Lyrical Somerville – August 28

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Well there are days of Wine and Roses, and then there are days of Tattoos and Cigarettes. What appeals to your delicate sensibilities? Well– poet Mike Jewett is a man who knows what he wants.

Poet Mike Jewett.

Poet Mike Jewett.











Tattoos & Cigarettes

I remember when you were all
Tattoos & cigarettes
For me-
Cherries and swallows inked on your skin
You knew how tattoos got me going
Especially on you.
How you used to light a Marlboro
With a devilish grin
And blow your smoke right at me
Maybe a few smoky kisses,
Sexy in your scally cap
While you’d snap inhale
Huge white balls of smoke
Popping out of your mouth,
Right back in,
God how I loved that,
And you knew how your smoking got me going-
Your smoking was always the sexiest.
In our little barn
You’d show off your new tattoos
Smiling like the sun.
So what happened to
The tattoos & cigarettes
We used to share?


– Mike Jewett

Mike Jewett is the founder of the Boston Poetry Magazine



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