The show is over

On October 2, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

~Photo by Donald Norton

– Photo by Donald Norton

The former site of the Cavalia show at Assembly Row is now empty of the all the excitement that took place there.


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  1. A,Moore says:

    I will have one thing to say about the show is that it clearly shows that there is no way they are going to be able to control the amount of traffic this area will have once it starts up. It is very clear. It has it problems even without the show.

  2. Rose says:

    I think it will be perfectly fine. I am happy to see all the activity and changes happening in this city. Born and raised here and although I feel nostalgic when thinking of the old ways, I’m thrilled that the city is moving on ahead and cleaning up its act. Maybe now people might respect Somerville instead of looking at it as old and beaten down

  3. Barry the Pig says:

    We can say with certainty that is was a one pony show…

  4. Matt says:

    A. Moore, I did not notice any additional traffic while the show was in town, The wellington bridge and intersection up the road has been and always is a traffic disaster area that needs to be figured out as we see the assembly sq. growth continue.

  5. Matt says:

    On a second note, it would be interesting to see what if any economic impact we saw in somerville while hosting it, Even a simple comparison of year on year tax receipts would be interesting to see.

  6. ritepride says:

    ‘Matt’ if there really was good economic impact you would know about it.
    The only gains, free (low price) tickets for elected officials and their cronies. The $$$ remained under the tents, do you see any letters from Somerville businesses touting the fact they made money….No!

  7. A.Moore says:

    Matt, I was wondering they were going to come out with some figures. I don’t care what the amount is as I saw no problem using space just sitting there. I think they could have done many things down there while waiting for the construction. I had planned to ask at Mount Vernon when I go over there if they saw some extra business from the show. I have talked to people who have seen the show and not one of them had dinner in the area. But that was not a great many people, like less than 10 so it does not mean much.
    As for the traffic, yes it was bad when the show got over but it just gives some idea on what it can or will be like. I hope they took notes on it so as to have an idea on how they can improve it, if indeed they can.

  8. PixiePocahontas says:


    Who let the dogs out?

  9. Avaya says:

    If the tickets were free or over $50, elected officials would have to claim it (correct?). Should be interesting to see who took advantage of the freebie and who paid for their own.

    ritepride, the owner of the East End Grille was quoted that he benefited financially from the show.

  10. Matt says:

    A. Moore – I think understand the traffic pattern that came out of the show could be one of the most important things that came out. I have heard Assembly sq. will have a large movie theater which though not having the same size of impact by itself, may in combination with normal traffic have a big impact on the traffic in the area.

  11. ritepride says:

    Yeh right. On Joe’s Lynch’s dog & pony scat cable t.v. show touting Maxwell Green. The owners offered mayor joe free use of the facilities gym (gift) and the mayor did not refuse it. How would the ethics commission and A.G. Coakley deal with that (Martha didnt on other incidents in the city based on the mayor’s in house investigations) Oh well for the first time in my life I’ll be voting [with a bunch of other people – republican for governor].

    Some businesses may have gotten a FEW more customers but I bet the total that the administration is touting [millions] would fall very…very… far short, should forensic accountants check it out [yeh like they would allow that to happen….indictments pending??] Besides the positive is wiped out big time, by all the business lost by the mayor’s street fairs and road races. One horse show makes for a lot of fertilizer and that’s about all.

  12. Matt says:

    Ritepride, You are talking about indictments resulting from Cavalia? There were many people hired to work and support the show, Id assume some were somerville residents. Over all I would bet both the city, those who found work their and some local business profited from the show – if this translates to $10k or $10m I have no idea.

    I have a different opinion on the events the city puts on around town. I think it is an excellent opportunity to showcase business in neighborhoods that visitors dont always frequent. (I found my “goto” thai take out place this way) A lot of the benefit or drawback to any business affected by these events is determined by that business.

  13. Avaya says:

    That must have been that time of the month when Joe Lynch liked the Mayor.

  14. Joe Lynch says:

    Hey, wait a minute……….how the hell did I get dragged into a conversation about horses and parking lot fees?

  15. A.Moore says:

    Matt, normal traffic at times is bad there now. Considering the businees aspect and the people with their cars there is is going to be a nightmare. There is nowhere else to go with the cars. The show confirmed the problem which is just common sense.
    Sad part ritepride is either way we lose. I never once voted for Joe and if he should decide to run for govenor it won’t be any different for me but to warn as many people as I can about him in other cities.

  16. abs says:

    Well, in order for the ethics comm. and AG to deal with a ‘gift’, it needs to be reported.

  17. A,Moore says:

    Did you think Joe(Lynch) we were going to let you innocently stand by and not get you invloved?

  18. Avaya says:

    Joe Lynch is on the thread. He has no issue making an ethics complaint. Right Joe?

  19. ritepride says:

    Well Joe…. you are a public (tv) figure and have mentioned at numerous times…”Dog & Pony Shows”…so if the crapola fits…..

    abs…. A.G. Coakley went along with the coverup mayor’s “in house”investigation into missing funds at Center on Aging, Traffic/Parking, Police Station Evidence Room. Evidently she’s just as bad as the gang on “Bacon Hill” Ironic that House Speaker DiMasi, who opposed Casinos went to jail, yet others who have done far worse get slapped on the hand. “Bacon Hill’ at work.

    Matt…Tongue n cheek o.r.r.r. possubly wishful thinking from my experience as a federal (18 months) grand juror and some of the business owners have complained about these street fares/road races costing them $$$. One guy even wrote that he shut his business down when this type of event took place because of loss of business. Plenty of park and field space in the city for these events…

    Road Races….Our Alderman who favors Tufts with his family ties, should have all the races at Tufts Oval or their campus. Quadrangle thru upper campus to stairs at main gate down sidewalk on College Ave to Lower Campus Road to Latin Way Hill across street and back on upper campus thru Presidents backtyard, four trips round quadrangle down Packard to Talbot Ave up College Ave to staircase back thru upper campus, etc, etc, etc,

  20. ritepride,

    I agree and would add that it’s my opinion DiMasi was targeted because he was so outspokenly against casinos.

    Also would like to add that public meetings are controlled by the powers-that-be. They put in their pitbulls who work at city hall to try and bully those who ask those important questions with regard to over-development we are facing in every corner of our city. One had the audacity to try to make an argument in favor of Tufts that they offer courses as $40 “free classes” to residents of Somerville. When asked if she worked for Tufts by a resident, she said, “No, I work at City Hall”. What a surprise! Why are these meetings not held at the SHS auditorium so many residents can attend? I’ll tell you why–because they are doing a great job censoring what they are doing behind closed doors, while residents are intentionally being kept in the dark.
    If they send a Tuft rep to town meetings without introducing that person, that is deception–so what stops them from continuing such practice.
    Also mentioned at the meeting was how a developer was allowed to combine res/bus zoned areas which were separately zoned. But as this person stated, the variances granted are allowing developers to do just about anything they want and who’s to stop them. Somerville is becoming a bedroom community to those seeking jobs in other towns. That is not helping present businesses. If we had a better system of open government policies, where residents (not connected politicians, to Tufts, etc.) we would have a fair decision process where everyone would benefit. Instead of having town meetings in buildings you can’t find–put them in the public’s view and allow the residents to ask questions and discuss the issues.

  21. “Hoover is a hoot owl and Roosevelt is a scrootch owl. A hoot owl bangs into the nest and knocks the hen clean off and catches her while she’s falling. But the scrootch owl slips into the roost and scrootches up to the hen and talks softly to her. And the hen just falls in love with him, and the next thing you know there ain’t no hen.”

    — Huey Long on the differences between Hoover and Roosevelt (Williams p. 812)

    Strangely enough, “The Kings Men”, Sean Penn, remind me of certain aspects of the current administration.

    Someone should call BostonDig and ask them when “Somerville Files Part 5-550” are due to hit the streets.

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