2013 Somerville Labor Coalition Political Endorsements

On September 18, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

laborAs the Current climate of attacks on labor become more and more prevalent, it is even more important for organized labor to support political candidates who value principles of good government and the role of union workers in such a government. To that end, the Somerville Labor Coalition, a coalition of all City of Somerville public employee unions, announces its political endorsements after a thoughtful and fair process of vetting candidates.

First, we sent a questionnaire to all candidates for local office and carefully evaluated the responses from the many candidates who replied.   All candidates who responded to our questionnaire were then invited to a question and answer forum, titled “Candidates Night”.  Many of our attending members filled out grading scorecards analyzing the opening statements and answers to questions posed to them by moderator, and President of the Professional Firefighters, Edward Kelly.  A formal meeting of the SLC Executive Board then convened to cast a vote on 2/3rds majority required for a candidate to be endorsed. The following candidates most closely reflect, the philosophy and values of our members of the Somerville Labor Organization, and therefore received the endorsement of the Somerville Labor Coalition.


We proudly endorse the following candidates:

For Alderman at Large

John Connolly

Dennis Sullivan

William White

William Medeiros

Ward One Alderman – Matthew McLaughlin

Ward Two Alderman – Maryann Heuston

Ward Three Alderman- Robert McWatters

Ward Five Alderman- Courtney O’Keefe

Ward Six Alderman- Rebekah Gewirtz

Ward Seven Alderman- Joseph Capuano

School Committee Ward Two- Michael Nionakis

School Committee Ward Five- Ross Richmond

School Committee Ward Seven- Caroline Lynch Normand


The Somerville Labor Coalition wishes our endorsed candidates the very best of luck. Thank you to all who attended our recent Candidate’s night at the Somerville City Club.  We would also like to thank the candidates who did not receive an endorsement. You were able to get your message to our members as well those watching on SCATV.

We look forward to a future, where all elected officials value the importance of Union workers, and treat all workers with the respect and dignity they deserve.



The Somerville Labor Political Endorsement Committee

Working Together to Provide Fair Labor for All


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  1. mememe says:

    Attack on labor? People are running away from unions. The only sector that they are growing in is the public sector, where it just so happens that they can use their intimidation to vote in whoever signs their check (paid for by the rest of us).

    Not to mention that Ma is one of the most pro union states around. Unions have the power to force employers to take money out of employees checks, even if the employee is not willing. They have the ability to force all public construction to be in essence no bid, as there is no cost competition when the law requires ‘prevailing (the largest misnomer in the world) wage’. More over it can force non union workers on public construction to pay into union pensions, with no chance of ever collecting on that.

    Also, Somerville News, please stop putting out press releases, add at least a little something.

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