Somerville High School teacher assaulted

On November 19, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

On Wednesday, November 13, a Somerville High School teacher reported a case of assault against her, allegedly committed by a student, Lorreno Pierre, 18.

The teacher reportedly told police that Pierre had touched her in an unwelcome and inappropriate manner while visiting her in her office at the school.

Her own written report describes the incident:

“At approximately 2:45, Lorreno Pierre came into my office . I was sitting in my chair working/typing at my computer. Lorreno asked me if I had any Halloween candy. The question stemmed from a discussion that we had the previous week about Halloween. I mentioned that I was bringing in the extra candy for the teachers.

I answered Lorreno’s question that I did have a bag of candy on the table and that he could grab a couple of pieces. Lorreno said, ‘Thanks.’ Our conversation ended and I turned away from him. I proceeded to work and type on my computer. A second later I noticed Lorreno approach me from behind. I was sitting facing my computer, in my chair. Lorreno came behind my chair and wrapped his arms around my chair and touched the side of my arms. I began to curl down when I felt his arms. His hands lightly grabbed my chest and I tightened up. He released his grip and I stared at him awkwardly. I couldn’t speak. Lorreno walked to the other side of the office and said to my student teacher that he ‘wanted to marry me.’

After Lorreno left, I called [name withheld] at 3:00 p.m. to report the incident. I thought [name withheld] was Lorreno’s Housemaster, but he referred me to [name withheld] who is Lorreno’s Housemaster. I reported the incident to [name withheld] at 3:17 pm.”

Police investigators spoke with the Head Master and eventually brought Pierre to the Head Master’s office to inform him of the teacher’s complaint.

Pierre was placed under arrest and charged with indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or older.

While waiting for a police transport vehicle, Pierre reportedly told officers, “I gave her a hug, that’s all I did.”


18 Responses to “Somerville High School teacher assaulted”

  1. Cathy says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this arrest, it’s a fine line, that grey area. To me the student did not commit a crime. He may have acted inappropriately by touching the teacher and invading her space but is that really an arrestable offence under the circumstances described. I don’t know if he has done this to her before and been warned not to do it again. I do feel the teacher could have explained to him that she felt it was inappropriate for a student to touch a teacher. That being said, I have seen many teachers and students hugging, including my own sons, glad they didn’t hug that one! Indecent assault and battery??? Threat? What am I missing? I guess I do know how I feel. Hopefully this will not follow him the rest of his life.

  2. MarketMan says:

    Cathy: A student in high school knows not to grab a teacher’s chest, even in a hug position. Should he have been arrested? I’m not sure. Is there a crime against groping??

  3. are you 4 real? says:

    Wow, strong opinion then you list all the things you don’t know. that’s why maybe you get more information before you ridicule the person making the complaint. “Glad they didn’t hug that one”? nasty.
    it clearly describes touching that, whether you like it or not, amounts to a sexual assault.
    From behind: “grabbed inside arms, grabbed my chest, released his grip”, then told someone he wants to marry me. sure, just an innocent hug. and to answer your question, obviously it’s an arrestable offense, cuz he got arrested.

  4. glad says:

    glad this is being taken seriously. Given the tragedy in Danvers recently, we have to get ahead of these things before it gets out of control.

  5. Pixie Pocahontas says:

    I agree Cathy, why release this story? Parents will have a lawsuit going and I don’t blame them. Why isn’t the teacher’s name in print for all to see?

  6. the basics says:

    Yes, groping a woman’s chest is an arrestable offense. I’m shocked this is even a point of confusion. Obviously, we need to do a better job educating adults and children alike on inappropriate and illegal sexual behavior. “Keep your hands to yourself,” is pretty basic stuff.

  7. serious? says:

    you ask why the teacher’s name isn’t printed? read the first comment where the genius ridiculed her while admitting she doesn’t have the facts. This is what people (male/female) who report sexual incidents can expect. thank you, though. I get lulled into thinking there’s been real progress and people don’t have these cave-man attitudes anymore. great wake-up call

  8. Darnell says:

    Based on the facts as presented, this young man was wrong in his conduct. He will have his day in court; until then he is innocent until proven guilty.

    If he is a “first offender” he may be able to come out of this without any record. The Massachusetts Court System has a number of programs for first offenders for various offenses.

    An incident like this cannot be overlooked by the authorities. Let’s let the court system run it’s course. This man is entitled to legal representation and a fair trial. I am sure he will receive one. And I hope that the teacher involved is not subjected to anything negative. She did the right thing in reporting this matter.

  9. Pixie Pocahontas says:

    The basics,

    Where you there? Are there any witnesses? The point is, the student’s name should not have been released to the media. If he really did what the teacher claims then it should be addressed but not in a public forum. If this were your kid you would want this kept private. Guilty until proven innocent is that your philosophy. I wonder if this could be a matter of discrimination, sounds like typical exploitation to me. What teacher wants this story out in the public? She’s a disgrace for allowing this to get out, makes her look like an idiot. This should have been handled in a professional manner. The teacher’s responsibility should have been keeping this confidential, not calling everyone in the administration.

  10. Blackheart says:

    The “kid” is 18. Not a kid any more. Do the crime, do the time.

  11. ritepride says:

    “While waiting for a police transport vehicle,” Geez what hapened to the hipster term this paper used for that terminology in a prior High St incident…… “MOBILE DETENTION DEVICE”

  12. Jackson says:

    The students name was released because he is 18 and considered by law regardless of whether he is a student, an adult. As for the comment about why her name wasn’t released……….she is now considered a sexual assault victim and in this state at least, their names are not released. Fact is, he should have stayed on the other side of the desk and kept his hands to himself period.

  13. Sophie says:

    I agree that this incident did not need to become a police issue. By reading the article it sounds like the student might be special needs. It doesn’t sound like the behavior of an average 18 year old boy. I think we send mixed signals to kids when, as high school students, they are treated one minute as kids/students, the next minute as adults. What happened to teachable moments? How did she see him approach her from behind, and why didn’t she react before anything happened if she was uncomfortable. She wasn’t the only adult in the room, and didn’t seem to perceive this as a threat.

  14. serious? says:

    teachable moment! why didn’t I think of that? Now, Johnny, gently remove your hands from my breasts and lets talk. Let me share how I felt when you suddenly groped me. It didn’t feel so good to me, how did it feel to you? this was more of a arrestable moment. I love the crowd that has to baby an 18 year old, provide excuses and a million different things the victim could have done differently. In the real world, it unfolds just as it did here. Cross certain lines, the police get involved. There’s your teachable moment. Anyone follow the story of a Danvers teacher who maybe didn’t see these signs in time? and now he’s special needs……groan

  15. Boston Kate says:

    Those of you who don’t think that this is a big deal – imagine if this teacher were your daughter.

    Pixie – were YOU there? The teacher didn’t give this story to the newspaper. If you think the story sounds like discrimination/exploitation, you need to take the banana out of your ear. You usually make sense, but you’re way off, this time.

    Cathy – so, I guess you’re one of those mother’s that can’t admit that there child would do anything wrong.

    Sophie – well, you’re one of those blame-the victim types.

  16. jim kineen says:

    State law and common sense define this as felony sexual assault. end of story. go down to the courthouse and hold a protest if you dont like it. it will entertain herald reporters. youre welcome

  17. MarketMan says:

    are you 4 real? : I know it is an arrestable offense. The question marks were meant to be convey a tongue-in-cheek rhetorical question.

  18. Sophie says:

    Excuse me, I am not a blame-the-victim type, please do not presume to ‘type’ me. I merely stated that the way the student is described he sounds like someone who is either very immature or someone with developmental or behavioral issues. And I stand by my statement that schools give kids mixed messages. One minute they are treated as a naughty child, the next they are an adult.

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