Hodgkins Park grounds suffers damage

On February 6, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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By Tom Bannister

The field at Hodgkins Park was damaged over the weekend by rough use by a person or people possibly wearing cleats. City officials said they will have to wait to see the full extent of the damage once the winter passes, but it does appear reseeding and regrading will likely be necessary at a cost yet to be determined.



4 Responses to “Hodgkins Park grounds suffers damage”

  1. Jack Porter says:

    Must be somebody who hates yuppies and dogs!

  2. Last night on my way home from work, I saw someone who appeared to be a college student, building a snow mountain for late night stupidity. He was carrying armfuls of snow to a massive pile over 10 feet high. Maybe LE should check the parks at night and the DPW should place signs prohibiting loitering. Add a few cameras and send a message to Tufts that violators will have to pay for property damage. This will obviously be one more bill added to the already too high tax bill.

  3. really says:

    looks like foot marks made in mud… not cleats.

  4. too many dogs says:

    I would bet anything it is being used at night as yet another unofficial dog park, ruining its’ use for the rest of us. Foss Park and Prospect Hill Park are being used this way day and night, but noone seems to care. Suddenly it’s a problem because someone finally noticed that it damages the grass.

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