New Resident, Rental Vehicle, Visitor and Contractor Permits now available at

The City of Somerville’s Traffic and Parking Department announced this week that residents may now access additional permitting options online at As of September 20, New Resident, Rental Vehicle (for residents experiencing problems with their primary vehicle), and Contractor permits as well as Extended and Short-Term Visitor Passes can be requested online. In January 2013, Traffic and Parking added Residential, Visitor and Consideration (for one-day resident events), permits to the website to provide upgraded customer service options for Somerville community members.

“Our commitment to providing accurate, courteous and easy customer service – our ACE Initiative – underlies all that we do in each city department, and Traffic and Parking has made tremendous strides in ensuring that all customers can access its services and resources as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone. “Constituent feedback has and will continue to help us assess additional changes and upgrades that can be made here and in other departments, helping us serve the Somerville community to the very best of our abilities.”

Since late 2011, customer service upgrades at Traffic and Parking have included upgrading to a new website (, adding credit card payment capabilities for all transactions, online permitting options, upgraded and expanded metered parking options, including allowing for the use of credit cards, and physical improvements to the reception area at 133 Holland Street for maximized customer service and efficiency.

Online permit applications are available at



5 Responses to “Somerville’s Traffic and Parking Department adds more permitting options”

  1. A,Moore says:

    They just make it so easy to extract money from us for streets we paid for.

  2. They need to clean up their act–too many issues over the years to cover entirely, so I’ll just list a few:

    Administration should demand respect by T&P employees, while addressing concerns with patrons disputing tickets–much of the time, the customer is right! I’ve witnessed a few encounters at their booths which should have been on camera to be presented during meetings of “quality control” for employees who need classes on anger management. I don’t care who they are and who they know– a bad employee is like a toxic waste dump–They pollute the entire site. Tell them to clean up their act or get out.

    Allow ticket appeals on-line, then follow through. People are busy and most have full-time jobs which prevent them from attending hearings after work hours. There should also be an unbiased supervisory team which reviews all findings. Allowing managers to conduct arbitrary decisions is not only unfair, but convinces residents the system is rigged.
    When a resident/motorist has violated an ordinance/policy of parking and traffic, it should be just that–not some laundry list of made up violations just because your low on funds this month. Sorry–that doesn’t fly with most of us, “in-the-know”.

    Biggest no-no’s : Issuing $100 tickets and/or towing charges to motorists when a snow emergency is declared and there is NO SNOW FALL. That is FRAUD and considered extortion unless the snow emergency is retracted and tickets issued are quickly forgiven.

    Same for street cleaning–only as posted, not when it’s convenient. Tickets should only be issued according to days listed on signs.

    ISD should not be issuing tickets for lack of barrel covers and 1 inch of snow fall on sidewalks. I have paid for both and resentful of the fact that it’s not being consistently enforced across the city when it’s a valid breech. This revenue should only be considered a supplement to tax revenue, not the golden egg. If you have too many employees who don’t have anything to do–find them some real jobs in other areas of the city, like making them attend festivals for crowd control in uniform. That area of work is sorely lacking. I can think of plenty more, but since no one is listening, why bother? You guys give the rest of us locals a bad name. I hope you will be happy with your money and new residential location when you’re done–while the rest of us will still be here trying to deal with the mess you left behind. This city is not one that I have become proud of because the back story which cannot see the light of day is a complete disgrace. You’re elders should be kicking your sorry ass butts all over town for the pain and hardships you are creating. And don’t bother to say hello at the next function, because you will get the same rash of sh!!, and probably worse. You deserve it and more.

  3. ritepride says:

    I was over in Cambridge and noticed that the signage for “street sweeping” indicates that each section is only done ONE DAY A MONTH.

    Somerville streets do not need to be done by street sweepers more than ONE DAY A MONTH. The thing that really needs to be swept more than once a month is the historic dirty politics that runs in this city.

  4. Hey ritepride–

    You are so right!

  5. philb says:

    Probably some adjustments needed at the margins, as commented by others, but there still have to be rules….as for street cleaning being less than once a month, I don’t know, that would probably work most places, but on my street, we have a litter problem.

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