Lyrical Somerville – January 29

On January 29, 2014, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


We all have memories of our parents both good and bad. I can remember  vividly my father having me on his knee and singing an old Vaudeville ditty:”Ladies and Gentleman/take my advice/pull down your pants/and  slide on the ice.” Here poet Lyn Lifshin remembers a lovely respite with her mother in between domestic turmoil.

Poet Lyn Lifshin.

Poet Lyn Lifshin.


my mother took out
walnuts and chocolate
chips. My sister and
I plunged our fingers
in flour and butter
smoother than clay.
Pale dough oozing
between our fingers
while the house filled
with blond bars rising.
Mother in her pink dress
with black ballerinas
circling its bottom
turned on the Victrola,
tucked her dress up into
pink nylon bloomer pants,
kicked her legs up in the
air and my sister and I
pranced thru the living
room, a bracelet around
her. She was our Pied
Piper and we were
the children of Hamlin,
circling her as close as the
dancers on her hem.

– Lyn Lifshin


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