Would-be burglar leaves a calling card

On January 16, 2013, in Latest News, by The Somerville Times

By Jim Clark

Police responded to a reported break-in and assault at a College Ave. residence last Thursday.

The alleged victim told police that as he returned home to his third floor apartment, he heard a commotion and shuffling of feet as he approached from the second floor stairwell.

He reportedly began yelling, “Hey, hey, who’s up there?”

The alleged victim reportedly told police that he didn’t expect anyone to be in his apartment since his roommates were away, so he was startled by the sound. He further stated that a man appeared at the top of the stairs and attempted to brush by him down the stairwell.

The alleged victim said that he attempted to keep the man from leaving but he was pushed several times as the intruder tried to get past him. The man reportedly yelled that he was “going down to my dorm room” and managed to shove his way by and fled out of the second floor exit.

Police located a steel combination nail puller and claw bar on the coffee table inside the apartment. The hollow core wooden door to this room was completely destroyed, apparently with the claw bar.

A backpack was also found in the apartment that did not belong to the alleged victim. Inside were several items, some of which were the property of the alleged victim. Among these were a set of stereo headphones and a Blackberry device.

Also found in the backpack was a waybill for a DHL shipment that included the suspect’s name, Otto Mejicanos, and his address, police said.

Officers were dispatched to the suspect’s residence, where they were met by the man’s wife, who reportedly told them that Mejicanos was not at home. The man stepped outside shortly thereafter, however, and reportedly said to police, “I know why you’re here,” and placed his hands on the hood of the police cruiser. He then reportedly said, “I guess you guys found my back pack.”

Mejicanos asked the officers why they were there, and he was then shown the DHL waybill and was asked if he knew the residents of the apartment that had been burglarized. He denied knowledge of the incident, but based on the evidence found and the alleged victim’s testimony he was placed under arrest and charged with armed burglary and felony daytime breaking and entering.


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