Someone knows who killed Deanna Cremin

On September 26, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

mayor_webBy Joseph A. Curtatone

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Someone knows. Eighteen years have passed since the murder of Deanna Cremin. Seasons have come and gone without justice for a Somerville High School student who loved children, became the neighborhood babysitter, who worked with third graders, volunteered her time with special needs students and aspired to become a preschool teacher. The person who assaulted and killed Deanna three days after her 17th birthday robbed a young woman, her family and this community of a brilliant life that had touched so many others and held such promise for a future that cruelly will never come. Our grief does not subside but relentlessly aches as the years pass, fueled by the terrible knowledge of one fact: Someone knows who killed Deanna Cremin.

We are waiting. We wait for someone to step forward and provide the information that cannot hope to render our heartache any less, but can provide that small but precious gift of mercy, knowing that the murderer of an innocent girl has been held accountable. That mercy would not only embrace Deanna’s friends, family and our community, who will always wonder what might have been, but would no longer have to wonder who. That mercy would also embrace the person who provides the information that leads to the arrest of a murderer, gracing that person’s conscience with absolution after 18 years of bearing that knowledge, lifting a great weight that must grow more oppressive every day.

The phones in the Somerville Police Department and Middlesex District Attorney’s Office sit in wait, every ring a faint signal of hope that somewhere, someone knows. Anyone with information regarding Deanna’s murder can confidentially contact the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office at 617-679-6660, the Somerville Police at 617-625-1600 or anonymously text a tip to the police at TIP411 with subject 617SPD. One tip. One moment. It’s all we need.

Deanna was murdered the night of March 29, 1995. She had been walking home from her boyfriend’s house, who said he walked her halfway home. Around 8 a.m. the following morning, two girls that Deanna previously babysat found her body behind a senior housing complex on Jaques Street. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted, according to the autopsy, and left lying in the open. Deanna was less than a block from home.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office released a description and composite sketch of a man seen near where Deanna was found, wanting to question him in connection with Deanna’s murder, describing him as between 40 and 45 years old, between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11 and between 160 and 170 pounds. No arrest was made. Somerville Police identified three separate persons of interest. No charges were filed. Days became weeks, weeks became months, months became years. Deanna’s murderer walks free.

Last Thursday, I attended a ceremony to mark the addition of 66 new names to the Garden of Peace memorial on Beacon Hill, which pays somber tribute to the victims of homicide. Deanna’s name, etched onto a smooth stone, was among those added, as was the name of Christopher J. Souza, who was murdered in his Mystic Housing apartment in Somerville in 2009. As all 66 new names were read aloud, my heart grew heavy, and it was especially difficult to hear Deanna’s mother, Katherine Cremin, read the name of her daughter. No mother should have to bear such a burden, and the memorial is a stark reminder that we cannot forget this.

Deanna’s name now lies beside the names of almost 860 other murder victims, a permanent reminder of injustice. Even without her stone in that memorial, Deanna would not be forgotten. We have not forgotten. Her family and friends have not forgotten. In March, they held a prayer service at St. Ann’s Church, where Deanna was baptized. They walked the way home that Deanna never got to finish. The corner of Jaques Street and Temple Street is forever named Deanna Cremin Square. Her family delicately hangs a wreath from the square’s sign every year. Each year, they put up a billboard offering a $20,000 reward, asking simply that someone come forward.

Deanna is not forgotten. We are waiting. Someone out there has the ability to help Deanna’s family, her friends and our community heal. Deanna’s murder has left an indelible stain on our community. We wait for the day when we are absolved of this painful unanswered question, when we are granted a small mercy and that will be returned in kind to the person who can help us answer that question. Someone knows who killed Deanna Cremin. We are waiting for your call.


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  1. Mayor Curtatone,

    We thank you so much for writing this . It was really great of you to take the time to write this piece and also for you to attend the Garden of Peace ceremony. You are correct that we will never give up. We will keep pushing , marching, and fighting for justice for our precious Deanna. Thank you for all of your help.

    – Friends of Deanna Cremin

  2. David Manzi says:

    That was a great article speaking about a beautiful young woman, whom I knew – Deanna.
    I continue to pray for Deanna and her family.
    God Bless,

  3. JPM says:

    I often wonder if they will ever catch her killer – when I drive down Winter Hill. With the advances in DNA testing in the past 20 years, maybe it’s time to look at the physical evidence again? maybe something will show up.

  4. curious says:

    I’ve seen a lot of press for the poor girl this year. I actually heard her family and friends as they marched by my apartment back in March. The Mayor says there a 3 persons of interest. I’m curious do any of you old school Somerville folks know who they are?

  5. PixiePocahontas says:


    Best not to ask that question.

  6. curious? says:

    by asking this, you’re asking people to speculate or gossip when they have no access to actual information. same as the current arson problem, gossip and story spreading doesn’t help. Let the police do their job. They’ve publicly said they have new leads and have benefited from DNA progress in the years since. The family has enough heartache without well-meaning people speculating.

  7. ikonoklast44 says:

    Um…It’s the boyfriend.

  8. curious says:

    Sorry, I was just asking because it’s sounds like it’s a fact that there were three persons of interest and not speculation.

  9. curious? says:

    see, that’s just what I meant. gossip in an anonymous forum is dangerous–unfair to victims and your “suspects” as well.

  10. curious,

    You can google previous articles and read comments. There was also a website but not sure if it’s still up.

    If they do decide to open up this case again, I hope they get the right guy and not pin it on someone else.

    There is also a song by a rock band that mentions the suspects in the lyrics.

    I agree it’s best not to write who they are and let the FBI handle the case. At least I hope they are the ones doing the work, needs a complete impartial investigation at this stage.

    A very tragic case one that we will always remember with great sadness. I hope the family will finally be able to heal once they catch the monster.

  11. What I find interesting is why this is being investigated now, when this case is over 17 years old. Anyone care to answer that question? Please spare me the DNA diatribe. DNA can be compromised, it’s a known fact. All one needs to do is google the former lab fiasco and maybe follow a few well known cases. Let’s hope they don’t pin it on another black garbage man.

  12. PixiePocahontas says:


    “see, that’s just what I meant. gossip in an anonymous forum is dangerous–unfair to victims and your “suspects” as well”.

    Where has anyone listed names of suspects? This was already out, many locals know who they are and the family demands answers. If this was your child or other family member you would want to know and get the scumbag off the street, locked up where he belongs. Unless of course there is some other reason. Dangerous in what way? Do you something you would like to share with authorities? Pick up the phone.

  13. somebody knows says:

    Yes curious? because those persons of interest were all such wonderful people….a peodophile, an extremely violent repeat rapist, and a troubled kid.

  14. curious? says:

    are you for real? above, someone just anonymously accused a person of murder. you’re not supposed to do that. names being out there is not legal reason to accuse anyone. obviously everyone wants someone held for what I consider a giant stain on Somerville until it’s solved.
    It’s dangerous to publicly accuse people when you have no legal basis, and it’s just gossip. we can keep pressure on to work the case and solve it, but this is so wrong. I can’t believe a moderator allowed that accusation to be printed. No, I have no information at all, (wish I did) that’s why I follow any information I see, and keep my mouth shut. I advise you the same

  15. RIP-DJC says:

    For those of us who had the pleasure of knowing and loving Deanna and who deal with the grief of her loss on a daily basis, please refrain from making absurd accusations and/or assumptions that are not based on fact. And before the boo-birds come out in flocks…ask yourself if what you are bickering about has any positive impact on this case. I admire your passion for defending your comments, we could use some of that energy in bringing this case to closure and making someone pay for what they have done…”Walk Deanna Home”…”Justice For Deanna”

  16. That was beautiful I to was at the garden of peace the day Deanna name was added to the garden my family and I go every year since my daughter name is also there it is a very beautiful and peaceful place for them to be at peace god bless u I hope u find the answers to who did this to Deanna very soon

  17. Jack the Destroyer says:

    That is why the NSA has to spy on all of us. All the time. Because SOMEBODY knows something…

  18. Momma's boy says:

    I knew who did this the night of the wake. I think a lot of other people did too. They need to test and retest DNA. I know the case is open and not cold but I don’t think they are doing enough.

  19. kmc says:

    I am sure ppl or someone knows something. I grew up in ten hills and knowing about this case even as a child. I think the authorities need to re investigate with fresh eyes and also talk to the people that were originally involved in this case to see how there statements differ over the yrs. If this was done by a local person that has done serious time then someone in prison may know. I pray for all the families in the ville that have experienced or lived through a loved ones death.

  20. april says:

    I think this article was well said!! I believe SOMBODY knows something.. I think the police should of done a better job questioning her boyfriend Tommy. Come on last one to see Deanna an only walked her half way??? There’s lots of new technology now isn’t there some type of evidence or DNA that can give us all especially her mother an family a glimpse of hope. How could he never speak out to Deanna’s killer nor attend one Deanna walk or even a phone call to Deanna’s mother to ask her how she’s doing. That don’t sit well with me. Deanna’s family, friends an her community will never give up home an Deanna will never b forgotten. No matter how long it may take we won’t give up hope. Praying Deanna’s murderer is finally arrested an off the street.. Deanna Cremin was a good girl, loved an cared for by many. She had a HHer future was bright. We pray for answers..

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