jingle bellDue to the winter storm blowing in on Saturday and lasting until Sunday morning in various forms the Jingle Bell Run has been rescheduled until December 22, 11:00 a.m.

All registered people have had their registration extended to December 22, 2013. If you are unable to make the reschedule date please still feel free to pick up your bib and tee/merchandise at today’s Marathon Sports-Cambridge pick up and at tomorrows Olde Magoun Saloon-Somerville pick up. There will also be a day of race pick up on December 22, 2013 at the Somerville Senior Center from 8:30-10:30 a.m.


25 Responses to “Marathon Sports Somerville Jingle Bell Run rescheduled to Dec. 22 due to winter storm”

  1. ??? says:

    This news just in–I’ve been told there will be approx. 7400 runners!?!? is this true, and will they really do this the Sunday before Christmas? This really has to stop. On a day when people will be visiting family and celebrating, they will be held prisoner in their homes while 7400 people go for a run?

  2. ritepride says:

    They should not have cancelled the run. Instead they should give all the runners shovels and have them shovel their way through the route. Also take our Aldermen who promote these races and have them take the group to all the elderly homeowners residences and have them shovel the homes out. Yeh! like you’ll ever see that happen.

    Marathon Sports? The guy who sets up the races? The Bars? All make a profit from these events which makes it illegal for the city to be involved in. “There will also be a day of race pick up on December 22, [a Sunday] 2013 at the Somerville Senior Center from 8:30-10:30 a.m.” Who’s paying the overtime to staff the center for this? Why arent the BOA questioning these events? Streets, Squares, and other businesses negatively affected by these type of events and the BOA is not concerned????

    Let them rent out Track Space at Tufts for these events and take the burden off of the taxpayers. Oh well the Mayor from Lawrence will be out of office soon that will free up the U.S. Justice Dept to start checking out Somerville.

  3. one point says:

    I see they’re raising about $3,000 for the Sean Collier fund through the race, which is certainly good. I don’t think it justifies the inconvenience or the concerns your raise here. if anyone remembers last years with 5,000 runners, and adding 2k runners makes it unbearable. Never thought of the OT involved in opening Senior Center. Why isn’t the BOA questioning? because they’re involved! What about the merchants in Davis, etc. who will be basically shut down the Sunday before Christmas? I, for one, am sick of people held hostage for these never-ending events.

  4. sick and tired says:

    The race should be held at 7 am, not 11 am, so as to lessen the inconvenience to taxpayers. I don’t really care that the out of towners who own the restaurants and bars won’t get to make a profit. I, for one, might be able to get to Church that day.

  5. jt says:

    Good points, sick and tired. I, too, am tired of the constant road races and festivals closing our streets, making our daily lives difficult, costing the taxpayers too much money, and benefitting……..who??

  6. JPM says:

    It’s a 5k..even the slowest runners will be done in one hour. So what’s the big deal? Newer residents understand that more traditional Somerville residents would rather smoke cigs, eat twinkies and drink all day and so don’t like a street being closed down for people to exercise.

  7. one point says:

    wow, always notice which side goes right to name calling. forget open discussion, get nasty. even if the race itself takes only an hour, and I will dispute you on that, the preparation and aftermath are lengthy. I can testify from last year that my neighborhood was completely shut down for several hours. What’s the big deal? It’s a few days before a big holiday, Sunday religious observations for many. (Walk down College Ave and count the churches) you say “a street” being closed down? and we’re ignorant. you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  8. again says:

    this would appear intolerant if you don’t realize the number of these events. there are far too many that involve a wide swath of streets closed for several hours. Nobody would complain once in awhile, but this is constant.

  9. Ron Newman says:

    JPM – just a little rude to the people who were already here when you moved in? I’m sure your neighbors love you…

  10. JPM says:

    So let me get this straight? You guys are complaining about a few hours some roads are closed so people can go for a run? People will be “held prisoner” in their homes…..being a little melodramatic aren’t we? This race is hosted by the Somerville Striders Running Club, sponsored by local business and the proceeds benefit local Somerville and other charities:

    Somerville High School Football Program
    Somerville High School Soccer Program
    Somerville High School Ultimate Frisbee Program
    Medford High School Track Program
    Wakefield High School Track Program
    Boston Triathlon Team
    David Martini and Nick Peters Scholarship Fund
    Sean Collier Memorial Fund
    Breast Cancer Fund

    There are plenty of other days that you can do your Christmas Shopping, and there are plenty of opportunities to go to church.

    Some of us are getting a little sick and tired of people complaining about street festivals, runs, and other things that are enjoyable for the residents and are a great benefit run. These are the same people that complain that McDonalds is closing in Davis Square. The fact is that I would bet my house that the people who are complaining don’t like these types of events….not because of the run itself…..but because they associate these types of events with the “yuppies” that they hate so much. Maybe you should go for a run/walk…it will improve your mood.

    As for Ron Newman – so what if you were already here? That doesn’t mean anything to me. I own a house a Somerville and I support these events. Stop acting like everyone owed you something because you lived here a while. I certainly never had that attitude when I had lived in an area for years and new people moved in. I welcomed them. Complain, complain complain….that’s all we seem to hear.

    Which reminds me…I have to tear down that ugly rusty chain link fence around my house.

  11. Newcomer says:

    Churches have Mass/services during the week, and most have multiple services on Sunday.

    Take St. Catherines, which has Mass on Sunday at 7:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and has multiple services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And that’s just one church.

    So the idea that these runs, or other events are stopping people from going to church is hard to take seriously.

  12. again says:

    JPM, thanks so much for illustrating the cause of friction between groups in Somerville these days. I don’t think I could have explained it better. I wish for you a life free of ever taking care of an elderly or infirm parent, partner or family member, of ever being a parent who needs to pick up a child or get the child to an event. I wish for you a lifetime of road races, and festivals. But I know that’s probably not real, most of us will, at some point, be in the situations I’ve listed. and when it happens for you, I hope your entire neighborhood is not shut down over and over and over. Please leave the fence up.

  13. Ron Newman says:

    I’m not necessarily against the road races. I am against characterizing the people who were already here before us as “traditional Somerville residents would rather smoke cigs, eat twinkies and drink all day”. Why would you move here if that’s the attitude you have towards your neighbors?

  14. again says:

    wow, Newcomer wants us to change churches or days of worship so we can avoid these events. maybe folks should choose churches based on proximity to events? the ignorance here is overwhelming. Again, it’s not one race!! it’s too often, too large an area, too long a time. nobody is complaining about a race. people are complaining about the extent of it. go to a different church, what are you people smoking?

  15. sickandtired says:

    Thank you, JPM for illustrating so eloquently why those of us who make Somerville our home do not always welcome newcomers. Let me get this straight, I should be late for work, miss Church, miss a visit with my home health aide, in order to benefit teams in Medford, Wakefield, and Boston, as well as the oh so generic ‘Breast Cancer Fund’. Noone has been willing to disclose how much money Marathon Sports makes from our inconvenience. You apparently do not live in the Bermuda Triangle which is bordered by Porter Square, Ball Square, and Davis Square. Maybe I should quit my job, or just tell my boss there are plenty of other days I can get to work, so stop complaining. I am truly happy for you that you are able to make most Sundays and many Saturdays a day of fun and frivolity. However, many of us are not so lucky. I have raised huge amounts of money over the years for scholarships, sports teams, etc., without inconveniencing anyone. There are many fundraising opportunities out there that do not close down streets, with little or no notice, to taxpaying residents. But no, everyone is supposed to bow down to the gods of the road race, regardless of the consequences. I went into Demoulas one Sunday as a festival had just ended. Instead of being crammed with customers it was a ghost town. One of the employees explained that it had been like that all day and they had to send home most of their staff. I guess as long as everyone at the festival is having a good time, who cares about the kids and adults who lost a days’ pay. These events, and people like you, illustrate the height of arrogance and why, after living in and loving Somerville my entire life I cannot wait until the day I move to what Somerville used to be……a community.

  16. wth says:

    Most of the time, by driving well out of your way, you can make a circle around the event, wasting time and sitting in traffic, but at least you can get where you are going. However, there was a race last year (can’t remember which one as there are so many), with 5000+ runners, which totally shut down a triangular area for hours. Roughly from Highland Avenue, to Davis Square, to Ball Square to Trum Field to Cedar Street was totally cut off. There was no way you could exit the triangle. And by the way, when we have to hire cops from other cities to direct traffic, that should tell you that something is wrong. And for the person who insisted that it’s just for an hour, you would be so wrong. The city shuts down the streets several hours before the event begins, not to mention the length of time it takes thousands of runners of varying abilities to complete the race. In general it is shut down from approximately 9 to noon. And still noone will ask the obvious questions:
    ~how much $ do private sponsors of road races collect?
    ~how much $ does it cost the taxpayers?

  17. Somerbreeze says:

    So JPM is a homeowner? Well, Big Whoop!

    Hey, Renters, you really aren’t “invested” in the city, like JPM!

    Now go before his House and genuflect, genuflect, genuflect for
    your sins of disinvestment!

  18. wtf so right says:

    wtf–this is the same race, but with 2,400 additional runners! wtf is the only thing to say. you’re right, there was absolutely no exiting the area. it was actually scary when thinking about any medical emergency or fire. and you’re also dead on about the length of time. some folks here are quoting an hour to make us look like whiners.
    and imagine suggesting you find a different church? or go to a different service? Christmas religious traditions are not to be changed due to a road race! The arrogance

  19. Matt C says:

    What confuses me about this entire debate is we either have a very vocal minority who despise the community building activities the city sponsors or no one votes any more… If people are really this upset by street festivals, road races etc. then we would see alderpersons campaigning on the topic and winning.

    Based on what I see from local government we just have a vocal minority.

    @wth thanks for asking the good questions about cost and roi for the city.

    @jpm/somerbreez maybe I’m old fashioned in my thinking but I believe home ownership is important as in the long term owners are the ones that will have the larger impact on the city by their choices and investments in their property that renters can’t affect. (Renters can’t replace the rusty chain linked fence or paint our otherwise improve the house they live in.) I expect what jpm was trying to convey was his commitment to living here and being part of the community and his passion is based on his desire to see Somerville evolve into his ideal city and that may be very different from other people’s – which is great.

  20. wth says:

    @Matt C, I’d like to respond to your comments. First, these road races are far from ‘community building activities’, they are money makers for private sponsors, and for restaurant/bar owners. If you look at the list of runners most of them come from outside of the city. How is this building a community? By telling me that I can either sit in my house, unable to go anywhere, or I can learn to like their chosen activity and go out to watch people run down the street? As for most of the elected officials, you may not realize this, but they are afraid to buck the mayor. Except for an occasional complaint (passed on from a constituent), or tough question, they have remained silent. Most residents are also afraid of the administration, since certain actions can cause reactions, such as having your house re-assessed.

  21. Matt C says:

    @wth – community building referred more to the somerstreets, porchfest and other activities that are more inclusive and family oriented – though watching a road race and supporting people you know that are participating is community building.

    As for politicians afraid to challenge the mayor… I guess we need to start picking better aldermen/women. However, I believe that the majority of people like, enjoy and may even want more city sponsored activities or we would hear more outcry at the alderman level rather then just here.

    If many people have had the experience of having the city government attack them upon standing up for their beliefs I am sure that some reporter would love to hear from you and others with the same experience.

    This all said – I think you bring up a good point about emergency services. I have to imagine that the city, fire and safety officials work to ensure the route that is chosen allows for the city to ensure the safety of the citizens – I have not (yet) heard of a loss of life due to one of these events – only a lack of convenience. Lets hope with the expansion of the community path we can route some of these runs through our growing network of pedestrian pathways.

  22. JPM says:

    Renters can always leave if the area goes south. So no, they are not as invested in the area as a homeowners with a mortgage. That is a fact that should be simple to grasp.

  23. j. connelly says:

    It is not a function of goverment to be involved in these events. It is not right to be using equipment paid for by the taxpayers to be used for these events. Ironic that we had to contract out street sweeping, a more costly issue for the taxpayers because Mr. DPW Koty said it was too expensive to have the city maintain the city owned sweepers….Ah but the city owned sweepers still exist today to go about the streets after these events to clean up after the races, festivals, etc. and overtime costs are involved. Probably also for the guy and truck to go around placing/ picking up the barricades/barrels used to block the streets. (Is the city making sure those barrels are not covered to be in compliance with their barrel ordinance?)

    It’s not the race, its the overkill of races held in Somerville and the amounts going to charity are far exceeded by the money going into the pockets of the people involved running/sponsoring the events….none of them are doing it for free. There is more of the pie divided in their favor than for the charities..It’s like the politicians…NO transparency. The news media has done stories on these type of fundraisers. Former Patriot Fred Smerlas runs a company that does fundraising for groups, he gets the bulk of the money, more than 80% and the crumbs left after he feeds at the trough are left for the group the fundraiser is held for. The racers each pay an entry fee, $25.00 times 5000 racers, [$125,000….Excuse me I’m having an Ed Bean moment] and someone wrote $3000 went to the Sean Collier Memorial Fund. Well JPM there are probably another dozen or so legitimate issues regarding how these events are in effect ripping off the majority of the taxpayers but I’ll save them for some of your future blogs.

  24. Somerbreeze says:

    @ JPM – I know lots of renters who have been involved in the community for years, excuse me, “invested.”

    What is also simple to grasp is your own pomposity and patronizing attitude!

  25. no more races says:

    I don’t know if it’s refreshing or scary that so many people are so naive when it comes to this city’s government. We used to have an occasional road race, actually planned by a small, local, charity. Somewhere along the way someone decided that it was an easy moneymaker and they were off and running. Now we, the taxpayers, are making money for places like Marathon Sports. Well, might as well head back into bed, can’t go anywhere for a few more hours…….

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