Medford Street Bridge will be closed July 5–21

On June 26, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

medford st bridge

By Donald Norton

The Green Line Extension meeting regarding the closure of the Medford Street Bridge was held Tuesday night at the LaHacienda Restaurant. Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston and Mayor Joe Curtatone invited all those concerned regarding the closing down of the Bridge.

A gathering of neighbors and businesses attended the meeting to listen to representatives of both MassDOT and the city explain the process of how the bridge will be closed down and what will take place there.

Work is scheduled to begin on the Medford Street Bridge on July 5, with an estimated completion date of July 21. One side of the sidewalk will remain available for pedestrian use. Detour signs will be up along McGrath Highway letting the public know that the road down under the bridge to Gore Street, East Cambridge would be closed.

The reason for the complete shutdown of the bridge for three weeks was that the initial proposal called for an anticipated closing for three months. It was generally agreed that there is less traffic at this time of the year.

Residents and business were given the website of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation which will have available what is going on with the work and the time involved. The web site is

Residents were concerned about how they would be able to get out and back to their homes, and a suggestion that during this time Harding St., Ward St. and Horace St. be made two-ways for the residents and people that work in the area.

One person raised a good question regarding what Police and Fire vehicles would do to get to their streets while the bridge is being worked on and closed. The MassDOT representatives mentioned that neither the Somerville Police nor the Somerville Fire Departments seemed concerned, but to get to some of these homes would mean going around to Cambridge St. or Gore St.




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