More than pizza on the menu at the Paddock

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More than pizza on the menu at the Paddock
By George P. Hassett

   Patrons of the Paddock Restaurant were treated to more than a meal Thursday night, when a police pursuit went through the dining area and into the kitchen, ending in two arrests, including the restaurants‚Äô owner.
   The incident began when police responded to a report of a domestic dispute on Gilman St. The victim at the scene allegedly told police that her boyfriend, John Reid, had slapped and threatened to kill her after learning her roommate was a man.

    The victim then stated that Reid had left her home, but was probably on his way to the Paddock, located at 249 Pearl St. She also said Reid owned a gun and had seen him with it recently, said police.
    Four Somerville police officers then proceeded to the Paddock, with the knowledge that Reid could be armed.
    ‚ÄúAs soon as we entered John Reid was spotted talking on a cell phone,‚Äù wrote Officer Steven St. Hilaire in his incident report. ‚ÄúHe made eye contact with us and immediately began heading towards the kitchen area, located at the rear of the restaurant. At this point we ordered him to stop. {Reid} ignored our command and continued heading away from us. Just as we got to the kitchen  and fearing that he was armed, we physically attempted to stop him.‚Äù
    At that point, said police, Reid began resisting. As police struggled with Reid, the Paddock‚Äôs owner, David M. Wakely allegedly grabbed Sgt. Carmen Vivolo, who was not dressed in a uniform but in plain clothes, by the neck and said, ‚ÄúWhat are you guys doing?‚Äù
    Eventually, wrote Hilaire, another officer assisted and Reid and Wakely were each placed under arrest and charged with assault and battery on a police officer.
    According to police, Wakely claimed he did not know the man he grabbed, Vivolo, was a police officer. Vivolo said he had previously official dealings with Wakely and that Wakely knew he was a police officer.


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