Rep. Michael Capuano named to House Committee on Ethics

On January 23, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

Rep. Mike Capuano was asked to serve on the House Committee on Ethics and the Democratic Caucus approved that recommendation today. This committee oversees all matters related to the Code of Official Conduct for House Members and their staff. It is the only House committee composed equally of Democratic and Republican Members.
“It is my honor to accept this new assignment on the House Ethics Committee. I will approach all aspects of this responsibility with care and diligence,” stated Rep. Mike Capuano.
In 2007, then Speaker Pelosi appointed Rep. Capuano Chairman of the Special Task Force on Ethics Enforcement. That bipartisan task force was charged with exploring the establishment of an independent ethics enforcement entity. In March of 2008, Rep. Capuano’s resolution establishing the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) passed, involving non-Members of the House in ethics matters for the first time in history.
When Congressman Capuano was Mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts he authored the state’s first locally based ethics ordinance, requiring the City’s elected officials and certain appointed officials to complete detailed statements of financial interest.
Congressman Capuano is also a member of the House Committee on Transportation and the House Committee on Financial Services.

3 Responses to “Rep. Michael Capuano named to House Committee on Ethics”

  1. The Hound says:

    Are you kidding our locals blank out what ever they can! As for this appointment is the fox now in the hen house?

  2. j. connelly says:

    “The Hound”….Good point!

    You got to admit….The democrats have learned how to use republican blunders to the democratic side…et tu brute…They know how to “enhance” republican blunders to the democratic advantage….gives a whole new twist on “watergate”.

    Note Lt Gov Murray’s timed I’m not goin to run 4 governor announcement just days b4 LA (late again) Mawtha’s investigation announcement of an incident the Lt Gov is “attached” to. Ah only in Messachusetts!

  3. The Hound says:

    Mabe I should marry a “BLOOD HOUND” then we could really be on the beat.

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