Somerville joins prestigious group, now comprised of 18 member cities and 12 affiliate members nationwide. Somerville recognized for excellence in sustainable transportation, street design and transportation policy.

somervillelogoThe National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) added the City of Somerville, MA to its affiliate member list last week, including Somerville in its prestigious list of just 18 member cities and 12 affiliate members nationwide that includes Boston, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., among others. In a press release, NACTO officials lauded Somerville for its “[commitment] to sustainable transportation initiatives, aiming to strengthen cities and improve quality of life through better street design and transportation policy.” Earlier this month, Somerville was also recognized by the League of American Cyclists with a Silver level Bicycle Friendly Community Award, recognizing a significant step up from Bronze in only two years.

“It is an honor to be included with such prestigious larger cities across the nation for our focus on increasing or improving sustainable transportation,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “Whether it’s walking, biking, driving or using alternate transportation, Somerville has a demonstrated commitment to increasing access and maintaining safe opportunities for all residents. In the last three years we have added more than 25 miles of bike lanes, updated or added pedestrian safety infrastructure such as street trees, curb bump-outs and ADA-accessible ramps, and we are on the crux of a tremendous expansion of public transportation with the addition of Orange and Green Line stations across the city. I want to thank NACTO for this great recognition.”

While the city was recognized with this honor as because of its implementation of numerous progressive projects and initiatives over the past few years, the membership also recognizes its future promise: the goals outlined in the SomerVision plan and the City’s groundwork towards reaching them. Programs and initiatives such as the Somerville by Design series, Safe Routes to School, Hubway, and Somerstreets have demonstrated the city’s ability to plan and program towards a future vision. Somerville’s membership in NACTO is a learning opportunity to join with the most progressive cities in exchanging concepts to reach new levels of access and sustainability.


8 Responses to “Somerville one of four communities nationwide inducted to NACTO for excellence in transportation issues”

  1. Somerbreeze says:

    Uh, pedestrian safety much?

    Bikes on sidewalks–MUCH!

    Looks like some pieces missing from this puzzle, folks–Who is kidding WHOM?


  2. Angie says:

    Ha Ha this is just to funny! It,s also Bull>>>>>>Seniors can,t even walk the path or cross streets without a bike coming at them,even after a car has stopped to let us by,they do not slow down at all. Another Joke !

  3. Pixie Pocahontas says:

    Now if they could privatize and replace the outdated MBTA system, we’d be all set. When there are 700 passengers stranded on a platform at morning rush hour for 30 minutes+, then all cramming into one old train, guess what? Keep building more housing, that’s the answer.

  4. ritepride says:

    Well “Pixie P” in the 70’s when buses in other states were charging 75 cents / $1.00, the MA “progressives” were complaining when the “T” was asking to go from a dime to a quarter and gave those ” free transfers” to discount rides when you were taking more than 1 bus for your trip.

    The private companies around then, (Hudson Bus Lines, Eastern, Lowell, Lawrence all stopped running at 6pm and gave none or little weekend bus service. So if they took over, they are in business for a profit and those bus/train rides would be costing more like $5.00.

    It is also double jeopardy for cities like Somerville that the “T” charges annual fees for providing bus service and at the same time any “T” property in Somerville is tax-exempt.

  5. Townie says:

    Where are our illustrious state reps on that issue, ritepride?

  6. ritepride says:

    Well “Townie” The Bacon Hill Gang are probably busy dealing with more important stuff in the backroom on Bacon Hill….like how to screw any competition in the next election….How to get a state pension like Sir Willam Bulger ($340,000+ a year & gas for those long trips to visit Whitey)….& whereas most of the state reps are affiliated with Insurance/realty/law firms, throwing an appreciation party for those lobbyists who provide hidden campaign donations, white envelopes etc.
    Don’t forget that after they handle that, then they have more important issues like naming a new state cookie, bird, tree, or sand dune. The Bacon Hill gang is getting like the congress in Washington….this country/state is doomed unless the citizens wake up, clean house, and get the right people “to serve” the citizens. Reduced $alarie$ and no perk$.

  7. ritepride says:

    NATCO ( Not Always They Check Obvious) Like the traffic congestion created by some of “Lego Joe’s” stunts. The four-five new diesel (cough! cough!) bus cross routes being created by the GLX (cause some of the hipsters/Tufts students may still be trippin and get on the wrong GLX (Union Sq.) and need to get on the other GLX (Medfdord) line.

    “Lego Joe” and NATCO wants to thank you for the embarassment & egg on the face they’ll be gettin down the line for your per$onal goal$.

  8. Townie says:

    ritepride, thanks for clarifying. You are right, and I totally agree. Comments from or in support of our local reps? Anyone?

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