Craig Rourke Holds Kickoff Party Thursday, June 26

On June 25, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Craig Rourke who is running for State Representative for the seat held by Carl Sciortino who resigned earlier this year.

The kickoff party/fundraiser is at the West 7 Bistro, 1137 Broadway, 7-9 p.m., this Thursday, June 26.

The musical guest is Kemp Harris and the Scenario, along with comedian Paul D’Angelo. Appetizers and cash bar.

For more information and RSVP, and to find out more about Craig go to


11 Responses to “Craig Rourke Holds Kickoff Party Thursday, June 26”

  1. Sofia Alvarez says:

    What is his real position on immigration? Does anyone know, aside of what the campaign web site says?

  2. Abu Gharib says:

    Tell us the truth about Benghazi!

  3. Johnie Jazz says:

    Craig “Chicken in everyone’s pot” Rourke is another politician who makes big promises, but no explanation of how we can pay for any of it. It all sounds good until you release where that money has to come from. Us.

    Craig and the other – even further looney-left – candidate (forgot her name – she’s a socialist/progressive though) needs to understand some basic understanding about the economy. Otherwise they’re just wanting to join the big Ponzi scheme at the top.

    Let me help them (this is part 4 – see them all):

  4. placeido says:

    Sofia, Why do you care? Are you afraid of being deported? I came here legally

  5. Jack the Destroyer says:

    Sofia, you little entitled illegal: Why don’t you keep a low profile? If you are an illegal, as you claim, you should be quiet. Many of us would like to close an eye. We get it, you had a sob story, we don’t have a heart of stone after all. But stop rubbing it in, please!!!!

  6. Sofia,

    Don’t pay attention to the ignorant haters. Unfortunately, this town is filled with people who lack compassion, instead are only mean spirited.

    Keep your head high, continue to strive for excellence and surround yourself with people of kindness, intelligence and reason.

    We must learn to rise above the cesspool of Somerville sludge.

  7. Sofia Alvarez says:

    Thanks Ms. Pixie. Mr. Jack, since when have problems faced by a minority group been solved by keeping a “low profile”? I say what I think. Meaningful immigration reform is coming, the question is only when. You may as well side with the winning side. ‘Nice day.

  8. get it? says:

    what he meant is that it’s wise for someone who’s committing a crime to keep a ‘low profile’. If you’re here illegally, you’re committing a crime.

  9. Alfredo Suarez says:

    Sofia, send me a message at to get in touch, if you need anything. I’m an immigration lawyer in the area and work pro bono in many cases. It is better to avoid saying too much online these days, given the surveillance state we live in.

  10. ritepride says:

    These political candidates are a joke…just vying to become part of the Good old Boy/Girl political network. They all shout the same garbage but none of them put out what their solution to the problems would be.

    More than half the city budget goes towards the schools, yet the number of residents with kids attending school is way less than half,,So why the bloated school budget??? System overloaded with managers?

    Aldermen again just rubber stamped the mayor’s budget! Then why have a Board that works part-time for $39,000.00 a year?

    Really time for the people in this city to wake up and take their city back.

  11. Sofia Alvarez says:

    Regarding meaningful immigration reform, I applaud the unilateral initiative on the issue President Obama announced today! If Republicans block you all the way, then use executive orders. Thank you Mr. President.

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