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For as long as I have known Cambridge Poet Populist Lo Galluccio, she has always provided a unique take on things. I asked her for a poem, and here is her unique take on fan worship. I would of asked a Somerville Poet Laureate to contribute a poem – but alas – there is none. You would think in this highly touted artistic community the powers-that-be would come up with something!?


Cambridge Poet Populist Lo Galluccio.








Why I love Mickey Rourke

Because he barely batted an eye while one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood did a strip tease for him in 9 1/2 weeks.
Because he ate 7 meals a day and put on 80 pounds to play a wrestler without even knowing he’d be paid.
Because he recovered because of his chi hua hua.
Because he played a beat poet in a film with Faye Dunaway.
Because he lost his acting career for 14 years for having an attitude problem.
Because he’s Catholic.
Because if he met me we’d have a great time in bed cause I’m his type the other way around.
Because he’s considered by some to be one of Hollywood’s dumbest celebrities.
Because his plastic surgery finally turned out great.
Because he can text Sean Penn.
Because he’s as cold as ice.
Because he adored his brother.
Because he’s the worst lover in the world for you.
Because Mira Sorvino can upstage him on film doing a lap dance.
Because he lost gracefully to Sean Penn who beat him in the Oscars by playing a gay Mayor of San Francisco.
Because he lost all his money.
Because he knows the 12 steps.
Because he knows how to come back.
– Lo Galluccio


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