Lyrical Somerville – March 20

On March 20, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times



Poet Jake Montgomery writes the LYRICAL about his poem Fool’s Gold….

“My standard is not the gold standard; but what is the new gold standard? Today gold is more valuable than ever, and who is it that made that decision? Where is the golden lining? Who is defining our market?”


Fool’s Gold: A Golden Opportunity


There lies,


A golden opportunity,

For anyone who can see,

The fallacy in reality.


Its value is vast,

For a mere metal,

Found in the ground,

Then peddled by people,

Who look only at golden,

Flower petals.


The stock is rising,

Value mind you,

Is in the mind,

The ticker is real,

However reality,

Is poorly defined.


Attention all Lemmings


Rush to buy gold,

Before it has all been sold.



You are in luck,

Everyone can make a buck

Off a bucket of gold,

Do not fold your hand,

Play it and pay the toll,

In gold.


There’s still space for more gold fools,

Fool’s gold sold by old ghouls,

On the market we hold dear,

The reserve is in the riverbed,

Making love in black and red.


– Jake Montgomery



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