Somerville Police are seeking to identify the suspect depicted in these photos. On January 27, 2013, the suspect entered the Quick Stop Convenience store at 219 Highland Avenue. The suspect showed a long barrel handgun and demanded cash, “including the money in the box under the counter”.  Suspect fled with approximately $1000.00 in cash. This is believed to be the same suspect who committed three armed robberies in Medford on  January 24. The suspect appears to be wearing the same black knit cap with grey stripe in all robberies.  Suspect should be considered armed and dangerous.

Any information, please contact Somerville Police at 617 625-1212










Click here to see video of the robbery.



4 Responses to “Somerville Police seeking to identify suspect in Quick Stop robbery”

  1. Boston Kate says:

    “The suspect appears to be wearing the same black knit cap with grey stripe in all robberies. Suspect should be considered” ………..stupid.

  2. Eggroll5215 says:

    I think he’s been at my house several times over the years, it’s hard to be absolutely certain from the photo so I’m not jumping to conclusions. If it is him then he is actually a very nice kid, probably down his luck like so many others, not that this makes it okay, but maybe somehow easier to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing. If it is the same person then I cannot imagine him harming anyone, I think he’s just desperate for money!

  3. Barry the Pig says:

    Hey, isn’t that one Joe the Pig? :)

  4. donnalee says:

    he was releasted from prison in sept. after doing 2 years. 2 years i guess wasnt long enough. in january he is back. do you think he needs to be in the public environment, is he the upstanded citizen that learn a lesson the first time around. i would so no. if you need money for drugs get a job.

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