She almost got her money back

On July 16, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police were dispatched to a Bow St. location last Friday in response to reports of a dispute in progress.

Upon arrival, they were met by two men, both alleged victims of assault by a woman, Cheryl Pederson, 39, who was described as the girlfriend of one of the men and a friend of the other.

The victims reportedly told police that Pederson had been arguing with them and became physically abusive. At one point Pederson is said to have chased the friend down the street, shouting that she would kill him.

The friend said that he barricaded himself inside a chain-link fenced area and forcibly had to keep Pederson from entering through the gate.

Unable to get at the man, the victims described to police how Pederson then broke into the man’s vehicle and rifled through its contents, throwing things out into the street in the process, according to reports.

The victim said that Pederson took money that was in the vehicle’s console then left the area, at which time the police were called to the scene.

A dispatch was broadcast to nearby patrol units and Pederson was soon located. The arresting officer said that Pederson had the stolen money on her person. She reportedly told the officer that apprehended her that she took the money because the alleged victim had stolen from her in the past.

Pederson was placed under arrest and charged with felony daytime breaking and entering of a boat or motor vehicle, threat to commit a crime, and larceny under $250.


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