Campaign signs attached to state property

On June 20, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times


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By Donald Norton

What appears to be anti-Gomez signage has been attached to the property on Shore Dr. for a few weeks now. The property is owned by the state, in particular, DCR, where work is currently being done at the bridge on McGrath.

When called by The News, a DCR spokesman said, “This construction site was not permitted by DCR. As such, the agency was not aware of the signage on the construction fencing. Signage of this nature is not allowed on state property and DCR will be asking that it be removed.”

As of this report the sign has been removed, but there is still a sign under 93 at the Temple Road entrance to Ten Hills


4 Responses to “Campaign signs attached to state property”

  1. Larry says:

    HA HA HA – the far left looney bins breaking campaign laws!? I’m shocked!!! Shocked I tell ya!

  2. Bob says:

    Who pulled a permit for this work if it was not the DCR?

  3. harry m says:

    signs still up at the entrance to Temple & Mystic….what a shame that it wasn’t an anti Markey sign …. would it still be up or is the city and state one way? Does this mean open season on signs and posting them on State property?
    finally not that i was going out to vote this Tuesday but you can bet i will be going out now and encouraging my family to vote against the Markey people.

  4. ritepride says:

    After seeing the press reports that “No Show Job” Markey was neither campaigining (as was stated by his people) nor in Washington DC for important votes that were being taken for student loans and other financial issues for the working class. I hope it has woken up the MA citizens to vote against this deadbeat feeding at the trough at taxpayers expense as a part time employee at full salary and benefits. Dwizzle, Dwazzle, Dwizzle Drome…time to send this scumbag off the payroll headed home.

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