Somerville’s Annual ‘Old Time’ Senior Picnic

On August 8, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

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– Photos by Claudia Ferro and Lisa Heyison

Somerville seniors enjoyed lunch, dancing,entertainment, prizes and gifts at the Mayor’s annual senior picnic, Wednesday August 7.


24 Responses to “Somerville’s Annual ‘Old Time’ Senior Picnic”

  1. Bob says:

    Another staged extravaganza to distract the masses from the corruption and greed at City Hall! Joey Cakes is just wasting more of our taxpayer dollars, right guys?!

  2. Actually says:

    This event was started years ago and is sponsored by a bunch of organizations including Walgreens.

  3. jeery says:

    Gee. The “guys” are kinda quiet today aren’t they?

    * yawn *

  4. Somerbreeze says:

    Nice try, Bob – Next time try baiting your hook not so obviously…


  5. Bob says:

    @Actually. Can’t speak to how this started, but nowadays it appears to be sponsored by Mayor Curtatone and the Somerville Council on Aging.

  6. Bob says:

    What happened to our revolution from yesterday? We were going to demand an end to these frilly city-sponsored parties and protect the citizenry from the dangers of street fairs and parades. Oh, you meant only the ones you don’t like? Gotcha.


  7. amiss says:

    yeah, this was started way back in the early 80’s with Gene Brune, and has continued, changing locations a few times, but always first week in August. Always haunted by politicians handing out nail files with their names on it.

  8. Ron Newman says:

    Doesn’t it go back to at least the Capuano administration, maybe even earlier?

  9. Larry says:

    Staged events like this remind us….

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

    With Joey Tickets – we’re close to monarchy as we can get.

  10. Somerville n00b says:

    I have been lurking here for a while and I have to say I find it disgusting that some people like Barry Pig and Harry have to criticize constantly community events that area clearly beneficial for the city. With all the isolation in society these days, it is good when people see each other face to face and establish some physical ties. I don’t know what kind of “group” you have going, but for sure it sounds a bit like a Whiny Paranoid Zimmerman club!

  11. Larry says:

    Noob, the issue isn’t a matter of isolation or not socializing. I am sure we “socialize” a lot more than you, but what we see is a mayor who is looking for higher office and it looking for free votes. He’s doing this by “sponsoring” events with our tax money (and the fines/fees/tickets he collects) that are no more than campaign events for his run for governor.

    As of now this city has way too many events on public ways – using cops as traffic coordinators making overtime and city officials making silly speeches. All the parades/fireworks, bike/road races and “street fairs” cost us money in services and are a huge inconvenience (along with a safety/emergency responder issue) to the average. I don’t dispute there is a tiny group who likes these events, but for the majority it’s nothing more than a headache. An expensive headache for property owners, businesses and residents.

    The goal is to cap the # of these events and/or say they can occur, but need to in designated parks/fields. That way those of who choose not to engage in Joey “tickets” Curtatone’s Kubaki theatre/campaign events are not inconvenienced. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

    And Zimmerman reference? Really? You need to step away from your TV set a little and get out more often. Maybe even meet people who don’t share your same little world vision. Just some friendly advice.

  12. ritepride says:

    What is even worse and makes “some” politicians show how LOW they will sink is like today. The fire fighters were collecting for MDA. An annual event the fire fighters have done for decades.

    Then UNINVITED, the political hacks show up and stand beside them holding political election signs like the group campaigning for an Alderman (good old boy network), today in Union Square. Shame on you and your father, you took away from the charitable work of the fire fighters. You drove people away by your inconsiderate action. Your a disgrace!

  13. A. Moore says:

    I think it is about the best one going. They have these out of the way so it is not a problem to the safety of the neighborhood. Many of the festivals here could easily be handeled in the same manner and not cause the problems the others do, maybe take a lesson from this one. We have these spaces so let’s make use of them. And most everybody will be happy. Notice I said most.

  14. Bob, see above says:

    Yes, AMoore, this is how you have an event. no road closures, no disruption. use a beautiful park and everyone can still catch their bus or have people over. I’m sick of being considered a whiny complainer because I don’t like wide sections of the city shut down for parties. (especially ones with low attendance that doesn’t justify it)

  15. Bostom says:

    Bob and Noob,

    (You guys should get together. Seriously, it’d be a great name for a band.)

    As someone who’s also complained about the proliferation of road races and street closings and Square closings and political jobs that go to mayoral favorites rather than 1: being necessary; and 2: being subject to (God forbid) civil service or 3: even posting a job and taking some resumes and reading them to see that the most-qualified person was hired to do the vital work for the city’s benefit, not the mayor’s political ambitions; I most certainly do object to any and all events that end up costing the city more than they bring in (like the horsies we’re in the tank with behind Home Depot – and who paid for all the banners advertising it on lightposts all over the city, btw?) when they’re held for the benefit of a politician who’s supposed to be safeguading our money by spending it judiciously.

    I (and no one else, despite your off-topic comments because this event is held off-street – even Hizzoner knows it wouldn’t be a good idea to seat the seniors in the traffic), objects to the ostensible purpose of an event like this. It is socializing. After a really hot summer that kept some older people indoors a lot because of the heat, it’s a great idea to hold it in a park under, hopefully, some shady trees. It’s not unique: Cambridge does the same thing, granted through Harvard’s generosity where they hold it in front of Widener Library and cater it through Crimson Catering as part of their outreach to the community. There’re sing-alongs and dj’s and dancing, a raffle, and a welcome by the Mayor and/or city councilors, but no politicking. Maybe Harvard forbids it in return for their generosity: it doesn’t cost Cambridge a cent except maybe to bus ’em in.

    What’s not really kosher, though, is funding what’s supposed to be a purely social event by the city and turning it into a political rally to benefit some politicians but not others rather than a relaxing lunch to honor our elders. If some donations of time (by other than city employees holding signs which seems to be part of their job requirements) and in-kind contributions from local businesses who support the picnic and want to help out and honor our older residents are offered, I think that’s great. Maybe Tufts should do something like it – they have a beautiful campus that would serve as a great venue.

    But if our tax dollars are going to promote someone’s candidacy, I certainly don’t like it as do more than a few others who’ve commented here on this and similar city-funded events. At a minimum, it’s wrong; at it’s worst, it’s illegal even as I know our intrepid AG, “Marsha” Coakley, unless she’s running against the Mayor for the gubernatorial nomination and looking for dirt on him to sabotage his candidacy, won’t look into it because we live in a one party state with no effective oversight of political wrongdoing.

    And btw, Noob: the Zimmerman reference (and the rest of your unfunny-and-critical-of-people-instead-of-ideas innuendos and one-liners) makes anything reasonable you might say that much easier to dismiss because people consider the source and right away subtract 50 points when they see your name on the post. You sound so bitter – lighten up and live longer.

  16. Villenous says:

    Maybe less whiny complaining would convince people you weren’t such a whiny complainer.

    But I look forward to seeing the progress made by People for Miserable Somerville. I suggest you add in cutting down all the trees and converting parks and playgrounds into parking lots as part of your agenda.

  17. Siena says:

    Bostom, you make some very good points. It has gone from an event for seniors (Capuano), to a city-sponsored event for campaigning. Just on the verge of breaking election finance laws, I’d say, since it’s paid for by the city. It is so disturbing that people call you a hater, and a bad person, if you object to not being able to drive around the city freely nearly every weekend. And if you live near Davis Square the problems are quadrupled. It started out as fundraising races for charity, but now we are bringing in large retail establishments who are bringing in thousands of runners. And what do I get out of it? We can’t get to work that day, or the grocery store, or my elderly mother’s house. And my biggest peeve is the lack of notice. We get a phone call Friday afternoon (after City Hall has closed, by the way)? How about people that have invited the family over for Sunday dinner? Someone is making money somewhere, and it is more than the bars in Davis Square…….

  18. jo says:

    Interesting side note on the Cambridge version of a senior picnic. Would be nice if we adopted a few of their traditions. And can I assume that Tufts is picking up the tab for the food? Transportation? Clean-up? Offering a campus location?
    Nice comment about the Cavalia banners. Not only are they covering the entire city, what about the banners hanging constantly at Trum Field? They advertise everything from city daycare for the summer to softball tryouts. Who is paying for them? Who is printing them? And why does our beautiful field have to look like a telephone pole in Allston?

  19. Actually says:

    Hey, amiss…did you amiss the event?

    “Always haunted by politicians handing out nail files with their names on it.”

    Pols are not allowed to hand out anything and this is viciously enforced. Cue up Howe story.

  20. Lifer says:

    I would like to see all the complainers move out of the city. They think they know it all. They use an alias when commenting because they know they are ridiculous. They have too much time on their hands .” who is paying for this …and who is paying for that ? They probably rent and do not pay taxes. If you are so unhappy with Somerville ….MOVE !

  21. josh says:

    “Lifer”, I don’t know about you, but the people who are complaining are the lifers. They are the people who are watching their neighborhoods being destroyed by over-development, then our tax dollars are being spent on feel-good ways to ‘create community’. This administration is killing the community.

  22. Somerbreeze says:

    @ Lifer – Where do you get off dissing renters? Are you one of those who think renters are layabouts who contribute nothing to the city?

    Well, I’ve been here many years, am active in the civic arena–AND I RENT!

    Over half the residents in Somerville RENT–are they all transient scroungers on welfare?

    You come across like a Mayoral stooge–speaking of scroungers!

    Sounds like you need a vacation; how about visiting the lake districts in NH? And while you’re there–take a long walk off a short pier….

  23. Barry the Pig says:

    Lifer, you are a low lifer! :) There is nothing wrong with renting, pal. For many people, renting is cost effective. Are you envious because you are crushed by mounting property taxes? Ha! :)

  24. Bostom says:


    You’re complaining that other people use an alias when your screen name is “lifer.” Is your name “Lifer”? Are you John Lifer, or Don Lifer, or Bob Lifer or maybe Mary Lifer or Dottie Lifer or Sally Lifer?

    Pot. Kettle. Black.

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