2013 SomerMovie Fest, Sunsetters Locations Announced

On July 9, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announces the lineups for the 2013 SomerMovie Fest and Somerville Sunsetters. Showings for the annual movie festival are scheduled every Thursday evening at dusk, beginning with a screening of “Jurassic Park” on July 11 at Seven Hills Park in Davis Square. Movies are shown every Thursday night through August 29 at locations throughout the city, culminating with a Viewer’s Choice selection, voted by attendees throughout the summer, of one of the four following films:  “Cool Running,” “Groundhog Day,” “Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “Rudy.”

The 2013 movie series will feature 20th anniversary films from the year 1993, as follows:


July 11

Jurassic Park-PG-13

Seven Hills Park-Davis Square


July 18

The Fugitive-PG-13

Seven Hills Park-Davis Square


July 25

Sleepless in Seattle-PG

Conway Park-Somerville Ave.


August 1


Powderhouse Park-Powderhouse Circle


August 8

Free Willy-G

Harris Park-Cross Street East (East Somerville)


August 15

So I Married An Axe  Murderer-PG-13

Seven Hills Park-Davis Square


August 22

The Secret Garden-G

Seven Hills Park-Davis Square


August 29

Viewer’s Choice

Seven Hills Park-Davis Square


The 2013 SomerMovie Fest is sponsored by the City of Somerville and Assembly Row.


The 2013 Somerville Sunsetters, a traveling performance group comprised of 16 Somerville youth ages 11 through 18, will perform in Somerville neighborhoods on Monday through Thursday evenings in July and August. The full performance schedule is as follows (and can also be found at www.somervillema.gov):


•Monday, July 8:  Lincoln Park

•Tuesday, July 9:  Illinois Ave @ Somerville Public Library

•Thursday, July 11:  SomerMovie Festival @ Seven Hills Park

•Monday, July 15:  Palmacci Playground

•Thursday, July 18:  Eastman Road

•Monday, July 22:  141 Hudson Street

•Tuesday, July 23:  Skilton Road

•Wednesday, July 24:  Hall Avenue

•Thursday, July 25:  Windsor Road

•Monday, July 29:  Cobble Hill Apartments

•Tuesday, July 30:  Mt. Pleasant Apartments

•Wednesday, July 31:  11 Cottage Ave. •Thursday, August 1:  Ciampa Manor, Winslow Avenue

•Monday, August 5:  Lowell Street VNA

•Tuesday, August 1:  National Night Out @ Foss Park (7:30pm start)

•Wednesday, August 7:  Mayor’s Senior Picnic @ Powderhouse Park (11:30am start)

•Thursday, August 8:  Properzi Manor

•Monday, August 12:  80 Bay State Avenue

•Tuesday, August 13:  City Hall Concourse

•Wednesday, August 14:  93 Woods Avenue

•Thursday, August 15:  165 Walnut Street (Wellington Avenue side)

•Tuesday, August 20:  Bryant Manor

•Wednesday, August 21:  Little Sisters of the Poor

•Thursday, August 22:  Capen Court VNA (final performance)


All Sunsetters performances begin at 7 p.m.

For more information, or for adjusted schedules in case of inclement weather, please call 311 or check www.somervillema.gov for updates.


5 Responses to “2013 SomerMovie Fest, Sunsetters Locations Announced”

  1. realnewsplease says:

    since they thank ‘sponsored by the City of Somerville and Assembly Row’ I assume the city was unable to find anyone (at least anyone not trying to by the mayors support) to sponsor this huh?

    As of May 22nd they had not found anyone to cover the $9k cost. I guess this will be chalked up to something that the city will pay for while cutting teachers, cops and fire department budgets?

    The city is really filling in a nitch here that would never be severed. I mean, there are no theaters that show current or old movies. No redboxes around for people to find. Doubt anyone has OnDemand…

  2. FYI says:

    This year’s budget featured no opposed cuts to fire fighters or police officers. The school committee is still discussing the teacher’s contract. Schools got millions in increases.

    This post talks about activities for families and performances by Somerville youth. Get your facts straight and then comment.

  3. realnewsplease says:

    They cried about it at the state level, heck patrick is still crying that he wont get all the money he ‘needs’, and Ch70 is just above legal mandates, much lower then anytime prior. Personally I think past police and fire ‘cuts’ (less then requested increases) were good, but the mayor and others cried about how they were inadequate.

    Activities for families still comes from the budget, and spending on that has opportunity costs. Assuming that budget items are not related is ludicrous.

  4. Villenous says:

    Um, if they’re billing Assembly Row as a sponsor, then I think it’s safe to say the money came from Federal Realty … but don’t let something obvious like that get in the way of a good rant.

  5. caseinpoint says:

    I see! It’s a meta-rant. Through failings in both logic and basic writing skills, realnewsplease is illustrating the need to devote every available penny to education. Well played, sir.

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