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On November 15, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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I want to give a shout out to the Somerville police department!  Yesterday I was in town near Union Sq and my dog was spooked by a man who was only trying to say ‘hi’. He was outside in the yard and usually is fine but he was abused by former owners and those scars are still there and his ‘flight’ instinct kicked in. He ran and I went in that direction and people who saw him said he went past and continued out onto the main road.

The police had an APB out on him and cops in cruisers were looking for him. He is very skittish and runs when approached. I feared he would be hit by a car. He was gone for several hours and it was going to get dark soon. The police called me every time that there was a siting and it was extremely helpful; he was covering a lot of ground. The last call got me in the area and we located the poor guy who was exhausted, thirsty and limping from blistered paws. I really feel that had we not found him before dark that we may have never seen him again alive. Thank you again Somerville Police as he is truly one of the family and we greatly appreciate your concern.

– Michael Cioffi


6 Responses to “Letter to the Editor”

  1. Matt C says:

    Thank you for sharing! it is always great to hear stories like yours!

  2. CHAOS says:

    Nice to see this sharing. Our police and firefighters do a lot of good things for the people in our city and they should get the credit for it. they have been caring and compassionate when I needed their service.
    Kudos to the Cops! Let’s keep this positive feedback coming!

  3. Steve Keenan says:

    With all the bad news in the world, it was nice to hear a story with a happy ending. I congratulate the Somerville Police Department for their efforts,compassion, and service.

  4. Christopher Booth says:

    We need to create a real police force for our communities, one that will be able to help us. One that does not carry any weapons and does not kidnap and murder our citizens. Crime will go down, and policemen will once again be our friends.

  5. Ron Newman says:

    I haven’t heard much about the Somerville police kidnapping and murdering citizens. Can you elaborate please?

  6. WTF says:

    Is Christopher Booth related in any way to John Wilkes Booth? Christopher, stop drinking the kool aid!

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