Joint statement from the Somerville Public Schools and the City of Somerville:

escsThis morning, a 5th grade teacher at the East Somerville Community School was arrested by Somerville Police and arraigned at Somerville District Court on statutory rape and additional charges stemming from an alleged inappropriate relationship with a middle-school-aged child. The teacher, Alexandra Romanos, age 41, has taught in the District for seven years. The case is being prosecuted by the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

Nothing we can say will soften the impact that such news has on a community, particularly one as dedicated to nurturing and supporting our youth as Somerville. We are repulsed and angry that someone who made an oath to uphold the highest moral standards in the execution of her responsibilities as a teacher and a role model has allegedly blatantly violated that trust.

We recognize that there are many questions and concerns. We share those concerns and have many of the same questions. However, as this is an ongoing criminal investigation that involves confidential student information, there is little information that we are able to disclose.

What we can do is assure you that the safety and well-being of our students is always our highest priority, and upon learning of these shocking and very serious allegations, we took swift and immediate action. The Somerville Police was alerted within minutes and the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families was notified by both the Somerville Police and Somerville Public Schools, an investigation was launched at once, and Ms. Romanos was also immediately placed on administrative leave and barred from all school properties and functions. The district is fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation by law enforcement, and we will continue to keep parents and the community informed as more information becomes available.

Parents and guardians with questions for school administrators or who are seeking support services are encouraged to contact Director of Student Services Rich Melillo at 617-625-6600 ext. 6028 or or School Information Officer Susana Hernandez-Morgan at 617-629-5221 We encourage anyone with information that they feel is relevant to the investigation to contact Sgt. Rich Lavey of the Somerville Police Department at 617-625-1600 ext. 7237.

As representatives of the City of Somerville and the Somerville Public Schools, we have also directed that the following measures be put in place:

  • The Somerville Office of Constituent Services’ 24-hour hotline is open for parents, guardians, teachers, and others concerned who have questions about this situation. The number is 311 from landlines inside Somerville or 617-666-3311 from cell phones or from outside of Somerville.
  • Somerville public schools will activate the Somerville Trauma Response Network and the Riverside Trauma Center to provide counseling and other resources for students, teachers, City staff, parents and guardians, for as long as it is needed. These counselors will also be available to talk to parents and guardians about how to approach this subject with their children.
  • Our Parent Information Centers have interpreters on hand to assist families who speak Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole.
  • A message has been sent to all school faculty and staff, as well as parents and guardians, to inform them of the situation and that resources are available to them.
  • Somerville Police detectives are assisting our State partners in the investigation and are available to any parents who have specific concerns.

These resources will be available for as long as they are needed.

We are committed to keeping you informed as the investigation progresses.

— Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and Superintendent of Schools Tony Pierantozzi


39 Responses to “Somerville teacher arrested and arraigned on statutory rape charges”

  1. steve says:

    why hasant anyone commented on this?

  2. steve says:

    no commentary on this horrible act?

  3. Lawn Jockey says:

    Busy grillin’ weenies. I’ll get back to you.

  4. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Leave her alone, Villen prudes! Most likely, the kiddo enjoyed it. I know I would have enjoyed the “attention” at that age! Come on guys, stop being PC about this stuff.

  5. Johnie Jazz says:

    Really not much to say or do, but to want to vomit. I read in the globe she has a 13 year old son herself – that poor kid. This is also like the 3rd or 4th “incident” of adults molesting kids in the last 4 months here in Somerville, so something tells me all the money we’re spending “for the children” isn’t going to the children. It’s going to the union hacks who feel so entitled now that they figure they can diddle our kids at will and still get paid.

    Anyway, the progressives demanded that God be removed from schools and the public – what did they expect would happen? Dancing unicorns? We now have an explosion of kids being molested, raped and mass shootings. A Godless society is what we have we now folks. How’s that working out for us? Just ask some of these poor kids.

  6. idiot says:

    it has nothing to do with God, moron. and love the old boys network–if a woman does this, it’s a treat! it’s still rape, idiot. She’s messing with a child’s sexual maturity and there’s nothing funny about it. Plus, it’s a crime! yeah, look it up. So you’re a staunch God person, but you think it’s ok for a woman to do this with a child. Must be some cool God you got there

  7. jake says:

    If 3 children can be assaulted and raped at an overnight sports camp while the Mayor and his coaching staff are there supervising, and nothing happens to the event organizers, do you think the Administration is really looking to weed out the bad teachers and risk upsetting the Unions?

  8. Somerbreeze says:

    @ Johnie Jazz – Guess God’s On Your Side, huh?

    Dylan had something to sing about that, didn’t he?

    Friend, please reflect a moment, take a deep breath, and hold it…

    For about two hours

    That oughta do it…

  9. JM says:

    Yeah – because there was no child abuse for decades at Catholic Schools ….God was involved in those schools I presume?

  10. PixiePocahontas says:

    Now if we could only hire female coaches for recreation, we’d be all set.
    The Herald and Globe commenters are blaming the mayor for our ongoing problems in this city. Any objections? It appears everyone else sees the mounting issues, but not those who are benefiting from this sewer of dysfunction.

    I’m not condoning what happened here, but the truth is, certain people get caught and punished for doing the wrong thing while others get a slap on the wrist. What was the outcome of the soccer camp rapist? No penalties? Just enough fines to make the whole thing go away? How much did we pay for the lawsuits to cover damages and why doesn’t anyone mention the two young victims who will be scared for life over what happened to them that night? Not one of the supervisors was held accountable including the mayor.

    They should be doing more in our schools and on the fields to ensure young children are being protected. Can you honestly say that every teacher and coach, civil servant is abiding the law when it comes to the protection of minors? Let’s be real. Like the adult male who had a thing for 17 year old girls and was a civil servant being paid by our city. Legal age or minor, still the same crime, by moral standards. Their job is to protect and serve the public, whether they be a teacher or a person in uniform. I’m so tired of this hypocrisy. It should be equal rights and equal form of punishment to all.

    All unions should enforce immediate dismissal and loss of pension when crimes are committed, especially one as serious as this but unless they set the boundaries from the beginning, nothing will change. They should also bring in counselors for children. Don’t forget social media has a great deal to do with the fact that children are defenseless on the internet. Why do you suppose we have a global wave of sex trafficking that can’t be stopped? Parents should monitor their children’s computers but also warn them about the dangers. The schools should also be doing more to avoid these crimes against children. If they are not going to share the entire story with the public, they should protect all parties identies. Creating a lynch mob hysteria does not solve the problem. Administration should be setting the bar.

  11. Johnie Jazz says:

    JM, idiot and Somer, I’m not catholic, but you do realize that priests diddle at a rate lower than school teachers? I mean you didn’t drink all the progressive, anti-USA, anti-God koolaid in one sitting??? Priests molestation charges were 2 to 4% from 1950 to 2010 — public school teachers 6 to 8%. So…where is the public outcry against the public school system and the teachers who prey on our poor children? Oh… that’s right … there is none and there won’t be any because the powers that be (liberal, progressives) want to destroy God and replace with an omnipresent government that we are to worship and feed. Thanks, but no thanks.

    FACT: The incidence of sexual abuse by teachers in public schools today has been estimated to be “more than 100 times” that by Catholic priests, and there is alarming evidence of school officials covering up abuse and failing to report suspected cases to authorities. Yet the mainstream media has largely ignored this shocking story while still rehashing decades-old allegations of abuse by Catholic priests.

    A 2004 U.S. Department of Education report reported that “the most accurate data available” reveals that “nearly 9.6 percent of [public school] students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career.”

    This result prompted Hofstra University’s Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, the author of the study, to opine in 2006, “[T]hink the Catholic Church has a problem? The physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”

  12. PixiePocahontas says:

    By the way, other media forums are asking the gender of the victim since it was undisclosed, but possibly this was to protect the victim which is understandable. Another issue created — if proper training and strict guidelines are not enforced, there will be less worthy candidates willing to teach. It is the responsibility of administrators to keep children safe in schools. More needs to be done at a higher level. There was a case of abuse in the home which effected an entire classroom. My child was effected by a deeply troubled second grader who acted out in violence towards other classmates. I met with the school counselor on three separate occasions because I noticed how it effected my child who feared retribution.
    It took 8 months to remove this child and place them in a lab for troubled kids. My point is, sometimes these situations do not get resolved in time preventing worse harm because the people in charge are not taking action. He counselors excuse was that it was being battled in court because the parents were fighting for their child’s rights. What about the 28 children being stabbed with pencils, punched and kicked at recess, what about their rights? It’s universal, system is broken. Maybe we should post mercenaries at the school entrance. Maybe everyone will get the message.

  13. PixiePocahontas says:


    You cannot give credit to organized religion for practicing good values when they turned their back on decades of child abuse. And unions are not the antichrist. Administrators who manage such entities must clean house, get rid of the abusers, criminals and freeloaders.

    When the people who run our town do not practice good values, what else do you expect? The world has become a dark place filled with decadence.
    We must learn to protect ourselves from it and it ain’t easy– but it can be done.

  14. insider says:

    The soccer incident is still in the court system-so no he did not “get off.”

  15. PixiePocahontas says:

    Really, and we call MattC the one who is naive. I don’t believe there will be any form of punishment in that case. Reminds me of another case where the criminal had a mother for a DA. Cases are sealed and lives go on like nothing happened. The only one who pays are the victims and their families, then the taxpayers and town reputation.

  16. Johnie Jazz says:

    Pix, where did I say “organized religion”? I said the liberals, progressive, collectivists, statists that run this city/state and country decided that they wanted God abolished in the minds of the peasants (us). They want the new cadre of public school students to be indoctrinated with the belief that the government (them) will take care of them from cradle to grave, so now they reap what they sow. We now have a Godless, moral-less society where politicians, teachers and those in power literally believe they can molest the average citizen and their children at will and be protected. So far they have been.

    Some of these teachers have no morals because they were raised and brainwashed without any by the progressive elite. It’s only going to get worse. I highly recommend people home school their kids, but if you don’t make then darn sure you do NOT enroll them in a city that the progressives control. What you get is rampant criminal behavior. Pretty soon they’ll want to push legislation that will make pedophilia legal, so the government can protect them and they can really have at it. Just watch – it’s coming.

  17. Jazz,

    Whatever we bring to these forums is based on our own experiences and knowledge gained from media and who we trust.

    Your term, “Godless society”, refers to the same God fearing religions which have also brainwashed millions from attaining happiness and long term goals. Their years of teaching by humiliation and forcing parishioners to repent for their sins is aimed solely at women and children and not the patriarchal body who are the main reason for this domination. For decades, priests and preachers would tell women to go home and forgive their husbands, yet if they initiated divorce because they were tired of the beatings, gambling, drinking, abuse and cheating they were shunned from the church.

    What of the thousands of 12 year old girls, forced to marry old men in religious cults which have been reported by nightly one hour news presentations?

    Because these so called “devout-God-worshipers” have money, are protected by isolated towns within red states, does it make it acceptable?

    Call it a form of rebellion– but the facts speak for themselves.

    I also blame easy access to the internet, online chat rooms and dating sites. The predators who have free reign on these sites range from a variety of backgrounds and economic status. When they unleashed the internet on our kids, they forgot to implement and enforce important cyber laws which would make perps think twice about committing a crime.

    As far as this tragic event is concerned–there is no excuse for the teacher’s conduct and she should never be allowed to hold a position which requires her to be around children. But as I said in my previous post, the same rules should also apply to everyone else who hold jobs where they are mentors or hired to provide safety to adults, teens and children.

    I found it curious why residents are demanding the city hire female coaches? There could be a few reasons, but what came to mind was concerned parents who worry about daughters.

    So before someone wants to climb up on their better-than-thou pedestal, lets hear about the others incidents in our schools that involved members of the opposite sex who were responsible for initiating a relationship with an underage student/resident and call themselves civil servants.

  18. ps – Jazz,

    We must remain proactive and vigilant in a society which is much different than it was 10-20 years ago. I am an independent thinker who has learned that the world is filled with lines blurred.

    I call it as I see it–doesn’t make me popular, but don’t care. It doesn’t matter what they stand for–local pol, conservative/liberal, outsider/insider, civil servant, union worker, renter/homeowner, non-profit/taxpaying business. People of all groups need boundaries and a leader worthy of respect, practicing good values. We don’t see much of that anymore since money and power seem to rule the day. That’s when problems usually begin. The only faith which is important is your own.

  19. A. Moore says:

    Jazz, good stuff. But the thing is we need to wait and see if there is a case or not. Having been involved many years ago in a problem it was just the way the girl was telling her parents and once the parents realized it they stopped the proceeding. The girl was not lying but just explained it so it came out sounding wrong. I left after that and never went back to that line of work.

  20. Johnie Jazz says:

    Pix, do I have to educate you on the difference between God (faith) and religion? I don’t have much patience to begin with and you’re exhausting what little is left. Please try to stay focused or get back on your meds. Please.

    Summary: because we’ve allowed a vocal minority of liberal/progressive nitwits to hijack our government – we now live in a Godless and moral-less society. The events of teachers and liberals molesting (and shooting up) kids and other innocents is more rampant now than ever because of the lack of morals and God (faith).

    This teacher – from my understanding – has a son the same age as the child she molested. So this is an epic tragedy in multiple ways. Can you imagine what her son is going through? Disgusting. This “teacher” has shown such a lack of morals and judgment she ought to serve some serious jail time (20 years) and then be forced to register as a sexual deviant.

    and the city needs to examine why this is becoming so common here. Who does the hiring for the education system here – Mickey the dunce?

  21. PixiePocahontas says:


    Try to leave your condescending attitude at the door.

    Some of your opinions are neo-con, lacking objectivity. I look at situations from different angles which provide a better view of understanding.

    Children are immersed in too much technology, some having sex as young as 10-12 years old. They have access to information which should be off limits. They are far more easily influenced now due to cell phones. I don’t believe children should have cell phones until they are mature enough to use them. How many kids today are unsupervised at the computer, IPad?
    In some ways, the internet has been a curse. Think about how many lives have been ruined because someone didn’t know the outcome of their actions?

    I agree the teacher should be punished and not allowed to teach. But unless you know all the facts, how can you reach these conclusions? There are many cultures different from our own where some women are married at 12-14 years old. Both genders are having sex at earlier ages. If the teacher were 22 and stunning as in other cases we have read, would the public’s reaction be different? I’m guessing it would, maybe not the mother. What about a 50 yr. old male teacher and a 16 year old, 17? Professor and under grad, teaching assistant? I know one case–perception? Few cared, 30 years difference.

    The issue I see is the obvious discrimination. When a guy dates an under-age girl, it’s okay. If this boy was 17, would you still be disgusted? I would say you would. If your drinking buddy was stalking 17 girls at the highschool and wearing a uniform, what would you say? Way to go, pal.

    That was my reason for bringing up the story of the religious cult out west. The 80 year old married over twenty brides when they were 12 years old and all in the name of religion. That should have been seen as rape too, but other men in the cult were doing the same, girls were 30-50 years younger than their husband rapists. You don’t have a problem with this? Why did it take decades to close it down? Shall we go there? I don’t think that would be wise, sure we would find an entire network of rapists. Why else did they allow this to go on for decades.

    How many women today are dating younger men? Not 13 year olds, men who are 10-15 years younger? And they still get villanized. If a guy does it he’s every man’s hero and future role model.

    Bottom line- children need more supervision by administrators, teachers and parents.

    The teacher was in violation when emails began. That’s what sprung Pandora’s box.

  22. PixiePocahontas says:

    Btw Jazz,

    If my extended explanation of how this could have possibly happened is too much for you to absorb, here’s the short-

    Rapists come in all ages, gender, jobs, cultural backgrounds and political preference. However, stats will prove there are far more male rapists attacking young underage females and minors than women committing same crimes.

    So continue to blame only liberals, progressives and lack of God’s presence in the classroom. Just don’t blame me for pointing out the harsh facts of how are civilization is swimming in a cesspool of complete decadence and indifference. It’s also the republican policy which has much to be blamed for why we don’t have better systems in place to care for the people of this nation. As bad as you believe the liberals are, I say the republican puke are no better.

    Until you realize we are no longer living in a two party system, you will not understand the situation we are facing. While we are all busy arguing over right and wrong, someone’s robbing the general store.

  23. PixiePocahontas says:


    Mary Kay Letourneau, 34, student 12. Her father was a republican senator who fathered two children with another woman while married.

    Not so uncommon. Mary and student are now married with 2 kids.

    Stranger things have happened. Someone wrote on another comment section, maybe BG or BH, this has been going on for years between students and teachers. Not until the age of rapid technology have stories come out to the public, years ago it was covered and contained within the school administration.

  24. Johnie Jazz says:

    Pix, a 50 year old guy “dating” a 16 year old girl in society is ok in society? Since when? Those sickos go to jail, get raped in jail and then register as sex offenders and deservedly so. Where in God’s name do you get some of your thoughts? The only double-standard is when woman do it (like this teacher) the penalty is 1/100th as severe. That’s a fact.

    Back to your mental state of mind: I will keep this short – sometimes you’ve posted stuff I agree with, but I’ve now recognized since you machine gun so many different opinions in each post that sometimes you stumble across something that actually makes sense. I mean even a broken is right twice a day.

    No one has any idea what YOU ARE IN FAVOR of, but we all know what you’re against (EVERYTHING – depending on the time of day). What you should be angry at is your therapist as he obviously failing you miserably.

    So…what are you in favor of? Write that post up – keep it short (HA HA HA – like that will ever happen!) and when you’re done get in kitchen and make me a ham sammich’. A little mustard.

  25. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Just to give you some perspective… I’m a 55 year old guy, and my girlfriend is 27. Nothing wrong with that. You just need to find the right person. Ah, and for the judgmental ones who are thinking that I dumped my first wife for a young bimbo… Actually, my first wife (53, now) dumped me a few years ago because she wanted to date younger men (you know, approaching menopause and all that crap)! And this girl I’m dating is hot, but not a bimbo at all, since she just finished her PhD in molecular biology. That’s the way life works at times. Age is just a number.

  26. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Oh, and Johnie Jazz… Anyone who writes dumb phrases like this one: “Back to your mental state of mind” does not deserve to be read by anybody. At least PixieP writes well and is coherent.

  27. nice try says:

    nice try, Jazz. I’ve tried before. I think at this point ignoring is the best approach. Pixie has some cogent points but they’re lost in the nonsense. I say no response, let it go, as they say. can’t be reached.

  28. PixiePocahontas says:


    In many cases age is just a number, agreed Jack. The 10-20 year has worked for me, but never underage and not elderly.

    Maybe the simple answer is charter schools. I have a niece who lives in NH. She is already learning at the rate of three grades ahead of where she is and the curriculum is far more advanced and nurturing to the student than anything our kids can get from public schools. Those who do well in the public system have parents who are attentive to their kids because they have the time and education to keep them on track. Not all have that chance since many have to work two to three jobs just to get by. I took my kids out of public schools before they were teenagers. There were gangs and I wanted them to have discipline and best teachers. Private school was 2400 a year for both, but we managed. Looking back it was worth it. Sometimes parents just get lucky and their kids sail through school with no problems. That’s rare today. So my final answer is clean out the public school system. Ask the federal government to convert public schools to charter. We certainly pay enough in taxes, so why not allow that money to do some good for the children who deserve better?

    We had a teacher in elementary school who kept a bottle of scotch in his filing cabinet. Why do you think the majority of public teachers send their kids to private school? Not hard to figure out, they know what’s there and they keep there kids away.

    Enjoy the day I’m going back to my garden now. See ya!

  29. A. Moore says:

    I wish we could go back to nice discussions like we used to here. We are lucky to have this forum given to us. I personally don’t expect everyone to agree with my thoughts and ideas and I am usually not disappointed. I just state them and move on. Can me just move on and respect everyone else’s opinion?

  30. Johnie Jazz says:

    A Moore, agreed. I hope everyone realizes that whilst I think Pixie is cray-cray — I like her and her spunk. As misdirected and all over the map as it is at times. I wish would she would run for mayor — I’d support her. She’d be better than the corrupt clown show we have now.

    Just thinking that the mayor’s reason for not lowering property taxes while he jacked up the appraisals was “for the schools and the children”. How’s that working out for the kids now that we have had multiple incidents of molesting going on in the school system. Our tax dollars sure ain’t protecting and keeping the kids safe.

  31. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Nice way of complimenting PixieP, Johnie Jazz. Let me try the same. Not to mean any disrespect, Johnie Jazz, we love you, but you are an idiot! :)

  32. PixiePocahontas says:


    As far as this story is concerned, they should have better screening for teachers and clear policies for students as well. No communication via cell phones or computers, only at class. I don’t believe young children should be allowed to have cell phones either, but that’s a battle fought at home. Kids can do crazy things, but if they don’t have set boundaries, that’s usually when problems begin. Some are looking to fit in, there can be bullying and peer pressure. It’s up to the administration to back up good teachers and weed out the bad. The teacher with the bottle of scotch in his cabinet? One of the most useless we had in school, but his brother had his back. Unions can be protect workers from the misery of corporate slavery. They just need to weed out those who give them a bad rep and nepotism should not be abused.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s the form of government which needs to change. We need the opportunity to vote for people we can trust with our taxes, to make decisions that benefit all residents.

    I’ve been around the shark pool long enough to know that it can never be that way, and difficult to change.

    Straight shooters would not bend to greed enticed by unscrupulous developers who bulldoze a city for profits to be shared. This city has been infected with the blight of codependency. Employees and residents have been controlled and manipulated for years, by their excessive compliance, allowing obsessive needs of the few to overrun the needs of the many.

    They promise a city that will be at the top of the world, but at what price? How many must be sacrificed in order to achieve this misconceived pipe dream?

    In my opinion certain individuals have been used as a false flag. Remember S&L, ENRON, and mortgage madness of 2009. My prediction is that many who benefited by the housing collapse are pouring their stolen profits into our town. When homes were illegally taken without notes, there was a national holiday sale on foreclosed homes, pennies on the dollar where few benefited, mostly insiders who created the charade that tanked our economy ruining countless lives.

    Who benefited, same as when it happened in the 20’s. But we must keep the faith, what goes around comes back around. There is one former alderman who should be forced to give up his 50% of entire city real estate, before they fine him, take his license away and exile him to Florida where the rest of the gang escape to for their evil misdeeds.

    I’m not so sure motivations are centered on cashing out as they are getting the hell outta dodge.

  33. PixiePocahontas says:

    Fellas, let us try to get along. We are all on the same mission here, we want much needed transparency, accountability and relief for thousands of residents and taxpayers who have been carrying this load for too long. It’s time for others to pay back what was stolen and face justice. I’ll be happy to pay the first $100 for a few one way tickets to Florida where they somehow can flee and never come back, even when asked by the courts. If that’s the only choice we’ve got, I’m there. No first class seating. I’m on a tight budget after the last round of extortion.

  34. Billy Walters says:

    Sexual activity occurred between the student and the teacher in school???? Why do the Principal and Vice principal still have jobs??? Complete incompetents!!!!!! No one ever gets fired for these scandals.

  35. THE TRUTH says:


  36. Billy Walters says:

    The Truth is in the know.

  37. laylah says:

    WHY MRS.ROMANOS ….I TRUSTED YOU …but I also feel sorry for you …I wonder what will my friends say about this? BUT …. my real question is who is that 13 years old.I HOPE ITS NOT SOMEONE I KNOW


  38. Judge Dredd says:

    Leave her alone. She did that kid a favor! Now he has some real life experience. :)

  39. laylah says:

    Judge Dredd Hahhahaha your funny but I still feel bad for her

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