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On August 14, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Have you heard about Spirit of Somerville? Well you’re about to. It’s the name of the book that has been written by one of Somerville outstanding good guys, former mayor and recently retired Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds, our own Eugene “Gene” Brune. He’s finally done it. Gene has penned his book that is being released soon, Spirit of Somerville. It’s all about his growing up here in the city he has loved, his family, his political carrier of over 40 years right up to his recent departure at the Registry of Deeds. Frankly, we don’t know how he found the time to do this with all the volunteer work he has done here in the city with many of the nonprofit organizations, helping to raise funds to support them and their causes, especially if it’s about Somerville and its residents. Gene has made a point to be present at several book signings this coming September, so get ready and get in line. It seems like everyone has been touched by Gene Brune in this city over the years, so now we all get to see if he’s mentioned you in his book. The first signing is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4, at the Arts at the Armory on Highland Avenue, from 7-9 p.m. If you miss that then be at the Mount Vernon Restaurant on lower Broadway on Tuesday, September 10, again 7-9 p.m. The third signing will be Wednesday, September 18, at The Book Shop, Ball Square. Gene is a great guy, and has given so much here in the city to a lot of people. His book covers decades of life here in Somerville. We’re going to be at one of the signings, are you?


Happy Birthday this week to some of our good friends. Stephen Shea, who works for the city, is celebrating today. Also, the well known local historian here in the city, Brandon Wilson, is celebrating her birthday. Richard Foscarota, who is from the city and is working for a few candidates here for public office, we wish him a happy birthday. And speaking of candidates for public office, present Ward Five Alderman Courtney O’Keefe is celebrating this week as she is working hard to get retained back on the Board of Alderman where she’s doing a great job for the residents of Ward Five. Also, Happy Birthday to Henry Lima, from the city, who works for the state. John Elwell is also celebrating this week from the Ville. Happy Birthday to Ray Guarino, who works over at Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar and Grille. Happy Birthday to a real nice guy and family man, Bob Massie of Winter Hill. We wish him the very best. Also, Tom Talbot, who grew up here.


This Saturday, August 17, at Trum Field from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., join in the fun for kids of all ages. The Somerville High School Cheerleaders will be at Trum Field teaching dances, cheers, and playing fun games. Girls and boys of all ages are welcome to join. The camp will be held by the basketball courts. The cost is $10 per child. All proceeds will be going to the Somerville High School Cheerleaders.


Congratulations to Alderman Courtney O’Keefe for winning the endorsements of the Somerville Fireman Association and the Somerville Police Employees Association, as well as Local 123 of the IBEW.  Courtney is working hard, knocking on doors and gathering up votes, as well as putting up signs on various neighbor’s houses that support her.


Speaking of working hard to get votes and putting up signs so everyone can see who you’re supporting on Election Day…In Ward Five we see a huge banner that was wrapped around a business building in Magoun Square expressing support for Courtney O’Keefe and the very next day, in a small window under the same banner, her opponent, Mark, placed his sign directly below Courtney’s. Many in the square when they saw it were, well, let’s say surprised – maybe outraged – or see it as a desperate move. “Check” like in Chess, against his opponent. So, that brings us to a resident in Ward Five who gladly placed a sign on their property for Courtney recently, and then Mark showed up at the person’s door and asked why they were supporting Courtney and would they reconsider and support him. We were told the person was aghast by the pushiness of Mark to even suggest that. Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a local politician here in the Ville who eventually got elected to a county seat and then found himself in jail for pocket change. People remember how in the face he was with people who opposed him or supported his opponent. We have a suggestion to make to those running in all elections, in particular in this case in Ward Five. There are about 7K to 8K – maybe more – voters registered in Ward Five. If 1500 come out to vote on Election Day, that will be a small miracle. So don’t waste your precious time trying to push yourself in the face of everyone who’s with your opponent. Go out and knock on doors, and work hard yourself. There are plenty of fish – we mean voters out there to get!


We hear more and more that it’s going to be close up in Ward Seven. Some are saying that candidate Joe Capuano, who is the son of the congressman and former Mayor Mike Capuano, might not be so locked up just because of the name. We hear from some in Ward Seven who know that Katjana Ballantyne is working hard and not taking it for granted. She only lost by a small handful of votes to incumbent Alderman Bob Trane the last time, and he had the open support of Mayor Joe Curtatone. We wonder if the election was this week would Katjana Ballantyne be the winner or would Joe Capuano? Some are saying it’s hers to lose. What do you think? Who’s on the issues up there that appeal to the voters.


By the way, we think that SCATV has it right this time, opening up the process and making those candidates that are up for election in the September 24 primary come into the studio and give a brief five minute talk for free, allowing the candidates for various offices to go on TV and give a bio on each of them. We watched and we liked. Have you watched? Turn to Channel 3 and see for yourself. All the candidates for the primary election on September 24 for Ward One Alderman, Ward Three Alderman and Ward Five School Committee, the only three wards having a primary. Check it out on SCAT and see what you think. We applaud SCAT for a job well done this year.


Coming up this year again, the annual John T. Forcellese Memorial Fund 13th Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 7, at the Falmouth Country Club, Falmouth.  Tee time is 8:30 a.m. Shotgun start. All golfers must check in by 7:45 a.m. Entry fee is $100 per player and includes greens fees, cart, gift and luncheon on site immediately following. For more information and to find out how you can join in on the fun go to It’s a great cause and since the first event the fund has raised over $91K for the Dana-Farber Cancer Insitute’s Jimmy Fund, and money raised has also gone to many scholarships over the years here in Somerville and in Falmouth.


Prayers and best wishes for Freddy Caruso who is having some serious medical problems lately. Freddy is well known here in Somerville by many and we want to make sure everyone knows to wish him well soon.


11 Responses to “Newstalk – August 14”

  1. Linda says:

    I don’t know what frustrates me more…Mark’s antics or the fact that Courtney has to run against someone that has occupied only the school committee scene for the past eight years. There’s a big difference between sc and alderman and this guy has zero knowledge of what is going on in ward five except for what people tell him.

  2. murt says:

    at least he put the sign in ward 5 this time

  3. Jeff says:

    happy birthday, court!!

  4. Steve Keenan says:

    Fred Caruso is in my prayers. Fred is a true “Son of Somerville.” You hang in there, Fred-we are all pulling for you.

  5. no class says:

    if you know Mark N., you are not surprised at anything you read/hear in this campaign. the man has no class, and no people skills. there’s a great story behind his abrupt departure from city employment many years ago.

  6. Brian says:

    Mark harassed me one night too at my door. Then he followed up two weeks later with a crazy post card about taking a shower. He’s a nut.

  7. Fred says:

    Fred has been defeating cancer for well over 20 years. He’s quite a fighter and hoping he wins this one again.

  8. Mary says:

    Funny, the same thing happened with an O’Keefe sign, followed by a Niedergang sign below it, at the convenience store at the corner of Cedar and Highland. Anyone who has ever dealt with Niedergang knows that he is a fraud and a liar. His idea of campaigning is to go door to door lying about his opponent. People should start asking about his departure from the city in the past. It wasn’t voluntary, and it was serious.

  9. agree with no class says:

    Mark the shark must’ve read this because he now has more signs in the windows. Pathetic at best.

  10. sharon says:

    Mr. Niedergang has proved himself to be a liar and a fraud. Try to find out about his departure from city employment. He goes door to door and lies to the people he meets. You should always know who the people are who live in the house where you’re knocking, and learn their connection, if any, to your opponent.

  11. Hope says:

    I hope mark goes negative. Negativity was so successful in 05 and 07 😉

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