Something he just couldn’t get at Shaw’s

On March 6, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police drug investigation officers focused their attention on a particular individual last Saturday, as he appeared to behave in a manner consistent with someone waiting to make an illegal drug purchase, according to police reports.

Jake Silveira, 22, had reportedly been using his cell phone frequently and appeared to be waiting for someone to arrive where he was located, at the Shaw’s Supermarket on McGrath Hwy.

As Silveira waited inside the store, another individual arrived in a car, Joseph Flynn, 23, who police reportedly recognize as someone who had been arrested before on drug dealing charges.

Police watched as Flynn met with Silveira inside Shaw’s. They were observed walking around in the store but they made no purchases before coming outside, police said.

The two men were stopped outside the store and questioned about what they were doing.

Flynn reportedly told officers that he only came to the store to buy cigarettes, even though he never did so.

Both men were found to be in possession of drugs and were placed under arrest, charged with possession, conspiracy to violate drug law. Silveira was found to have an active warrant out for disorderly conduct.


2 Responses to “Something he just couldn’t get at Shaw’s”

  1. cambridgeyuppie says:

    “as he appeared to behave in a manner consistent with someone waiting to make an illegal drug purchase”

    … And had brown skin. Forgot to add that, right?

  2. Villen says:

    He’s actually a white kid from the projects who has been arrested multiple times for dealing in the last year and hasn’t been 2 jail yet u would recognize the name if u read the paper so it looks like 3rd time is a charm police in somerville don’t follow people around because they are “brown” they do it because once u get busted you r on their radar aka community policing something u shoul b grateful 4 unless of course u want your kid hooked on heroin 2 like the rest of my friends who grew up there and are dieing or do u want your broken in2 and robbed so sum1 can score? Take your pick of course if u were from there u would know that this has been happening 4 ever and it’s always the same players sum kids just never grow up looks like he wants 2 follow in big bros footsteps

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