Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone welcomes John P. “Skip” Bandini to the City of Somerville to serve as the Director of Capital Projects and Planning.  Mr. Bandini officially assumed the position on November 20. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and most recently served as the Director of Facilities for the Waltham Public Schools, a post he held for the past ten years.  He also holds Certifications from Northeastern University and Peterson School of Steam Engineering.  Skip brings to the City 25 years experience in engineering, planning, and issues pertaining to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). He is also a Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Officer (MCPPO), a Certified Facilities Administrator (CFA), and a Certified Plant Engineer (CPE), and maintains affiliations with numerous local committees and associations.

“I’m excited to welcome Skip to our team, and for the wealth of knowledge and experience he will bring to this position,” said Mayor Curtatone.  “With our recently developed Capital Plan, and the impending creation of a 10-year ADA Transition Plan, Skip’s expertise in these areas and his experience in having managed similar plans for several municipalities will make him an asset to our community.”

“It is with great pleasure that I accept the position of Director of Capital Projects and Planning within the City of Somerville. Mayor Curtatone’s vision of Somerville since November, 2003, has been witnessed nation-wide and the city continues to attract professionals with expertise in various fields to continue the vision of the Mayor,” said Bandini.   “The vision of the Mayor regarding Capital Projects is a vision of total quality management and setting building construction standards for sustainable building design. We look forward to this challenge and are eager to create and support the City of Somerville’s long term capital improvement plan.”

In addition to his most recent position with the Waltham Public Schools, Skip has served as the Director of Public Facilities for the Towns of Bedford and Reading, and their Public Schools. Skip cites some of his major career accomplishments as identifying $5 million in savings through energy and cost saving projects; development of a six-year capital plan; familiarity and experience with bid processes;

Also joining the city this week is Community Engagement Specialist, Meghann Ackerman. Meghann joins the city after serving for the past two years as the Director of Constituent Services in the office of Salem Mayor, Kim Driscoll. Meghann is also a former reporter for the Somerville Journal, among other local media. The Community Engagement Specialist will work with ResiStat, SomerStat and the Office of Communications. The position was created during the FY 2014 budget process.


10 Responses to “Mayor welcomes Skip Bandini as Director of Capital Projects and Planning”

  1. j. connelly says:

    ” He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy * ”
    This may be good as he can work on a real problem other than “Legos” Pie in the sky..screw the taxpayers dream schemes.

    No offense but in these “tight fiscal” times with both federal/state big spending cutbacks we cannot afford planning for the “future” – we need to put all our efforts into planning for NOW…We are not a big metropolis, we are a large over populated city, all crammed into 4 square miles and more than half the city is tax exempt. Time for a serious reality check.

    Like permanently resolving the flood problems in Union Square. (Maybe he can design a giant rubber plug with strainer…lol) OR whereas he comes from MMA * he can skipper the lifeboats. Just remember “Skip”, the skipper goes down with the ship…er…dinghy… Lego will be wearing all the life vests.

  2. Ray Spitzer says:

    As long as he does not skip town with a bundle… :)

  3. paul says:

    J. Connelly, raising our tax base (increasing revenues) is important. That is part of planning for the future.

  4. j. connelly says:

    “Paul” Evidently you are very rich or lack good judgement. The Gov announced he is cutting $540 milllion dollars from the budget thus eliminating $$$ aid to cities and towns.

  5. A. Moore says:

    Learning to live within ones means and common sense will work better than just raising taxes.

  6. paul says:

    J. Connelly,

    Why are all your posts so angry, on any topic? What are you like in person? Why do you dislike so many people who want to make the city better, especially bicyclists?

    By the way I was referring to property tax revenue.

  7. concernedvillen says:

    A simple google search of this man comes up that he is the Head Coach of Curry College Football. So we have a mayor who is an assistant “volunteer” coach at the high school. A Department head who is a head coach in college. hmmm

  8. Huge congratulations to Meghann Ackerman! So happy to have you back and in this capacity! :)

  9. j. connelly says:

    Paul…Paul….paul…you read just what you want to read and like the mayor and his PR man with his “sound bites” spead propaganda & do not listen.

    I LIKE Bicycles! I do not like people who drive erratically on sidewalks & streets, like they do in the squares.

    I do not appreciate hearing the mayor, BOA, Gov, etc. crying we are broke in this bad economy and then listen to SOME of the 4% of the population airheads who want to SPEND everyone elses limited money on the “airheads” goals.

    Yet the “airheads” do not want to pay their fare share…like insurance, license fees, excise tax, parking fees for the bike rack spaces the taxpayers (the 96%) pay to maintain, etc.

    With the GLX, between Tufts, “T”, etc 60% of the land in the city will be TAX EXEMPT. The 96% of the citizens cannot afford the “airheads” wishes. The mayor & BOA give a hint of corruption when they take care of a few and ripoff the 96% of the taxpayers… to be BLUNT! …Paul the state cutback on welfare…We the 96% cannot afford the “airheads”!

  10. The Wizard says:

    Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year.

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