Kawaii-me boutique to host special Union Sq. event

On March 29, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jeremy F. van der Heiden

Saturday, April 12 is fashion day in Union Square as “Kawaii-Me: A Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Experience” takes center stage.

Saturday, April 12 is fashion day in Union Square as “Kawaii-Me: A Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Experience” takes center stage.

Union Square has served as a central hub for Main Street stores in the past several years, with countless fashion shops, niche eateries and stylish retailers making the Somerville neighborhood even more colorful. It will also be the location for “Kawaii-Me: A Behind-the-Scenes Beauty Experience,” which is scheduled to take place Saturday, April 12 at The Uniun, 3 Sanborn Court, Somerville.

Funded by the increasingly popular Kickstarter portal in just two-days, the event will celebrate the fashion and beauty-related businesses that call Union Square home through a centralized runway of sorts. Organizers have issued an open invitation to fashionistas of all types to participate and get a behind-the-scenes look at what a fashion show is all about.

Those who attend will be provided with an opportunity to experience professional hair, makeup and clothing stations, as well as the chance to walk down the runway and pose for a photo op.

Sophia X. Chang designed the one-of-a-kind installation that will serve as the setting for the event. Participants who have signed on thus far include photographer Cila Miculic, the Kawaii-me Boutique, Kaya Beauty and Spa, fashion designer Nillton Rodrigues, Salon 22 and Secret Ships. More Union Square-based salons are expected to join by the time of the event.

Kawaii-me boutique was launched by entrepreneurs Gabriela and Priscila Miculic, who wanted to provide women with affordable, stylish clothing. Their shop will serve as the venue for the event after its transformation through the runway installation.

Shu Lai Talun, one of the organizers, explained that this project began as an idea to give Kawaii-me a bit more visibility but quickly transformed into a more communal event that aims to unite the various niche retail shops in the area.

“At the end of last year, the Somerville Arts Council sent out a call for ‘creative individuals to create, produce and manage cultural events that would reinvigorate the artistic and business landscape in Union Square,’” Talun explained. “Most people know Union Square as a food destination, with its unique markets and ethnic grocery stores. This project aims to suggest another layer in the destination of Union Square: a place where unique wearables are imported, fabricated, curated and sold.”

Talun also noted that this project serves as an opportunity to highlight the unique stories each participant has to tell, offering them a platform to make their mark on Union Square.

“As a resident and an architect, it is my belief that designers have the tools to affect our cultural and economic landscape and should play an active role in energizing our neighborhoods,” she said. “This grant from the SAC was the perfect opportunity for me to put that belief into practice. I look forward to participating in future dialogues about retaining and amplifying Union Square’s unique creative economy.”

The project comes with the further aim of enabling local businesses to strengthen their roots in the economic landscape as Union Square continues to be the target of redevelopment plans and investments.

More information regarding the event can be found at the SAC’s website, as well as the Kickstarter page and the Kawaii-me boutique’s Facebook page.



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