Massachusetts voters are in charge

On April 21, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

maisano_2_webBy Paul Maisano

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As the April 30 special election for the U. S. Senate draws closer, the heat is on. It appears the average working person in Massachusetts has decided, ‘enough is enough.’ Voters are prepared to once again send their message from the voting booth.

Congressman Ed Markey, now known as “the anointed one,” accompanied by the top political democratic brass who drafted him, are now watching the double digit lead over Congressman Steven Lynch dwindle to single numbers. It’s no secret this group of “the elite” attempted to “hijack another election.”

However, their plan is unraveling like a time-lapse video of a sun setting on the horizon.

They have underestimated the collective intelligence of the Massachusetts electorate. Once again, the INDEPENDENT voters shall be the ultimate decision makers in this primary election.

That is, of course…if they remember to VOTE!

The Markey campaign is notably scrambling to tailor their multi-million dollar message to that sea of “undecided.”

Like carnival magicians, the Markey camp is asking voters to watch the left hand, while the right hand is where the coin ends up. The plan is to hit the hot button issues like guns, oil polluters, and avoid mentioning the “out of control” national debt, and skyrocketing energy costs.

Oh, did I neglect to mention who has been watching the store for nearly forty years as our Congressman. Maybe Ed can get a “spill cam” on federal spending deficit, so we can watch the national debt as it buries our children futures!

Massachusetts voters are NOT STUPID!

If the “so called democratic leadership” dare think that the people are just sheep…they should think again! As in 2010, with the Martha Coakley candidacy, the herd is ready to stamp arrogance into the ground.

Hopefully, in this April 30 special election, the registered INDEPENDENT voters shall be steering the democratic nomination, not the democratic “backroom bosses.”

Incidentally, a quick message from the physics to that group of political hacks who set up camps to run for the, yet to happen, open seat in the 5th Congressional District…go back for an updated physic reading. A prudent decision to take down those prematurely erected tents may help save face. The people have not voted…YET!

Over 200 years ago Paul Revere shouted a warning that the British were coming. Now we can warn the political deal makers…The INDEPENDENT voters are coming, the INDEPENDENTS voters are coming!

The king makers have insulted the average worker, one time, too many. Even with our busy everyday regimen of work, mortgages, bills, college loans, kids, grandkids, and sometimes serious health issues, the average person still manages to pay attention to what’s going on in Washington.

Congratulations are owed to the average Joe Citizen. The working person is not a sucker after all! The people of Massachusetts are gearing up to once again surprise the establishment. The word on the street is the voters will speak out loud and clear on April 30, choosing a senator who is “of the people.”

If you are out in the coffee shops, or getting your car fixed at the mechanic’s, the story is the same. Ed Markey is a nice guy, but we haven’t seen him around here in years. One astute Malden voter even stated to me that, “Now that Ed Markey needs us for our votes, he magically appears, from Pittsfield to Provincetown. Ed has lost touch with the people in his district.”

I hear the Markey people, canvassing neighborhoods in his home district, are getting the cold shoulder from voters.

The Steven Lynch campaign crew continues to ask for help from Massachusetts voters every waking moment. The Lynch team knows the job. Getting the message out to voters is the key. The average person is now being asked to not forget to vote on April 30.

The Stephen Lynch campaign climbs everyday like a steel frame high rise structure with new strong supportive relationships bolted in place by everyday working people, holding signs, calling relatives, even visiting old friends.

Stephen Lynch is working hard for the people’s vote with every waking hour. Stephen Lynch wants to earn the support of the electorate. Stephen Lynch is politely asking the Massachusetts voters to consider him as their choice. Stephen is the working persons’ choice!


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