Worst possible place to smoke it

On May 2, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

While sitting in his cruiser in front of the police station last week monitoring traffic flow, a SPD officer took notice of a group of males walking towards him.

One of the males, later identified as George Rivera, 22, appeared to be bringing the butt end of a marijuana cigarette to his lips, according to the officer.

When the two made eye contact Rivera reportedly folded his hand over the “roach” and continued walking away, police said.

The officer stopped the man for questioning and reportedly detected the odor of burnt marijuana on Rivera’s person.

The officer reportedly asked Rivera, “Where is it?” and was then told that it had been thrown on the ground.

The officer reported that he then advised Rivera that the law had changed, but that he was not allowed to walk down the street openly smoking marijuana.

The officer further insisted that Rivera turn over whatever marijuana he might have on his person, at which time the man reportedly began searching the ground nearby, stating that he could not find it.

The officer reportedly observed Rivera moving his right hand towards his pants pocket, at which time the man was advised that if he did not find the marijuana that the officer would look for it.

The officer then asked Rivera to turn around and it was at that time that a hard object was reportedly felt to be in his pocket, according to reports.

When asked what this was Rivera reportedly told the officer that it was marijuana.

Upon retrieving the object, the officer found that it was a prescription bottle containing individually wrapped quantities of marijuana, consistent with drug sales, in the opinion of the officer.

Other officers arrived to assist in dispersing the group of males that Rivera had been walking with, but one individual, Richard Alomar, 22, began behaving belligerently, according to reports, waving his arms and using profanity, police said.

Alomar was eventually subdued and handcuffed.

A search of both Alomar and Rivera revealed that each of them was carrying knives with blades approximately four inches long, according to reports.

Rivera was placed under arrest and charged with drug possession to distribute and violation of city ordinance possession of a dangerous weapon.

Alomar was placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct and violation of city ordinance possession of a dangerous weapon.


7 Responses to “Worst possible place to smoke it”

  1. Barry the Pig says:

    Another terrorist threat dealt with! Good job Somerville cops, now demand a raise for harassing a few kids on a technicality.

  2. Proud American says:


    Its not a technicality, ITS THE LAW!!!
    The observant officer was doing his job and a GREAT ONE at that!! This”kids” were selling drugs and carrying knives, and I dont think they were using them for camping! OBEY THE LAW !

    Its liberal A-Holes like you that are killing this country!

  3. Richard says:

    This is BS they really did profile and harass us, calling us names and used more force than necesarry. Somerville police are the scum of the earth!

  4. Richard says:

    My so called disorderly conduct was for asking why they had the right to search my bag when i wasn’t seen smoking or even doing anything wrong and asking what the probable cause was. I did not wave my arms and followed every command i was given by the officers …… i guess they forgot to put that part in here

  5. Steven S. Epstein says:

    On April 5, 2013, the Supreme Judicial court made it clear beyond doubt that the officer in this case should have written Mr. Rivera a citation for marijuana possession and gone back to monitoring traffic!

    The SJC noted that following passage of Question 2 in 2008:

    the observation by police that an individual possesses a small amount of marijuana does not justify a warrantless search. See Cruz, supra. Likewise, we conclude that the observation by police of several individuals using and sharing marijuana in a social setting does not provide the police with justification to conduct a warrantless search.

  6. It’s all about the money, not people’s health. Big tobacco companies and the government are losing money. The tobacco companies are losing consumers so the government is losing big dollars on the taxes they levy on tobacco products.

  7. the real PROUD AMERICAN says:

    SPD charged a guy with conspiracy trafficking because he was suspected of PURCHASING herb and therefore participated in the alleged sale.

    needless to say the charges did not stick

    they are enraged that the voters took away their blank check to harrass and rob citizens for something harmless which is no longer a crime, so they invent crimes which do not exist.

    they defy the voters and the SJC

    however try to report a robbery here and if you re lucky ;yours will be one of the 10% which are investigated and make it to this page.

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