Wanted man reports his location on Facebook

On July 24, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

In an attempt to make a warrant arrest of Christian Buscemi, 22, police checked out a Wellington Ave. residence Saturday afternoon in search of the man.

A reported incident of destruction of property occurred the night before at that location, the home of Buscemi’s grandfather, who had been threatened by Buscemi on that occasion.

Buscemi’s grandfather reported the incident to police, according to police, and had stayed away from his home the previous evening in order to avoid contact with Buscemi.

Police officers noticed that there had been a forcible entry of the residence on Saturday, and discovered numerous instances of someone having rummaged through various rooms of the residence.

The victim, who had returned to his home as police arrived on the scene, reported that his iPad had been taken from the residence.

Police surmised that someone, presumably Buscemi, kicked in the door to the basement and then used a sledgehammer to gain entry into the main area of the house.

Witnesses said that Buscemi was using the iPad and had stated on Facebook that he was hiding out at his mother’s house.

Buscemi was soon located and placed under arrest, charged with felony nighttime breaking and entering, destruction of property over $250, and threat to commit a crime.


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  1. Christian Buscemi says:

    Nothing was stolen. As a matter of fact the incident arose due to a retaliatory eviction and an aunt withdrawing from a joint account.

    I was hardly hiding out as I had to leave due to police action, as I was being told I had to leave and had to gather my things as the police were being fetched my aunt and grandfather(landlord).

    The iPad was actually mine. I proved this in court and the District Attorney dropped my case, and I was not convicted or even taken to trial on this matter.

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