Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and Superintendent of Inspectional Services, Eddie Nuzzo, announced that, following additional review and investigation into Friday’s incident at the Holiday Inn Somerville’s Night Games Lounge, several “life and safety” violations related to the building’s emergency backup systems were cited in the Lounge, leading to the indefinite suspension of its operating permit and immediate cancellation of events until further notice.

On the morning of Friday, December 28, Somerville Police were called to the hotel in response to a fight between approximately 10-12 females, which quickly escalated.  State Police and Medford Police were called in to assist.  On Friday afternoon, city inspectors and fire marshals conducted a site review and revoked the Certificate of Occupancy for the Lounge due to problems with the night club’s emergency lighting system.  The Somerville Licensing Commission is expected to hold a hearing to review whether the alcohol and entertainment licenses should be modified, suspended, revoked for potential violations of the Somerville Licensing Rules and Regulations.  The hearing will take place at the Commission’s regularly scheduled meeting in January, 2013.

“We take incidents like these very seriously, and intend to take every action necessary both to address this particular issue, and to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future,” said Mayor Curtatone.  “Somerville has gained a very positive reputation for our arts, music and restaurant scene in recent years, and we continue to expand upon those opportunities.  Negative events like the incident at the Holiday Inn last week will not be taken lightly, both as they relate to public safety and as for what our community stands for as a whole.  We will continue to work with ISD and the Somerville Police Department to address any ongoing code or safety violations at Night Games, and other similar establishments.”

“Ward 1 has made great strides in recent months and years, and with great new business development potential on the near horizon, incidents like these tarnish both our reputation and our residents’ quality of life, and I commend the city staff working to ensure this doesn’t continue in our ward, or anywhere else in the City of Somerville,” said Ward 1 Alderman Maureen Bastardi. “Our residents are known for our neighborhood pride, and I know we will continue to prove that Somerville is an innovative, safe, and fun city to live, work, play and raise a family.”

The city’s Neighborhood Impact Team will continue to monitor violations at Night Games, which will remain indefinitely closed.  The Licensing Board will deliberate on its liquor license next month.


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  1. samantha lewis says:

    Maybe the city should check on the names of the people that signed the entertainment for the holiday inn. Also they havent worked at the holiday inn somerville location and no one that worked there even has heard of them qorking at the company. Also while im at giving away fr ee information why dont u ask the holiday inb what thw hell they think they were doing holding swingers events for the eaat coaat conbection in such an family orianted town with goid moral valyes I know what I saw I left working there because of those events wet naos at ever table people openly having sex in front of us all not to mention shadow boxes stripper poles wtc. If yoy need to verify any of this then please feel free to contact the local abc office as they came to investigate the event im sure they have paoerwork to support this but what they dont have is the information on the beo being changed from an ooen event to once they showed up it now became a donation event and all proceeds going to support the cayse now wherebis that paoerwork and wgilev im on a roll let me ask u when did masachusettes legalize open acts of sex. Cause idb really like to know……..

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