Growing up in the Ville

On February 9, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

del_ponte_3_webLife in the Ville by Jimmy Del Ponte

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Growing up in the Ville

When we were kids growing up in the Ville

from  Dilboy Field to Prospect Hill

we rode our bikes, and played relievio

when the streetlights came on, up the house we would go

When we were kids growing up in the Ville

We had no worries, we paid no bills

The busses were bigger with comfortable seats

And all of us kids would hang out in the streets

When we were kids growing up in the Ville

The theatres were cheap and they showed triple bills

If you grew up in a Somerville home

Dad gave you a dime to use the pay phone

The cars had no seat belts so if we stopped short

Dad’s arm swung out swiftly with loving support

When we were kids growing up in the Ville

The smallest things gave us the biggest thrills

There was a small store on every other block

with penny candy and ice cream, they were  always well stocked

Today when we’re feeling that Somerville pride

we put on our scally caps, and go for a ride

to Belmont or Powder House Park we may steer

And think of the friends that are no longer here

The stores that we shopped in back then are all gone

Thank God all the memories will always live on

When we were kids growing up in the Ville

We watched out for each other with love and goodwill

We may be on social security today

But we’re still young at heart, that’s the way we will stay

If you just moved to Somerville you hit the jackpot

There isn’t a more awesome, classier spot

But if you were a kid growing up in the Ville

You earned being cool, and cool you are still.


11 Responses to “Growing up in the Ville”

  1. robert pignone says:

    that’s was excellent..really captured many of my childhood memories of growing up in somerville..thanks.

  2. wHATaLoser says:

    what an article… hope 2 god this guy don’t get paid for this crap

  3. Jim, once again you brought a tear of nostalgia to my eyes. Thanks

  4. Kate OB says:

    ‘what a loser’, you have aptly named yourself. I have never understood why someone would take the time to log in only to write a nasty comment. As a Somerville resident who did not grow up here, I enjoy reading Del Ponte’s articles as I get another view of the area and I also can relate to how things were years ago….if it’s not for you, fine, just quietly move on.

  5. henry says:

    hey looser, if your the kind of person we are attacking, please let us know where your from so we can send you back there, you are a looser. Keep up the good work Jimmy, your the best, people like this guy have no life and know no bond, he must be another narcissistic self loathing person which we all know doesn’t exist here in the Ville don’t we? )

  6. Brian says:

    I agree with Kate … move on troll. Jimmy I wish you had all your old skits from your Kiss 108 days. Somerville 02144, the parody’s of Summer Girls for Somerville .. Johnny D’s 666 Somerville Ave and on and on. Good stuff.

  7. Mario T. says:

    Jimmy, I remember listening to you at Khourys with a band called the Echos.You guys were great. Glad you’re still active… I love Somerville..Class of 78 .

  8. Donna M says:

    Great Job—Very talented—-really enjoyed the article—keep it up
    Proud to be from the ville

  9. Diane G. says:

    As a member of the class of 1960, I have the same fond memories. “Somerville Leads the Way”

  10. Ville Boy says:

    Great article I read it every week and love it and that’s how it sure was! Thank you for the memories!

  11. Blood Hound says:

    Well I guess that the Somerville was really “VALHALA”?

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