is here illegally then I will evict them and then notify ICE of their whereabouts as all citizens should. We have immigration laws and those laws need to be obeyed. Contrary to what the mayor advocates – you don’t get to pick and choose which laws to obey.

    Maybe this will jog something righteous, God-fearing and patriotic in your heads. Enjoy –

    TA TA. Have fun in Moscow. Don’t bother writing.

  40. jcass says:

    if you brake the law you pay the price. if you cross the border illegally than you pay the price you go back, just like if you broke in to someones house you get arrested. I guess if isis comes across we should let them stay to. would you be able to tell who’s who, it’s called a border for a reason

  41. PixiePocahontas says:

    Bryan, Jack and Michael –

    Johnnie Jazz admits to missing brain cells from his drinking career over the years.

    The immigrants know there are Americans like him around and they also know there are many Americans who do not subscribe to that form of bigotry.

    Ellis Island was once the gateway allowing millions from Europe. US has discriminated when it comes to Mexico and Central America, more so than South America. I always wondered why people of certain countries including Iraq and Iran are treated differently when they try to become legal residents?

    Too often people are discriminated upon by standards set by people who should not be in positions of power. There are many walking around with too much power who should be behind bars. But it’s easier for the sheeple like Johnnie Jazz to go along so they can get along.

    Your right, it would take too much thought process to comprehend facts, easier to live in denial with a whiskey bottle by their side.

    Maybe the historian Rhode scholars would like to explain the French Revolution.

  42. Sofia Alvarez says:

    It is sad to see so much hate around here. Luckily, there are probably only a couple of people with certain mental issues using multiple user handles. Most of the people I know in Somerville have been very helpful to me and my family over the years.

  43. Somerbreeze says:

    Johnnie Jazz is a dead ringer for the far-right whack job IMUX, who was banned from posting on the Somerville News for his deranged, inflammatory far-right comments…

    If J.J. isn’t quite there yet, I’d bet he’s quivering and twitching to fully spew forth, just like the hideous creature in “Alien” bursting from that guy’s chest….

  44. PixiePocahontas says:

    You are right, Sofia, there are many good people who understand difficulties of others and willing to provide assistance. Unfortunately, there are those who have no compassion for anyone and are completely selfish and hateful towards those outside their own gang.

    I’ve heard more than I would care to recall. Some are careful not to spew their ignorance and hate in public, but most could care less what they say around women. I refuse to associate myself with such small minds.

  45. Sofia Alvarez says:

    That made me laugh, Somerbreeze! I bet you are correct.

  46. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Bigotry and far-rightwing? What is bigoted and far-right about just wanting our immigration laws enforced and our borders sealed? No one is singling out Mexicans or Central Americans or any specific group for deportation. We’re saying it does not matter where they come from (Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, etc.). if you come here illegally and do not even bother working through the process to stay here LEGALLY and start collecting taxpayer funded benefits then you should be deported. No discrimination at all – just deport and make sure we seal the border.

    As jcass points out – and the Joint Chiefs of Staff admitted – ISIS is probably here amongst us because of all the coddling of illegals and the welcome mat the libs have thrown out for them. I am afraid that once those ISIS fiends get their hands on a few of the nitwit liberals/atheists/progressives we have running rampant it could get ugly and fast. Those ISIS terrorists hate us Christians (no doubt), but they’re going to work themselves into a wild frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy after one conversation with the liberals we have around here. We need to protect the country and allowing people to come here and stay willy-nilly is asking for trouble.

    Bry/Mikey, I heard somewhere that “…Moscow girls make you sing and shout!” Eeeesss theeeese trrrruuuue, comrades? LOL.

    and who is this Imux dude? Never heard of him.

  47. Matt C says:

    Willingness to see the good and the bad about anything doesn’t mean you hate it. Our immigration system is flawed, that is clear. Our foreign policy is imperfect and our elected leadership is ineffective as shown by the most do nothing congress of all time. Admitting this doesn’t mean I hate America it means I can look at things and say that we need to make some changes. We live in a country that prides itself on being able to be critical of the government and empowers the people whom it represents to change it.

  48. Sofia Alvarez says:

    America is not what it used to be. Immigrants are its only chance for redemption. US-born and raised citizens are too pampered, they have no spine. New blood is needed.

  49. A. Moore says:

    This is right on JJ. Since it is rational and makes good common sense we can’t have that. It is so much nicer to screw over the people who have out the time and effort into doing it the legal way.

  50. Somerbreeze says:

    I said initially that the banned poster Imux was an inflammatory, bigoted, far-right extremist…

    And Johnnie Jazz, with his bullying, intolerant, go-back-to-Russia right-wing screeds isn’t too far behind him, either!

    J-J, Never heard of Imux, eh? Nice try, bub….

  51. MarketMan says:

    Johnnie: I didn’t say that El Salvador was turning down free GMO food. I said that El Salvador banned GMO food, that includes locally grown and importation. They do not want GMO food in their markets. But the US food industry wants to force them to sell their GMO food. So the US gave them an ultimatum… lift the ban (ie, sell our GMO food) or you get no financial aide. Also keep in mind that the US pushed NAFTA, which essentially put many of the local farmers in Mexico and Central America out of business.

    Also you talk about abiding by laws… well the US gov didn’t abide by laws when they intervened in other countries’ government & political affairs.

  52. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Matt, I agree with some of your posts, so I reread Bill’s article and admit that it is definitely not as left as most of his are. So I stand corrected on that, but I will eat my hat (dry) if Bill’s next article (that he alludes to) does not in some way shape or form call for general amnesty for all illegals and keeping the door wide open.

    Sofia/Pixie, my position on illegal immigration is well known, but I also am for fixing our policies as LEGAL immigrants make America better. Legal immigrants. Of the 12 million or whatever illegals that are here now – the ones who are actively working for citizenship and working (paying taxes) should be given a path to being a citizen and not deported. The ones who are not doing anything about getting legal, working under the table (not paying taxes) and committing crimes by taking taxpayer-funded benefits need to be deported. But first we must SEAL the border and know who is moving across moving forward. IS that so hard to understand?

  53. Roy says:

    Yea what Matt C said. Why the hate speech? It’s bizarre. Please explain jazz and opponents of jazz why you don’t state your opinion and move on

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