Somerville Police Chief finalists narrowed to two

On July 11, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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Mayor to conduct site visits with goal of presenting new chief to Board of Aldermen in August

The finalists for Somerville Chief of Police have been narrowed to two: Somerville Deputy Chief of Operations David Fallon and Manchester, NH, Chief of Police David Mara, Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced today.

Following a public hearing with the four initial finalists selected by the Police Chief Search Committee—Fallon, Mara, Somerville Deputy Chief of Support Michael Cabral, and Hamden, CT, Chief of Police Thomas Wydra—the committee submitted a final written assessment of each candidate to Mayor Curtatone for consideration. A team of City officials including the Mayor, Director of Personnel Bill Roche, Superintendent of Schools Tony Pierantozzi, and Teen Empowerment Executive Director Stanley Pollock interviewed each of the candidates following the public hearing before narrowing the finalists down to Fallon and Mara. Together with a team of City officials, Mayor Curtatone will conduct site visits on July 28 and 31, with the goal of presenting a new Chief of Police to the Board of Aldermen at the Board’s meeting on Aug. 28.

Experience and education of the two finalists (full resumes are available online) include:

  • David Fallon: Current Somerville Police Deputy Chief of Operations. Formerly captain, lieutenant, sergeant and patrolman with the Somerville Police, and security police with the U.S. Air Force. Fallon holds a master’s degree in criminal justice from Western New England College, a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology from University of Massachusetts-Boston, and an associate degree in applied science from Community College of the Air Force.
  • David Mara: Current Manchester, NH Police Chief. Formerly administrative captain, prosecutor, patrol sergeant and officer with Manchester Police, and prosecuting attorney with the City of Manchester’s Office of the City Solicitor. Mara holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Northeastern University and a juris doctor from New England School of Law.

“We had four extremely qualified and excellent candidates for Somerville’s next Chief of Police and it was difficult to narrow down the list,” said Mayor Curtatone. “I want to thank Deputy Chief Cabral and Chief Wydra—two outstanding candidates—for taking part in this process and wish them the best of success in the future. I look forward to visiting with Deputy Chief Fallon here in Somerville and Chief Mara in Manchester to learn more before selecting our new chief.”

The City selected Waters Consulting Group through a request for proposals in December to assist in the search for a new police chief. Working with the Police Chief Search Committee, Waters Consulting representative Chuck Rohre interviewed City officials and over 40 constituent group representatives, held a public hearing and conducted a citywide survey that had more than 200 responses to obtain input on the qualities and characteristics desired of the next police chief. By the April deadline, 37 candidates applied for the position, which the Search Committee narrowed down to the four initial finalists. The public hearing with the four candidates was held on June 25, with the public submitting questions through the City website and in writing at locations around the city.

Former Somerville Police Chief Thomas Pasquarello announced in late 2013 that he would step down in order to care for a family member. Charlie Femino has been serving as Acting Chief of Police since Dec. 1, 2013.

For more information on the Police Chief Selection Committee and process, please email


7 Responses to “Somerville Police Chief finalists narrowed to two”

  1. Mike says:

    Good choice by picking Fallon, he’s well respected by the guys at the SPD & throughout the city. David Fallon is a good man with a lot of experience. I hope that he gets a crack at the job. If he’s capable & currently works @ the SPD the city should give him a crack at it.

  2. ward3resident says:

    Great choice in David Fallon…what a nice guy and not only respected by the officers but by many in the public. The Mayor took a brave and bold move in making these two as the finalist. I for one life long resident hope Mayor Joe selects Dep. Chief Fallon.

  3. not surprised says:

    Why am I not surprised at this outcome? For the the record, Mr. Fallon is a nice enough guy but definately HAS NOT gained the experience to led the police department. From what I hear, he never worked nights in patrol. This was a complete joke just like the last 2 times the mayor set out to have a Nation Wide search…..

  4. ward3resident says:

    “not surprised” sounds like a bitter maybe SPD member?

  5. PixiePocahontas says:

    Not surprised,

    What makes you think they need experience to be working for the mayor?
    That generally constitutes the best qualified. Independent thinkers need not apply.

  6. jake says:

    Just a smoke screen paying 50k to an outside consultant to do a nationwide search and the best he comes up with is a guy next door in NH who claims that he couldn’t find a job in Mass. The Administration appointed the steering committee which maneuvered their candidates into place just like they do with other city jobs. If they were serious they would have placed a few Chiefs of Police from other Departments on the Board, like other cities do, so they can better verify the experience of the candidate. Even the town meeting with the candidates was a joke. Is that really a pertinent question about how the Chief would handle someone going through a red light??? I know it sounds appealing to hire from within but if you look at the history of the SPD every Chief with the exception of the past 2 have been from within inside the building. From what is being reported crime is the lowest it has been in years and you haven’t heard of any real abuses coming from the police like you hear with other cities. I am not sure if I want to return to the days of Howie Winters and the Gangs running amuck when there was a Chief bird from inside. The problem isn’t finding the right candidate it is having the Administration let them do their job without politics involved. Why do you think this Administration has gone through so many Directors of Personnel, Chief of Staff, Communications Directors and others that have come from the outside. It is only the local campaign contributors like DPW, Inspectional Services and recreation,that stick around and get moved to other departments when they mess up.

  7. PixiePocahontas says:

    Look on the bright side, at least we escaped the dark fate of having another lawyer run this town.

    What makes you think there are no abuses? It’s call containment, and the way you achieve it is not hiring anyone who may see the problems and address them, which is called professional ethics. I do feel sorry for the good officers. It will be business as usual with the dictator on the hill. You have my sympathy.

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