A Somerville man employed by the Cambridge Health Alliance as a uniformed special police officer in its public safety department was arraigned Friday, Jan. 31, on drug charges after allegedly selling cocaine to an undercover officer.

William Kelly, 32, was arraigned in Somerville District Court following his arrest Jan. 30 and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession of cocaine. Somerville District Court Judge Maurice Flynn set bail at $1,000 and ordered Kelly not to leave the state.

According to authorities, Kelly allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover officer three times last month while in the parking lot of his employer while on duty and wearing his patrol-officer uniform.  Kelly worked at several of the Alliance’s hospital locations. As part of his employment, he had been sworn in as a special state police officer, which afforded him the ability to make arrests and conduct investigations. Such officers generally are employed by hospitals or colleges and are not employed by the Massachusetts State Police.

Over the course of the investigation, Kelly allegedly told undercover officers he would sell them cocaine and MDMA, also known as “Molly.”  He arranged to meet an undercover officer Jan. 16 in the parking lot of his place of employment in Somerville.  He allegedly approached the car and handed the officer an envelope that contained a small plastic baggie filled with a white powdery substance. The substance was later field-tested, and the results were positive for cocaine. Two additional transactions allegedly occurred on Cambridge Health Alliance properties. The first was in Malden Jan. 27 and the second in Somerville Jan. 30. Both transactions involved the sale of a substance alleged to be cocaine.

Kelly will be back in court for a pretrial conference March 12.

7 Responses to “Cambridge Health Alliance patrol officer from Somerville charged with attempted sale of cocaine”

  1. wth says:

    What does this say about CHA, who receives enormous amounts of public money and does very little for the community. To hire police officers without doing adequate background checks, drug tests, etc., is disgraceful. The Department of Public Health needs to take a close look at this situation.

  2. jamie jamie says:

    u have no idea what ur talking about. CHA does alot for the community and has nothing to do w one sole employee.
    And as far as that public money ur talking about, it doesnt even cover a fraction of the free care that CHA treats. know ur facts before u talk sh..

  3. wth says:

    I do know my facts. Any free care provided is due to legal requirements. Where is the mental health, rehabilitation, and detox units that used to reside at Somerville Hospital? How much did it cost them to build a huge glass atrium/entrance? Much of the care they give is sub-standard. There are a few bright spots to be sure, but they are few and far between.

  4. amen says:

    “free care”? surely you understand there’s no such thing. Free Care is paid for you and I, the taxpayers. and screening and CORI testing people only shows they’ve never been arrested. There’s really no way to know someone has a problem.

  5. Chris says:

    wth, just to let you know, CHA does do a full background check and drug testing for all employees.

  6. HTM says:

    You are right, it only actually shows if you’ve been arrested in the state of MA. However, there’s no excuse for not catching drug abuse in a cop. They either don’t care or the cop is a dealer only and not a user.

  7. SP says:

    How would a drug test prove whether or not someone is a drug dealer? He was selling it…not doing it. The CHA does more for the underserved citizens in the area than any other hospital. I know first hand. They had to close the units at Somerville because there was no money to keep them open yet they they still take the patients other hospitals turn away. They are denied millions of dollars in reimbursements from the state and many of the same caring employees at CHA who have worked for years helping the underserved got laid off because of the deficit the CHA has had to absorb. Please don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

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