Suspected heroin users caught with the goods

On April 25, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

While engaged in an ongoing investigation of alleged heroin trafficking at an East Somerville residence, members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit made observations of reportedly suspicious activities last week, leading to the arrest of several individuals on drug violation charges.

During the afternoon of April 17 police took notice as a vehicle parked a short distance away from the target residence, even though there was plenty of parking available at the location itself.

A man identified as Ryan Kanode, 25, of Wakefield, reportedly exited the vehicle and waited at the entrance of the residence while speaking on his cell phone.

Police said that two other individuals, later identified as Jesse Peloquin, 23, of Westwood, and Lauren Stefano, 28, of Quincy, remained in the vehicle.

Kanode was let into the residence and a short time later returned to the parked vehicle, according to reports.

Surveillance officers reportedly observed Kanode passing something to Peloquin before starting the vehicle and driving away.

A marked patrol unit was alerted and the suspect vehicle was stopped a short time after leaving the target residence.

The patrol officers noted that the occupants of the vehicle were behaving in a “furtive” manner after being stopped, and they were subsequently ordered out of the vehicle for search and questioning, police said.

Upon questioning, Kanode reportedly denied visiting the target residence, however, all three suspects reportedly admitted to being users of heroin.

In time, Peloquin would admit to having a small quantity of heroin hidden on her person, according to reports, and a female police officer retrieved the packet that was hidden on her person.

Peloquin further reportedly admitted to receiving the packet of heroin from Kanode after he had returned to the vehicle.

All three of the vehicles occupants were placed under arrest. Kanode was charged with distribution of a class A drug and conspiracy to violate drug law. Peloquin was charged with possession of a class A drug and conspiracy to violate drug law. Stefano was charged with conspiracy to violate drug law and being present where heroin is kept.


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