Letter to Market Basket from Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

On July 25, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Market Basket's parking lot on Somerville Ave this morning. — Photo by Bobbie Toner

Market Basket’s parking lot on Somerville Ave this morning. — Photo by Bobbie Toner

My letter to Market Basket:

Many Somerville residents rely on Market Basket for fresh, wholesome foods at affordable prices and for jobs that provide strong benefits. As a mayor and as a Market Basket customer, I hope for a swift resolution to Market Basket’s current issues, which though internal are directly affecting our community. I also encourage all involved to find a solution in the best interest of all parties: Market Basket’s employees, customers, the company and the community.
I understand the loyalty displayed by Market Basket employees and support their right to take a stand on the future of their jobs. Like many other kids in Somerville, I worked at Market Basket growing up—as a bagger, then the dairy department, and finally in the deli. I experienced the family atmosphere among the employees and saw managers take the time to care for employees young and old, sometimes helping kids at risk of making the wrong decisions in life get on the right track. That same sense of family extended to Market Basket’s customers. Employees knew their customers and developed personal relationships with their regulars. I remember my grandmother being surprised in the checkout line by a birthday celebration put together by the store’s employees, complete with cake.

The reason Market Basket has engendered such loyalty from both customers and workers alike goes beyond their prices. It is because of these values—customer service and connecting with the community. It’s also because Market Basket has served as a leader in providing access to affordable fresh foods in urban areas, like Somerville, that have historically faced challenges in making sure residents have access to healthy and fresh produce.

These values that have made the company a beloved part of our community are the same values that we hold dear in Somerville. We believe in value-based decision making, with our city policies and initiatives based on the community’s values. The unfortunate circumstances today put Market Basket in a position to lose much more than profits. The company could lose the path that had led to its strong success in the marketplace. Market Basket has a history of making business decisions based on their company’s long-held values, and I believe that the company can find a solution that upholds those values.

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

(Letter from Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone posted on his Facebook page Friday, July 25, 2014)


45 Responses to “Letter to Market Basket from Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone”

  1. PixiePocahontas says:

    This story should also be a lesson not only to bad leadership of MB who planned to disrupt the “family oriented community”, of employees, purely based on greed and poor decisions, it should also be a wake up call to developers doing the same to our own struggling neighborhoods.

  2. Matt C says:

    I support the workers for standing up for what they believe in. It is a great example of how when a company treats their employees and customers right, the employees and customers support the people that made it possible.

  3. A. Moore says:

    And Deval and Liz have declined to be part of this. So much helping the working person.

  4. rags says:

    Politicians have no place in this. I’m also certain that righty pols and wannabes like Brown are also keeping their mouthes shut.

    This is real people standing up for what they believe in – on both sides.

  5. Philb says:

    Wow Pixie, you really have a one track mind.

  6. ward3resident says:

    Our Mayor is on the right side of this one just like everything else, where’s the board of alderman? Bring back Arthur T!

  7. PixiePocahontas says:

    One track mind? Are you people for real? I would like to see the mayor stand up against the developers as he is claiming to support Market Basket employees against the tyranny of more Wall Street greed by the same Romneyac Corporate Raiders who slice and dice a successful company right out of business. Why ruin a good thing–which pays their employees fair wages and competitive benefits.

    Short memories – recalling Johnnies Foodmaster corporate raid by another family member, but slightly different, no other relatives. Passed on from father to son and son sold out to Whole paycheck foods and Stop and Shop making over $60 million while hundreds lost jobs. Employees claimed he planned to sell for a long time while not maintaining stores. Employees were promised interviews and jobs at markets taking over. During their last few days of employment, they were notified of no severance, no healthcare, no unemployment, just shown the door. One manager, a long time familiar face, worked to here for over forty years. I believe the workers did receive unemployment and healthcare after much pressure, but it was not very long, only a few months.

    Many know the Foodmaster story and see the writing on the wall.
    I hope they continue to give’m hell. Not emough has been done to put white collar crime in jail where they belong. In the words of Harry Markopolous- “those with fancy resumes hurt us the most, bankrupt our companies, pensions and take away our jobs”, yes, while they live lives as billionaires. It’s called stealing the hard work of others, while some dumbass gave them the keys to the kingdom.

    It’s all intentionally planned to drive out the lower class, happening elsewhere. Johnnies wasn’t replaced with S&S in how long? Was it a year? While elderly and low income families were forced to shop in higher priced markets or go hungry. Many don’t have cars because theyway can’t afford them. Others are disabled, or find our busy streets too difficult to navigate safely. Shaws on Broadway– history. Elderly shopping at Walgreens for food–disgraceful. Other choice, run the risk of crossing. McGrath Highway to Stop and Shop, pay for a cab and spend an extra $30.

    Does anyone see a pattern here?

    Just remember Hookers Don’t Come Cheap. Even Elliot learned that hard lesson after he tried to spank a few bad WS boys.

  8. Elaine says:

    Before we weep too many tears for poor Arthur ‘T” – he is worth more than 1.4 BILLION (the company is worth > 4B) according to Forbes. Anyone read about Arthur’s T’s dad? Not a such a great guy, so maybe a whole lot more to be said. Google it before you go out and hang signs.

    Anyway, funny how progressives are fighting for a “1%’er”. Ya think the media has played some people?

  9. PixiePocahontas says:

    Here’s one great reason to back this guy and explains the deep loyalty his employees and customers continue to share– when many companies have laid off and cut jobs, only worried if their own lost profits, Arthur T. replaced lost funds to his employees. That is extraordinarily rare!

    “One of the acts that drew their ire was replacing $46 million that their profit-sharing plan lost in the market during the 2008 financial meltdown. Arthur T. thought it was money the employees were entitled to. His cousins argued, not unreasonably, that investments sometimes go sour”.

    (Source: Time to save Market Basket, Boston Globe, 7/25/2014)

  10. PixiePocahontas says:


    I don’t care how much Arthur T., is worth , he’s a hero to the working class. I’d love to see a few more billionaires step up and pull out $46 million to replace lost profit shares. Would you rather have Arthur S., running the company into the ground and walking way with billions, while a high priced less quality market takes there place? Enjoy the prairie.

  11. JukeBoxHero says:

    Arthur T. DeMoulas is channeling P.T. Barnum and using media and the most obtuse politicians to fool people into believing he’s the most wonderful person ever and because of it his cousin Arthur S. doesn’t deserve the legal rights, privileges, and protections, every other property owner (stock in a close corporation) in this country receives. A sucker born every day. (And most end up working in Boston media)


  12. PixiePocahontas says:

    “Save Market Basket”, Facebook page if anyone is interested.

  13. non union says:

    Juke box sounds like a Union guy. This is showing the country regular people with no union can bring a corporation to its knees. Arthur S. has all his rights, nobody’s taking them away. This is grassroots boycotting and support for workers. People who have no union, contracts or strike pay are risking 40 year careers in this. It’s beautiful

  14. PixiePocahontas says:

    Jukebox you’re no hero,

    I’ve been reading comments on other sites about this ongoing dispute. The majority who favor Arthur T., claim to be workers of Market Basket. I’ve read through the history of how this family business developed differences of management.

    When lawyers get involved in any disputes involving serious conflicts which can’t easily be resolved, it usually gets ugly and very expensive, for both sides. While lawyers generally profit off the misfortunes of others, mostly can lead to loss of fortunes if quick solutions are not met amicably.

    Whatever Arthur T’s father did had nothing to do with the man Arthur T., has become. I’m betting there are many details the public does not know about this family and how they conduct their business.

    The only important part of this story is the fate of hundreds of Market Basket workers. Someone mentioned they should join a stop and shop union, others dispute it’s the unions who create high prices and lack of quality and service in stores. I rarely enter a stop and shop or shaws. I find their quality to be mediocre at best. It’s true the relationships which have grown through customer and worker are the strength that has made this business so successful it launched a national event. Arthur T., gave customers great prices, personal service and better quality products, of course he became vulnerable prey in the face of competitors who destroyed that way of marketing food to a large customer base.

    I pray for all the Market Basket families and that they may see this through to a productive resolution with Arthur T., as sole owner.

    Any alternative outcome will most certainly stain whatever corporate acquisition takeover should occur if they cannot show compassion and wisdom for making a bad decision worse.

    And I’m sure the AG is not going to be happy about thousands of unemployed workers due to the arrogance and misguided ways of the unyielding opposing cousin. I’m betting all will be entitled to unemployment and health insurance. How much will that cost for one man’s pride? As their ravenous competitor vultures circle overhead.

    The Market Basket workers are to be praised for their brave spirit and not bending under cowardice pressures of present BOA/CEO.

    I only wish we saw more if this bravery and speaking out against the many injustices working class continue to face on a daily basis. Maybe they will set the tone and inspiration for more injustice of employment rights.

    Power to the People!

  15. PixiePocahontas says:

    PS– they will also be spanked with fines for laying off thousands of workers who were let go through no fault of their own. Their unemployment insurance will surely take a severe beating, rightly so. Maybe they should have settled this dispute during a non-election year. Martha will be all over it.

  16. PixiePocahontas says:

    Hey Box,

    You’re nasty comment came with one redeeming quality of posting that link which brings you to the case with the judge involved in the ruling between two cousins–speaks volumes, but still I side with the workers and the man who is the only one fit for the job as CEO and owner, Arthur T.

    There is an article from that link, titled “Basket Case: Saga if a supermarket”. One comment stood out and it’s the bigger picture of why they take over and merge corporations and institutions. We see it in business, non- profit healthcare, banking and now supermarkets. Which do you predict will stand alone while the rest are history? Here’s one bright mind on another aspect if how they get there– only until it happens to you, will you care, when you lose that job due to restructuring downsizing (don’t you love the deflection of responsibility by employers when they use those terms) go work at CVS for $8 hr., from $30-40 hr., how will it feel, no benefits. The house? Foreclosure’s knocking– business goes down the tubes, can’t make that loan since your customer base moved out to the prairies and gave up city life? Well just suck it up, I’m sure a tea party conservative will convince you that $8 hr at CVS will build more character while he continues to enjoy his paid off house, lucrative pension he began to collect during the Reaganomic years. But he knows best. This is what you call capitalism at its best- be careful what you wish for, they took down millions of working class families, now it’s time to hit the next chain on the tax bracket–

    Here it is: “The most recent, widespread experience of this is many average guys not making their mortgage payments and the executives make huge $ giving average guys the mortgage tanking their companies. The executives got bailed out, but he average guy was left in foreclosure. Yes, there were some programs, but most average guys did not quality. The executives were widely saved, while the average guy gets to see his daughter and rest of the family thrown out of their foreclosed home. On a smaller scale, people see their pay cut or stable while others are laid off, all the while the company profits go up and the executives pay gets higher and higher. Why trust executives? The reason the Market Basket situation is such news is that executives treating their employees well enough to gain respect enough to have employees, white and blue collar, react this way has become far too rare in the US”.

  17. ummm says:

    Pixi… Last time I checked walking off the job because you don’t like your bosses boss is still quitting and does not entitle you to unemployment.

  18. PixiePocahontas says:

    ummmmmmmm, yes it does

    Let me guess- you as the other tea party crank who retired 10 years ago with home paid off in the 60’s, kids are married and all independently financially secure. You believe the immigrants and American workers earning less than minimum wage and no benefits should be ecstatic they have a crappy job. Well you are in the minority of our community. And I’m also guessing you praise the criminal enterprise of corporate swindlers who are behind this event going on with Market Basket.

    Companies are heavily fined for laying off large number of workers at one time. They management created a hostile environment after Arthur was forced out. If you can prove your employer violates protected laws like breaks, refusing vacation, sick time, workers comp, sexual harassment, I assure you the DOR will investigate, demand employers go to hearings and make a decision based on the testimony provided. If supervisors and upper management violate those laws, they company can and will get sued.

    I understand in this case, it’s easier for this greedy pack of hyenas to make working conditions difficult, they teach them those classes at business schools that have created outsource and corporate raiding like Mitt and Bain.

    But as we see, collectively the thousands of people involved in the protests are contacting all state representatives including the AG who will push back.

    I can see in this case where a union was not needed but it will not be surprised if several competitors have already made offers. The customer base may choose to go elsewhere.

    Our overall quality of food has greatly diminished in the average supermarkets due to genetically engineering mass production. They are killing our bees to mass produce and that could be devastating. Recent movie about the life of Cesar Chavez and UFW if the 60’s is evident if same greed and unlawful behaviors workers face. My family believed in unions but I don’t believe they stand for the same values today. It all boils down to the same GREED. Are you from one of the unions looking to take over the stores?

  19. PixiePocahontas says:

    Also, a friend in another state agrees it’s part of the corporate model to create these back room schemes because it helps them finalize complete takeover of real estate and business. If people cannot afford rents, homes and food, they will keep moving to less expensive areas. Then gentrification and scumbags who profit can sit back and keep watching their bank accounts grow while the working families become malnourished, needing medical care they can’t afford. But hey, if you have yours that’s all that matters. Ancient decadent-self-indulgent Rome will one again fall once more. That will be the day I will be rejoicing.

  20. PixiePocahontas says:

    I fought an employer that was working in the red, letting few they feared retaliation from collect while others were shown the door. I quit under extremely difficult working conditions landed in the hospital from stress and not eating. I provided testimony to DOR, the employer didn’t show at the hearing. A week later I was awarded unemployment. Two months later I worked as a temp and eventually found another full time job. About six months from the time I filed, former coworkers who were forced to work in deplorable conditions and denied benefits, were later able to do so. The BOD were forced to fire bad management and restructure the non-profit company. That was the only time such an incident occurred. The smaller the company, the less rights workers have, but it’s not impossible if you understands your rights so you are aware of violations.

  21. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Pixie, how you doing there girl!?!? Still trying to calibrate the meds I see.. Whatever. It is just good to see you still alive, kicking, rambling and flying off the handle again. You’re the bestest.

    And…Who cares about the Demoulas boyz? Greedy, little 1%ers, so I agree with Jukebox and ummmm. If these knuckleheads keep this up a few more weeks then there will be no more Market Basket to fight over and all the little Arthur T stooges/sycophants will have no job and no pension. The lawyers will eat it all up and the DeMoulas cousins will be broke. Play Stupid Games – Win Stupid Prizes.

    and you just knew Joey “tickets” had to throw his 2 cents (“hey, I’m a populist too!”) in for some more pandering to the progressives.

  22. non union says:

    well, if your friend in another state agrees, discussion over.
    once again PP, you start with maybe a cogent point or two, then drown it in dribble that nobody can scroll through fast enough. and nobody can get through to you

  23. PixiePocahontas says:


    What is this Zombie Land? Where no one has a pulse, just ice cold blood and brain dead to humanity? I care about the thousands of workers and families who could lose a good quality supermarket with affordable prices. A boss who treated his workers like family, which you never see anymore with the constant corporate and banking slime takeover.

    I would appreciate you not referring to me as someone who should be taking medication, where millions are dependent. Don’t stigmatize the mentally challenged.

    Let’s be frank– there are plenty if sociopaths who pretend to be normal and many hold powerful positions. Wink/nod


    The guy I describe holds a six figure salary in construction, he’s been around, family owned grocers in the Midwest, similar turnout as Demoulas. It’s sad when sons don’t carry on the same values of the previous generation. The way people earn millions now is to cheat and rob taxpayers and consumers, calling it legal. It’s a disgrace.

    I hope Market Basket survives. I would hate to see S&S or Shaws replace them, they can’t come close to providing same quality, prices, service, work environment, salary and benefits. Not Whole paycheck either, they have monopolized enough of our territory in just a 5 mile radius with 6 stores.

    I would rather see a produce/drug/butcher/fish market in one location, like Haymarket of the 70’s. The Italians had it right- they shopped everyday for fresh food. Demoulas understood that concept, eating right maintains good health and many American run supermarkets don’t get it.

  24. non union says:

    once again you miss my point and extend another pointless explanation. your example has nothing to do with this situation. and of course, you had a tragic experience with a similar situation. nobody at MB was being victimized. They walked out in support of someone, and that will not get you unemployment benefits. Pixie, you are so distorted it’s impossible to have a conversation with you.

  25. PixiePocahontas says:


    Joey is the man of the people- since he bagged groceries at Demoulas, that qualifies. I wonder if Seannie was a bag boy, too?

    Please, someone saves us!

  26. PixiePocahontas says:


    No one has been victimized? There is a war going on you fail to see. Corporations have been eroding millions of lives over the last decade, by taking homes, jobs and affordable stores away from innocent families, squeezing their already low pay checks.

    These events create hardships for both workers and residents of these communities as well as their vendors. Tell us why you believe this situation is unimportant? Two reasons I can guess, you like the people of this town have some connection to S&S and want more union jobs, or you’re just another selfish tea party conservative who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but yourself. As long as none of these issues do not personally effect you, it just fine. What makes you think the corporations and banks aren’t coming after your tax bracket next?

    Where are the local pols of these towns on this?

    The MB workers were smart enough to know if they didn’t protest, under new management, hundreds could have lost their jobs due to increasing the new management agenda. It’s the same play book they use everywhere now– hire low wage employees, part-time, no benefits. And if they cut jobs while the rest are working, the incremental tactics of getting rid of aging, and higher paid workers would go unnoticed. The workers united in advance to save everyone’s job–and their loyalty to Arthur T., was important to solidifying their mission to save jobs, not the only reason for the protest.

    There are also reports of drivers without proper licensing taking the place of those who walked. That’s illegal. If driver or another person get hurt, it’s on the board and other cousin. It proves their intentions of replacing employees after kicking Arthur T., out.

  27. A. Moore says:

    I have been in Demoulas stores in the early 60’s, they have come a long way. The last several years saw much improvement in their stores. Would hate to lose them now. This is so much a different fight as customers and employees alike are banding together. At this point it is obvious it has to be either bought out by Arthur T or another company that will put him in charge or for revenge just fold up. At least that is the way I see it. And BTW, Joey is still a bag boy.

  28. PixiePocahontas says:

    By the way, someone posted one executive was a relative of Arthur T., who was terminated. Just how deep do you suppose this ugly story will go? It’s amazing the facts you can get online without reading diluted and censored mainstream media.

    And our very own Demoulas on Somerville Ave., has been effected. I will be paying attention to how our esteemed mayor will handle this– and what fallout he may be worried about? The immigrants also depend on that store.

  29. Johhnie Jazz says:

    Pixie, bottom line you walk off the job – you’re fired. No unemployment compensation either. You don’t get to pick your boss. This is an “at will” employment state, so anyone can be fired for any reason. No one has a right to keep a job if they don’t do the job. I’d fire every last fool who walked off the job, null and void their pensions/benefits and hire all new workers. Unemployment under Obama is still sky high, so a lot of people would take those jobs.

    And if Market Basket does not do that then I hope Market Basket folds. Another super market will open and replace it – it’s how free markets work – and the greedy DeMoulas family will lose the fortune their fathers/grandfather swindled for them.

    Also, Pixie, sorry….no offense meant about the meds, but it’s either your meds are off or you have a drunk, retarded pet monkey that you let take over the keyboard about 1/2 thru your posts.

  30. Matt C says:

    Pixi – Businesses exist to make the most profit they can while providing a good or service. MB found a niche that worked well. It involved:
    – reputation in the market (low cost, high quality)
    – employees who like where they work (and it shows to the customers)
    – a product mix that met their markets needs
    — catering to the lower-mid market
    — catering to diverse ethnic communities

    If they could not make money doing this… they wouldn’t be doing this Author is not a saint – he is a very astute business person who knows how to build and maintain a successful business. If you doubt is business acumen look at how the largest growth for the company has occured during the biggest recession of the last generation… and if you think that MB is not paying attention to the upturn in the market you are blind. Over the last few years more upmarket products have turned up in MB from $20/lt bottles of olive oil to organic produce and ready made foods.
    State and city officials have no business here. What do you want them to do? Complain? Showboat around the media circus to get some their moment in the sun? Maybe Scott Brown and Liz Warren can come together and broker a peaceful settlement? The only one who will win here is the MB company now that everyone has had to goto SS and pay their exorbitant prices customers will just be more loyal.

    The “war” you are talking about is also known as a market economy. Maybe it will end if the government just takes over everything and distributes it according to some heartless algorithm… but then would the Pols be in charge… oh my.

    (Im looking forward to hearing about how i am a teaparty, union boss who is on the payroll of wall st and the local politicians)

  31. Esteban says:

    Joe Curtatone is the “Fraud Father.” This punk busted the school custodian union in Somerville. He is pandering for votes. I have been told by some past and present City of Somerville employees that they have been subjected to a most hostile work environment.

    I have it on good account that on more than one occasion this punk mayor has threatened to “bury’ union officials when talking with them in his office. Curtatone is a slithering snake in the grass. Wait and see. Mr. smoke and mirrors will be exposed.

  32. Jazzmo says:

    A. Moore is right-Joey is and always will be a bag boy.

  33. PixiePocahontas says:

    Jazz, you are a heartless person for stating those comments about the Market Basket workers. I hope you never find yourself on a picket line fighting for fair wages and decent work environment. Apology unaccepted- your backhanded insult disqualifies you on this round.

  34. PixiePocahontas says:

    To the contrary, Matt C-

    You finally scored much needed points, sounds like you could qualify for a public relations job in “Marketing the Market for Arthur T.

    We have too many people unemployed and there is no reason this can’t be settled in a way that allows the workers to get their jobs back.

    Recent history has proven these business models focus more on how to increase profit than provide workers with full-time-fair wages and benefits. It’s a matter of dignity and self provision–people should have jobs to provide for their families.

    I can’t believe how easily the critics can dismiss them and then later complain they are on public service or unemployment. The taxpayers of this country pay for unemployment and so do the employers. If they layoff too many workers at one time, they are heavily penalized. If many file for unemployment and are denied, they can ask for a hearing, document hostile working conditions which forced a picket line, they can get a lawyer and sue for age discrimination. Collectively, I assure you the employer would be facing a large payout.

    I don’t believe it was easy for the workers of Market Basket to join the picket lines. What would you expect them to do– sit around and wait for the corporate model to force them out one by one-adding heavier workloads, taking work away, denying vacation time, sick time, creating hostile environments and infighting, lowering wages, decreasing work hours, removing benefits, being replaced by young workers?

    It must be nice to have never experienced any of these tragedies in the labor force.

    The state officials will not allow thousands of Market Basket workers and affiliates to drowned without a life raft. It would hurt their next election.

    I don’t care to entertain the so called “market economy”. The titles created by the self proclaimed masters of the universe with their MBA’s are simply a ploy to convince unsuspecting citizens this is the new world order, so go back to what you are doing and let us take care of you– we saw how well that went during the crash of 2009.

    Did Arthur T., get a degree at the famous business school of corporate raiders? He is a self made man and more power to him.

  35. non union says:

    Busted the union at Rec, also. All full time employees let go, all part time employees (football/soccer players) brought in. End result: tragic soccer camp experience. Children supervising children

  36. Jazzmo says:


    I admire the Market Basket employees for their loyalty to Arthur T. I did not tender one negative comment about the Market Basket employees. In fact,I stopped to talk to them at their AMAZING show of support and loyalty at the recent demonstration in Tewksbury.

    It’s a wonderful thing when labor gives a show of support to a management leader like Mr. Arthur T..

    This Market Basket issue is a private labor matter that should not be interfered with by government. The replacement of Arthur T. by Arthur S. was not done illegally. The stockholders control the direction of the company. They chose a new top person. The employees may not like it and they are expressing their lawful right to show their displeasure by walking off the job. But government and mayors should not be sticking their noses into a private labor issue. The government types cannot run the government properly; who are they to tell private enterprise who to hire?

    My comment about the Mayor was meant to show him for the anti-labor person that he is. He is a union basket and not a nice person. He talks so slick,but deep down he is nasty and vindictive. If you don’t believe me,ask “Mayor Joe”what he did to a retired police captain who expressed HIS right to comment on some of the Mayor’s policies via Facebook. And there are others who work for the city(so I’m told)who have not been treated properly. Time will tell Pixie. Show me where I said one negative thing about the Market Basket employees. You can’t because I didn’t. You’re one of those types who takes a person’s words and twist them or distorts them.

  37. Jazzmo says:

    Meant to say that Mayor Joe is a union buster just like a prior comment stated,not a union “basket.”(my mistake).

  38. Matt C says:

    Pixi, first and foremost: I agree it must be difficult for MB workers to picket the change in management without any external support at all and I applaud them for standing up for something they believe in. We should all respect and applaud them for doing so – it is a very brave and costly thing to do.

    Now back to your ramblings… By “recent history” I assume you mean history… in general. Since private business has ALWAYS existed to make profit for the owner… Your delusionary nostalgia about the good old days must be in high gear if you think this is a recent development. The difference is transparency – today because of the pervasiveness of media and regulation we get to see what businesses are doing in a way we never could in the past… This is a great thing since it provides us with an opportunity to choose who we do business with and how we regulate markets today and in the future. Speaking of the market….It must be nice to have a degree of… comfort in life that you can divorce yourself from reality and pretend it does not exist when it so clearly impacts every one of us is so many ways…

  39. Jazzmo says:

    My apologies to Pixie Pocahontas. I realize now that her comments were directed at Johnnie Jazz,not me(Jazzmo). Kindly forgive me Pixie-I erred and now seek your forgiveness. “To err is human;to forgive is divine.” I stand corrected Pixie.

  40. A. Moore says:

    The pols should be involved. But in a way to speed up getting people back to work and for things to be settled. But not take sides. As much as I am for Arthur T the pol should stay neutral.

  41. PixiePocahontas says:

    Ok I forgive you all, now get out there and show your support for those brave souls on the picket lines. We know the mayor is not a man of the people. There are many examples to prove it. I was not aware his employees were unhappy, except for some boys in blue I happen to know personally through neighbors and family members.

    We don’t always have to agree with the opions of others. The important part of the process is that citizens remain engaged in the system and media boards.

    I disagree in this case regarding non-government intervention. This event is costing up to 25,000 employees and 71 stores, vendors, perishable meats and produce farmers are taking huge losses from because of greed.

    I read in today’s bosglobe, they donated food to shelters and the poor–that’s highly commendable. It also stated the Tweksbury site is being investigated about safety issues–well this continues to be interesting.

  42. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Pixie, I have to assume your pet monkey has been hitting the bottle again and has been on the keyboard after reading this tripe “…now get out there and show your support for those brave souls on the picket lines.” Huh? Brave souls? Those Market Basket imbeciles think they’re getting a few days off for free – what they don’t realize is they’re going to all get 365 days a year off FREE. Free of pay, benefits and pensions. Good riddance too.

    I wouldn’t even bother to drive up to Tewksbury (again) and blow my nose at them – that’s how much support the Market Basket layabouts deserve for walking off the job.

  43. Somerbreeze says:

    @Johnnie Jazz – Your rants sound familiar…were you by any chance banned much earlier from posting here–under another moniker–for extremist, vicious, and scurrilous comments?

    Note that I pose that as a question….

  44. PixiePocahontas says:


    I think you might be the pet monkey who ran away to join the circus.

    I didn’t expect anyone would take my comment seriously –about joining the picket line. God forbid you or any of your tea party friends would have to leave your comfort zones to pledge support for people who need it.

  45. Johnnie Jazz says:

    Somer, I’ve nevere been banned from anything that I know of. Though I do have to ask which of my comments are “…extremist, vicious, and scurrilous …”? Because I am advocating for exactly what the lawful Market Basket owners are finally going to do? Namely firing the “workers” who aren’t working and hiring all new employees? That’s extreme to you?!? LOL.

    Pixie, tea party. Really? I am a registered democrat. I usually hold my nose when I vote now because of the rampant corruption in the democrat party, but really now…. tea party? We should start a new game and see if we can guess who does some of your posts – you or your drunk monkey.

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